Of Coffee With Chicken Feathers

If you were having coffee with me, I would welcome you to the Sunshine City as Harare is known as, even though the sun is a bit on the much side and trying to burn us all. That’s why we pray for rain.

If you were having coffee with me I would share with you a story which is attributed to either Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin as having casually plucked the feathers from a live chicken then hand-feeding it to demonstrate how easy it is to govern the masses.

Hitler plucking a live chickenn
Stalin live plucking a chicken

While the veracity of both versions is questionable, the Stalin story is the older known version, which came out 30 years after Stalin’s death from a source renowned for writing in elliptical, allegorical ways leaving the story more legend than fact. The story is used to illustrate how people dictators do things, simply because they can and chickens people accept their place in life.

plucked chicken

If you were having coffee with me, I would say real or not, the story is a classical demonstration of the Stockholm Syndrome where one begins to look up to their oppressor, appreciating the handouts and forgetting, the oppression. A part of me has always questioned the theme central to the fairytale Beauty and Beast… a beast locks up a girl until she loves him nothing to see there…

 a beast locks up a girl inhis castle  until she loves him

Colonisation played a number on the continent leaving Africa with an institutionalised inferiority complex, some are seemingly little things such as how a successful person or boss is referred to as Murungu meaning “white person”; someone’s fluency in English is a yardstick for education and intelligence or even the way some foreigners can fly to Africa and be hailed as heros for performing self-serving interests packaged as humanitarian work…

A duo whose tweets went viral for all the wrong reasons were recounting how they had travelled to Africa to build a city without any money and even met up with president of Ghana…

building a city in Africa

Apparently Herofuturism.. immortality through heroism and technology.


Their accounts are now locked so I don’t know their final position on things but I found it ironic how they could easily set up meetings with heads of state and secure funding to bankroll their ideas, I am sure they had some merit to them but priviledge afforded them liberties.

If I had the exact same idea they had and tried to meet up with a head of state, how long would it take to be granted an audience?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that shuffling past the news channel I ran into the United States senator Cory Booker commenting how President Donald Trump should be not be running for the presidency if he can’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power and then he says with all due respect we are not Zimbabwe we are not Belarus…

I hate that my country can be used as a reference point for bad governance. We’ll I doubt anyone here would rack up 70 000 dollars as hair expenses but I am sure someone is taking notes on how to dip into expense accounts.

Trump spent more than $70,000 to style his hair when he was on The  Apprenticeand wrote it off as a business expense

But This is Zimbabwe where the law is weaponised into a tool for lawfare to punish those who would dare question the status quo.

lawfare weapon of choice

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you how people demonstrating against corruption gets your court case tried in the Anti-Corruption court… wait what? Those who are supposed to prosecute the corrupt are prosecuting people who are campaigning against corruption.

arrested for anti-corruption demo

And those who make allegations of being abducted by state agents will find themselves tried on various charges and if they say they are unable to stand trial due to trauma they are committed to stay in prison pending examination by government doctors even if they are supposed to be on bail and in a private hospital… And one has to be very careful how one talks about these things

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that schools are phased opening of schools was supposed to start  today…

zim schools opening

But very few schools have successfully opened with students being turned away, teachers through their unions have been citing incapacitation and also the lack of PEP materials. The government is keen on schools opening before the year ends because they do not want students repeating the year as it would clog the system…. So they would rather advance learners to the next class while they are ill-equipped not to mention the exam classes who haven’t been learning the entire year…

There’s talk of schools opening and haven’t heard anything about the closing dates… how long would this term be, would they learn till next year without a break, to catch up, what would happen on Christmas?? Questions people are asking and haven’t any answers about…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that a center for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Center was opened at our main referral hospital Parirenyatwa.

Zimbabwe-China Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Center

This is all good but when will our own traditional medicine also be good enough to be recognised thus, for me this take us back to when nothing good can ever come from us and we constantly have to wait on others to tell us how to be us….

To quote Madeleine Albright who quoting Benito Mussolini “If you pluck a chicken one feather at a time, nobody notices.” There is a lot of feather-plucking going on right now.

If you were having coffee with me, I would ask you what’s been happening in your neck of the woods.




    1. hahahahaha Burn!!! I wanted to include if all this served to confirm we were on the free trial to acclimatise us to the hell we live in but thought it would be a bit on the much side…. lol
      But the burn is still there somewhere.

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  1. sigh – for what it’s worth, Cory Booker is an idiot. But it’s nice to have him mentioned in the same piece that talks about plucking a chicken,. Out politicians have accidentally given us, “Never waste a crisis” as in a crisis can often allow officials do things that they never would have gotten away with. Well, we are very close to my oldest son’s wedding so I’m trying to stay in a positive frame of mind, but my mood is suffering from local fires and our own version of broken politics.

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    1. Thanks for confirming that about Cory, I half guessed that because well politics, is so predictable, someone says something and you know someone else will have an equal and opposite reaction…. anyway moving onto the positives…
      all the best with the wedding 2020 needs some good do pass my regards.


  2. Enjoyed a good virtual evening coffee with you, B! (Now also curious about the traditional Zimbabwean medicine, and if the acupuncturists are Zimbabwean or Chinese?) (and that herofututism sounds unfortunately so true)

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    1. good question Helene, maybe local people might soon be acupuncturists; is that the word it seems so awkward to spell ha!
      The world still has a lot of growing up, thank you for visiting Helene

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      1. I asked bc here there are Chinese acupuncturists (i guess that’s the name?!), who are very cheap and there are the local acupuncturist who have their own ‘diploma’s’ and cost so much more. And yes, the world needs to grow up too, to a better version

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      2. Interesting, I rather like acupuncture i will definitely go investigate when I get a chance and see if they will be training locals and if the terms are agreeable might sign up it would be a useful skill to learn .

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  3. Always up for these. This is my news site.
    Well they tried opening churches with a 70 people only and so far it’s a joke to the large churches ,how does a 5000seater have only 70people so people are opting to keep services online for now, a rush to open schools back here too but it’s an everyday debate on national television. Politics is still a dirty game making rounds, some prominent politician also died he was supposed to be campaigning for a mayoral post for the city of Kampala,f factories getting burned ,fires have starting to seem sent it’s a whole mix and as always Ugandans are taking time to laugh because how many more problems can one handle.

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    1. I find it strangely weird how I can read your comment and I can easily relate, its like we in the same country in Africa… the same struggles… and the same jokes too, laughter is a coping mechanism.
      I was also wondering about the churches… when they say 70 people only how would is it decided which 70 get to attend church??<first come first ‘saved’ lol
      Our church gathering restriction has increased from 50 to 100 and yeah online services have been the order of the day with mobile subscriptions having special power hour bundles for streaming.


      1. Exactly how do you tell someone your not chosen among the number so you can’t come to church I don’t know how churches open are doing it but whoosh.

        Exact Sentiments when I read your updates it’s like we in the same countries.


  4. Hitler/ Stalin belong to the same group, the scary evil kind. Maybe the government should have started with a national traditional clinic before pushing forward the Chinese stuff. We might be surprised to find that they use more or less the same herbs and barks as us.


  5. Yho the intensity of this post though
    I wanna have coffee and talk about it some more…

    I didn’t know about that chicken feather plucking business. Sad, it’s indeed happening. Not only in government — in every other aspect of life.

    When you mentioned beauty and the beast, I thought about technology (I mean yes, we love it but it just came onto us …now here we are🤦🏾‍♀️ unable to live without it)

    Oh have you watched the Social dilemma ??

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    1. this is probably why I have to alternate between the intense and then balance it out with something lighter for my well being…

      The chicken plucking feather busimess is a very illustrative tale (even if it never happened) of the world and its leaders.

      Havent watched Social Dilemma should I look for it ?

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    1. so long as the are chickens someone will pluck them; feather plucking in a feather plucking world…

      PS in high school I had to learn real quick to pluck chicken feathers as we were required to do so part as agriculture practical and part as slave labour for the Thursday rice and chicken dish (of course we killed the chickens first)

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