Of Coffee At Level Two

If you were having coffee with me, I would be glad you had time to visit and enquire about your state of lockdown. I would tell tell you that our lockdown was suppose to end a day ago but has been extended by another two weeks although with lessened restrictions and we are now at a level two.

What is level two lockdown and what level where we in before and what exactly is the difference? Those are good questions you would might want to ask me and I would tell you that, I have no idea. Its as if the government just woke up and decided that’s it we at Level Two. Just like I have decided to call this coffee at level two two and you wont know if I am referring to the stove heat level of the level of the spoon of coffee beans….

Level 2 Lockdown Summary

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that wearing of face masks in public is now mandatory and failure to comply resulting in imprisonment.

When I went to the shops to get a few provisions they were already enforcing this rule and would not allow shoppers to enter the shop without masks. Those who did not have masks were asking to borrow face masks from those who were leaving the shop so they too would be permitted to shop…

Opportunities to make a quick buck a rife for enterprising mask sellers as face masks selling like hot cakes. Even the government has been in the process of mopping up protective gear on the market, from before this announcement

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that at least as part of the face mask decree they made it such that we can wear homemade face masks and thanks to the internet I now know how to make quick face masks.

I doubt these masks will save our lives and I worry that instead some of these will offer people a false sense of security while in reality not offering that much protection.


Meanwhile people are wondering where the members of parliament are so that they can represent, debate and hold the government to task over the country’s running. They recently got Samsung Tablets which they are supposed to use and maybe convene virtual parliament sessions instead of trying to get the house to seat in these trying times. It turns out that according to some of the tablets have no sim cards and are configured to only work on the Parliament’s WiFi network… wait what?

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you how we had a bit of scare when the official cases for coronavirus jumped from 34 to 40 which is part of the basis the government used to extend lockdown by two more weeks. Then it later turned out that after a Quality Assuarance 6 of the cases were false positives. Such things makes one wonder; can we even trust the test results?

COVID-19: Pawpaw, goat test positive for coronavirus - Magufuli

Meanwhilel in Tanzania the president is said to have questioned the integrity of test kits after a goat, a paw paw and a quail bird tested positive for the virus….

COVID-organics: Madagascar launches Africa's first cure for virus ...
Covid Organics

And Madagascar seems to have a cure…(although it is not officially recognised). I have been reading up on Artemisia Annua the miracle cure herb. Artemisia has a compound called artemisinin used in the treatment of malaria. I read an old WHO article from 2012 in which they do not encourage the treatment of malaria using Artemisia since the levels of artemisinin found in the herb were not enough to completely cure malaria and could lead to the emergence of a artemisinin resistant malaria

Artemisia annua - Artennua
artemisia annua (wormwood)

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that a search of internet has shown previous mentions of the herb in Zimbabwean medical cures indicating we have this herb or variation of it artemisia afra or the african wormwood … Enquiries to some of the older generations shows they think this plant or one very similar it is used to treat respiratory conditions, seizures and also burned to chase away malevolent spirits or cure someone said to have been attacked by ghosts.

african wormwood bvumvu
african wormwood

The roots, stems & leaves are taken as enemas, poultices, infusions, body washes, lotions, smoked, snuffed or drunk as a tea.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell about how the older generation seems to be ending and so is their knowledge of traditional remedies, homeopathic cures and other aspects of our cultures. With each white thread in my hair I am becoming the older generation too and I worry about all the knowledge lost to me.

My grandparents were a mine of information, I bet if I could show them a picture of the herb they would tell me exactly where I could get it and how to prepare it. They knew 1001 things about life and everything. Growing up I used to suffer from spells of nosebleeds  which stopped after my grandma made me smoke elephant dung. Whenever anyone had an upset stomach you would be prescribed with a bitter herbal tonic from a redwood root (torani) which probably shocked you into a cure that when asked if you still had a tummy ache you say am all better lest you get a second dose! My craziest recollection of my paternal grandmother is when a tiny flying bug got into my eye, I was hysterical and thought I was going blind; and she licked it off my eyeball….

This is a part of why I blog that some of my thoughts and stories wont disappear with me in the way I now cant remember some of the stories my grandparents told me growing up. I write so that I can remember.

Grandfather and grandchild
My Grandad and I

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I was pleased and honoured to have my blog awarded with the Zim Blog Awards Best Blog Of The Year.

I might pretend that I write for myself but deep down it feels good to be recognised and that the world not only sees you but that you are somehow making an impact one blog post at a time.

Thank you for the time you spend on my corner of the internet


PS For Afzah just to prove that you do have international friends ^_^


  1. Elephant dung. Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease lol. You’re right that so many of the older generation knew the power of herbs and the natural world. Lost to us who think cures come from laboratories. We’re in the midst of protests to reopen. Me? I probably have changed for a long time. We also must wear masks and can wear homemade. My doctor said my mask protects you against me. Yeah, who knows how much protection any of it is? Keep safe and love your old pictures. Enjoy your stories and wish I could be in person drinking coffee with you.

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    1. hahahaha the elephant dung worked I havent had a nosebleed episode since then if we dont count some silly fight I got into moving on swiftly…..

      There was definitely something about the herbal cures I bet subjecting some of those to lab analysis would reveal the active chemicals that make them work and we would have more faith in them than if its just passed on as an old wives tale.
      But I do notice that slowly people are trying to go back to an organic herbal lifestyle.

      Masks protect you against me thats a better way of looking at it… I will remember that next, its not about protecting yourself its more about protecting others and not spreading the virus if you have it…
      Next to all that given our current low level of official cases I worry that we are focusing too much of our resources on this and forgetting other things like malaria which in the past month alone has had mortality rate higher than covid that some had even suspected a conspiracy that covid cases were being reported as malaria, there’s also been an outbreak of typhoid which got swept under the carpet or the looming starvation as food supplies run out part due to a drought part due to other things…… its crazy how fragile existence is
      Thanks for dropping by


    1. I just cut up an old t/shirt and turned it into a mask… looks kinda cool even though I doubt its effectiveness in actually filtering the air from viral thingies to small to see hahaha, I saw a graphic that says fabric offers zero protection but what do I know..


  2. It’s like our leaders are really sharing notes or reading from the same pamphlet because our lockdown has just been extended too with masks being mandatory . But we shall overcome in the meantime we sip some papaya tea or coffee

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    1. hahahaha like I said they are all in a WhatsApp group and chat like so guys what do we now?? some dont reply in the group they just read from the group terraces and copy what the others are doing hahahaha

      We shall overcome

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  3. More 14 days! Same as here in Uganda. But I believe it’s for the better, if not for us the humans, then for nature.

    As for herbs. First thing family did; save for me who’s stuck in the Capital, shoveling the coal into the Capitalism furnace, was to get to the village. The good old mother knows a herb or two to treat pneumonia and flu. So Corona 19 would be a walk in the park I guess.

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    1. Nature has had a great respite in the lockdown phase… I read a report how the worldwide green house emissions had even reduced significantly in the past month
      I am sure even if the herbs dont cure they would probably alleviate symptoms and reduce duration of illness

      Thanks for dropping by

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  4. Regretfully, growing up, I was not interested in the stories from my grandparents. And they didn’t share any interesting ones, either. Just those: “back in my day we used to do this.” It was meant to make us seem like whiny babies.

    People reusing masks. Yikes.

    I’ve been where restrictions are super strict and where … they’re not.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hahahaha of course I also did a get dose of those stories back in my day… or when I was your age… and how we had it easy and unappreciative.
      but there were also folktales about long back when animals could talk… which were really elaborate lessons with morals

      The mandatory face mask regulation has… problems,/i> least because it seems there needs an education campaign on use and disposal of masks and if they are reusable variety then proper cleaning techniques…

      to have strict restrictions or to not have strict restrictions….. being world leaders must be a nightmare caught between doing to much or not enough

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  5. You do have international friends and so do I which is a pleasant surprise while learning and sharing my blog posts!! I do enjoy having coffee with you my international friend!! 🥰 Congrats again on your award, such an honor and well deserved!! 👍😉

    We are mandatory to wear masks everywhere out in public, homemade is fine too, still on lockdown but some businesses here and there starting to open. Our governor got pissed because too many people went to our local beaches recently so he locked them down! Who can blame them, we live in sunny southern California where the beaches are gorgeous this time of year!! ❤️ Many frustrated residents all over the US – tired as you all must be of being lockdown, better than being dead, but then hopefully not everyone will die as we eventually need herd immunity I think. They talk about a vaccine by end of year… Me thinks wishful thinking. 🤔

    I LOVE the family photos!! And the stories from Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, they have such a wealth of knowledge, I didn’t see or get to know mine so no knowledge was passed down to me, only from my parents and they’ve been gone too for 17 years. I have to trust my gut instincts I guess since I have no one to look up to for answers!! 😬

    You sure write great blog posts that have me thinking all the time and here I am writing this long response! Sometimes it a short response, today you get long response! Lol 😂 stay safe out there!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am just shocked people were asked to borrow masks from those leaving the shops in order to be allowed entry. This is low key trying to spread the virus. We joke too much on this continent. lol

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well if you can’t afford to buy one and the stranger you ask for money can’t spare any for a mask instead they lend you their mask… Mind you they still want it back and will be waiting patiently outside while you shop..
      At least now people are bringing home made. But the things i have seen some people wearing… Well at least they are trying 😂😂.
      We definitely joke too much… If we don’t get an increase in covid cases it will mostly be a miracle than that the government managed this situation well.
      Can only pray this plague spares us


      1. I’m cringing at the thought of the lender waiting to take back the face mask. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Oh Africa! People are using all sorts of items for the mask. I’ll share one of the funniest I’ve seen with you. Indeed, if we’re spared in this pandemic, it’ll be a miracle and it looks like all African countries are acting in a similar manner. As if there is no virus.🤷🏿‍♀️


  7. Hold up! “Borrowing mask?” 😂😂😂 That beats the whole purpose of wearing mask lol. Fingers crossed they won’t add an extension after the 14 days, no one wants an impromptu level 5 out of nowhere. This made me miss my grandma that generation of no internet was way educated than we’ll ever be.
    Congrats again on the award, also does the recognition come with any package like a stack of money, free papaya tea etc #askingforafriend

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it’s like a badly written joke really
      We mostly surviving on luck and prayer
      That generation knew what time it was!!!

      Haha thanks… Well i know the award comes with a certificate as for the papaya tea let me go brew an evening cup, its got the whole alphabet of nutrients it may be the cure who knows hahaha

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  8. Ndorani (torani) tjoh you took me back to my childhood. Your grandparents remind me of my grandparents, they died when I was very young I hardly remember them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am grateful that they lived to an age where I remembered them even though I should have paid listened more attentively… I guess we never really know some of the blessins we have until we lose rather we dont expect to lose them thinking we have all the time in the world

      Liked by 1 person

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