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Every Book is meant to be read…

If you want to raid my reading list feel free to plunder from my GoodReads profile you can find my recommendations there, spoiler alert my current reading list is fantasy themed my beautiful dark twisted afrofantasy

Now I will share five books that might not appear on my Good Reads but you should read because I happen to know the authors and I may or may not owe them a book review ^_^

Iscariot by Chiseche

Iscariot by Chiseche

You are in luck on this one I happen to have written the review so if you want to know why I say read the book then maybe can I entice you into a click bait…

As a bonus also read her first book For Girls With Sky In Their Eyes

for girls with sky in their eyes

Next up, take time to read, Valentine Makoni’s  Desire’s Cocktail Sweet Impulses Sour Emotions.  

Desire's Cocktail Valentine Makoni

Its a cocktail of sweet and sour poetry as the title clearly spells out and features collaborative efforts from some of my favourite poets from this continent. The poems read like a roadmap of falling in love, being in love and then the heart break but written ever so beautifully. Desire’sCocktail released on Valentine’s day 2019 is a sequel to #49Crushes, A Visual Album released Valentine’s Day 2018 by Valentine (we see what you did there)

#49 Crushes valentine Makoni

Valentine also recently launched a debut EP Solemn Silhouette

I haven’t had the pleasure of listening to it yet I am curious to see how it blends out, before this the only other poetry EP I had heard was So Profound’s Petals check it out my review here

It seems my recommendation have gone all sorts of poetic, poetry is such an underappreciated art you do know, you do not need to be a poet to listen/read poetry right? My cousin who was hovering my shoulder as I compiled this post has already become a fan of someone’s poetry and I feel my work is done, even if I do not convert another soul to play more with life on the poetry side of life.

And if you want something more down to earth, which reads almost like a fairytale but it isn’t a fairy tale, it’s not a romance either although there’s love in it. This book is a journey of self discovery and I recommend you check out my multi-talented friend Ubu’s book The Kings that didnt need this Queen

The Kings that didnt need this Queen

I read it as a beta reader and would like to think in some small way I helped shape how it would turn out and maybe my name might just be there somewhere on the credits.. **are you reading this?

I have lost track of the number of recommendations I was supposed to make so my last one is lil unorthodox the since its not quite a book but a blog series with a new chapter each week (subject to data, electricity and a host of other weird complications). I recommend you check out Makaitah Rouge’s Fallen

Fallen Blog Series Makaitah Rogue

This blog series will blow you away, maybe freak you out a lil as you are dazzled by the verbal dexterity that oozes out of this Rogue wordsmith

I am not saying this simply because she bribed me by saying some really nice things about me in her last blog post which I happen to have been the inspiration of or to be almost two years ago I asked her a question when she suggested a possible blog topic and here we are…

When you blow out a flame, where does the light go? – Beaton

This is why you need a friend like me, I am good people

 Uncle of Bloggers




    1. Hahaha how interesting it is that the random wheel of fortune took you to a bookish post 🤣🤣🤣

      Thank you so much for taking this trip back into time and I’ll definitely be looking into the images also some of those have updated editions and sequels I could use to bring new life to this article 🥳🎊🥳

      Compliments of the New Year

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