Of People To Never Trust

Trust No One… except God, as no one can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense.

in God we trust
In God we trust

A bit of vigilance will ensure you will be unlike a fool and his money who are soon parted. Exercise caution when dealing with these types of people.

Never trust…

•A Skinny Chef
I mean how do you know they really love food? Also, be careful of the overweight cook, it might mean they eat all the best bits of the food before serving.

•people who do not make funny faces at babies
What other fraudulent behaviour are they hiding behind that poker face.

People who don’t show up on Google.
How else will you know, they are who they say are, if Google says they don’t exist?

•Men with very smooth and clean hands.
It means that they have never had to work hard, maybe they wear gloves (those are great for not leaving fingerprints) or worse they pay others to do their dirty work

• PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe This
Sorry to tell you this but they’re almost definitely plotting to kill you.

• Hairdressers and barbers
They will look you in the eye and swear they did not just mess up you hairline and say how its the cut that’s not suited to the shape of your face…

when your barber looks at you like
Turn to you hairdresser and say you are fired

•Tailors, Carpenters, Mechanics, Builders, Painters, Plumbers, Repairmen,…..
First, its important to never pay the full amount before they start working on your project, but also make sure you pay enough down payment or deposit to ensure their commitment to start working.
Don’t be fooled, by how smoothly they talk and how well they tell you they can do the job (they will never tell you that a task is outside of their scope)…

can we fix it ? Yes we can

If it’s a job that can be done while you wait, then wait and watch them work. Don’t let them convince you to take a walk and come back later. (this when the funny things happen like switching parts or outsourcing to one who can actually do the job they pretended to be able to do)

 While You Wait Repairs

If you want something done, let’s say a coffee table set or an outfit for a wedding in a week’s time, drop in regularly to check for progress, don’t just go on the day before the wedding to pick up your order, because you will hear all sorts of stories.

Always get a quote before you let them start work, if they supplying and fitting make sure the prices are not being inflated; you may want to supply your own materials.

For my sister’s wedding a couple years back we decided to wear All White Suits…. we were referred to a reliable tailor…

Can you make six suits like this:

whte suit

No problem he says… but one month later, on the day of the wedding, he was still sewing; we were almost late for the church service waiting for him to finish.

white suit

Which reminds me, he still owes us a jacket and six neckties…

Men in White

Never trust anyone who says trust me….

Trust me




      1. Tailors and hair dressers are the worst. Had a bad experience with my now x tailor, told her i wanted to wear the dress for a wedding. She told me to come collect on the day, for some reason, i told myself to put on a nice dress just in case, she might disappoint. She sew the opposite of what i had shown her, and to justify her actions, she was like your material didnt suite the dress , but hello why didn’t you communicate in the first place?

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      2. The audacity… you tell someone to do something and they go on to do anyhow they want because its their job and they know it better than you hahaha
        tailors and barbers need to take some sort of communication skills course so they can use their words and tell you things like “oh no that cut wont work on this material or on your face… let us do it this way instead” even hmmm I have never done this before but I can try…
        and most importantly I have taken a lot of orders at the moment which I need to clear before I start on yours so if you want this done urgently you might have to take it to someone else or pay extra for priority hahaha

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    1. of course it is, is also fun to type LOL while you are not even smiling and to smile at someone while in your head you have hunted them and killed them in 1001 ways.. ^_^



  1. 😂😂 I think it’s important that when you step out there to the world, you’ll have to trust yourself first before trusting anyone. I was the type who was passive and never make assertions or cautions and I always end up taken for granted or fooled generally, in my life. Had one incident with a tailor too. Haha.

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    1. Tailors are a special lot and need to be handled with extra caution and it seems to grow with their skill the really good ones usually tend to get a lot of orders and get bit overwhelmed but they never tell you that they cant take on your order.

      well we stay learning


      PS yep trust yourself

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  2. Hehe, great post!! You all look great in the white suits!! Hope it was a fabulous wedding! 😍 such good advice. I’ve had bad hair cuts before too. My fav ~ Trust no one… Except God! 😇

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    1. It was a memorable wedding and indeed we looked dapper the uncles of the bride were almost upstaging the groomsmen hahaha
      I havent had a haircut in a while ^_^

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  3. 😂😂😂🤣This made me laugh so hard. So tailors just have the same manners everywhere? 😂 They have universal habits. When you are preparing for a function, you take the material and get your measurements done 3-4 months before the event and lie that it’s in two months. Works every time😂

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  4. I’ve had a nice and hearty laughter reading this. Good one B! Don’t forget to add photographers and bakers and caterers on this list. All potential disappointments waiting to happen if you don’t do the due diligence and checks. Hoooo! How did I forget drivers/Cab/Taxi? You call and ask them, “where are you?” They say I’m just around the corner. I’m here just about to reach you. When in reality they are far off in the opposite direction attending to another customer.

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    1. OMG this is totally why planning a wedding is such a nightmare all the service providers need you to keep an eye… like the entertainment crew who will tell you they have all the music in the world but come wedding day they dont have songs for the bridal team to dance to!!

      And then yep Taxi drivers!! there should be in a special group for telling you they know the address you want to go to even when they dont… thank God for GPS technology


    1. hahahaha hello snowflake… calling it hard labour makes it sound like serving time in prison with hard labour

      So you have never done anything …. questionable, reneged on your word, made promises you could not keep, said everything is going to be OK when it wasnt, said you knew what you were doing when you didnt, said you were almost there when somewhere asked you were you where while you were still home changing hahaha No?

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      1. B, I’m human who hasn’t ? I was just saying don’t judge me by my hands..there are a lot of people doing work like that that equally can’t be trusted. I’ll take snowflake 😁

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    1. The suits were cool, we were the talk of the wedding…. (almost upstaged the bride and groom even)
      Hahahaha these service providers must repsect us.
      Thanks for dropping by Simon

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  5. Yikes! Did your sister freak out about the suits?

    I hate checking up on people because I hate when people ask me for updates when I’m working on something. Stop interrupting me while I do your work! However, I am fully aware that many are not like me and that you have to continuously push them. I HATE IT! It takes time out of MY day to make sure they do their job? C’mon!

    You are very spot on about watching the job being done. I’ve seen many places where you can no longer come in to look at what they are doing. Shady much? A friend went in to get a tire changed in their bike. They returned with the seat-mounted backward, the back break not attached and the tire spoke missing. HOW?! They didn’t pay attention because the people in the shop were “professionals.” Stupid.

    I don’t make faces at babies because they mostly annoy me.

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    1. She was absolutely mind blown, we hadnt told anyone this is what we would be doing..

      Yikes how do professionals mess up a simple bicycle tyre change so badly |?

      This is probably why I have had to learn to do some things myself than get a “professional” sometimes with disastrous consequences other times it works and when I do watch the professional do its not only tp keep an eye but to learn a thing or two.

      Babies are super cute, especially when you can return them to their parents when they start to fret hahaha

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