Of Coffee With Social Distancing

If you were having coffee with me, I would thank you for visiting, social distancing has become the new buzzword but here you are always welcome. Make yourself comfortable, tell me what’s been happening?

I have been finding it somewhat funny that my regular everyday life, short of a few routine changes could be classified as social distancing. I am an introvert with a literary bound alter-ego, who hardly goes anywhere, mostly on my laptop plotting the bestseller I promised myself. Remote work? I’ve been doing that, I am a freelance content creator, social media manager, community manager, regular bookworm and beta reader; with a laptop and internet connection I am at home anywhere in the world. (Also, if you need any such services…. Slide into my communications)

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the situation in Italy is heartbreaking and makes me worry a lot about what would happen in my country, with a health sector that’s been in need of resuscitation since way back. I wonder if the senior government officials who used to travel abroad for medical tourism are feeling that maybe they should have cut down on travel and spend more money on the local health sector…. but then again maybe not.

Recently the minister of finance came back from a trip abroad where he was photographed shaking hands with delegates and still he is not currently in isolation and even went on to tour reconstruction projects of areas devastated by Cyclone Idai, I worry about us.

Meanwhile, two cases of the virus have been confirmed and health officials are tracking down people who were in contact for testing.


If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that Zim Stats released the year on year inflation figures for February 2019 and its at 540,16% publication of inflation figures had be halted after the currency shift and the last recorded year on year inflation figure is 176 %as at June 2019.

Source Equity Axis

Some economists say the real inflation figures could actually be higher, but hey we have enough problems to worry about without having an economic abyss looming especially if a lockdown and non-essential business shutdown happens.

Source: Prof Steve H. Hanke

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I had to deviate from my regular schedule and make time for an essential road-trip.  First thing first we cleaned the car and wiped down door handles and surfaces because safety first before heading on a six hour trip to a boarder town east of the country.


I watched the horizon and took in the fresh air and sights because who knows when one will get the chance, with lockdowns looming…

Christmas Pass Mutare

When we arrived, it was hilarious, as I battled my inner conflict with drilled in convention, where you have to greet your elders by shaking their hands and asking “makadii” the Shona equivalent of How are you and wondered if a fist bump would not be considered rude or a downright insult to culture. My aunt came to my rescue by declaring how they knew of “the Corona” too and even did an elaborate rendition of the elbow bump which would best be described as a chicken wing dance to show how happy she was to see I had come visiting; after of course a very pointed interrogation to see if we had travelled to any high risk areas or been in contact with infected people after all; safety first.

My aunt who keeps chickens said when one of the chickens got sickly she took it to the veterinary services to have it checked that it was not coronavirus, one can never be too careful; the vet assured her it was not the dreaded corona.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that we miscalculated our bearings and travel time and ended driving back into the sun set; it was a slow blinding journey into the night.

driving into the sunset

Also I really think some sort of driving regulation should be done to stop slow moving haulage trucks from travelling in packs, they cause a slow moving traffic jam and then people end up undertaking dangerous overtaking maneuvers.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I have just learnt of the first corona-related death in the country, a young man 30 years old, there goes that myth that age will save you.

What I worry about the most is how the minister of health had initially been evasive about the identity of second the coronavirus case dismissing as fake news people enquiring if it was true that the son of a prominent local business man had been tested for the virus later a confirmation statement was issued by the ministry, confirming the death and identity of the patient.

People already do not trust the government when they behave like they have something to hide it and departments do not seem to be giving a united news front, leaving a gap which is filled with fake news and conspiracies that cause panic.

Why do governments seem to want to manage people’s panic? Are we so vulnerable that we cant handle truth, it wont take financial wizard to tell the economy is a mess but the minister of finance will tell you its being handled and things will stabilize soon, we worry about the pandemic and the minister of health tells us they are prepared to deal with it…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you to stay safe and ask whats going on in your neck of the woods



Low key flex cause got TP in the shops…



  1. Thank you for the coffee today. It’s crazy here with the shortages slowing down a little, but the hoarding continues and is REAL! My husband and I have gone to like 7 stores and a few times since last week with still no bag of flour to be seen! It’s not really a big deal as we were able to buy bread and freeze many loafs (we love our bread!) But I do like to bake cookies, brownies etc… Need flour and am almost out. I think I can make one batch of cookies and that’s it, we will keep looking as the weeks go…. It’s CRAZY!

    Other than no traffic on the freeways and the frenzy buying (which we do not partake, meaning we aren’t hoarding any items) my life seems normal. The Veterinary Lab I work at is essential business so off to work I go and then home, to the stables each day to tend to my horses. At work we keep distances and I’m assigned to help wipe door handles, time clocks etc… Since I’m in management it’s what ever needs to be done to help stop the spread. If that’s even possible. It seems to be working as we are in day 8 of Presidents lock down or stay at home measures. Heard the President today say after 15 days he will most likely get the country back to work. We are facing a depression like no other!!!

    Anyways, lots to talk about and I need to get ready for work! We’ve seen a decline in samples needing testing as people aren’t taking animals to vet probably unless they are really sick, which is understandable. It’s a strangeness I’ve never witnessed this war on this virus! I’m glad you got to travel! Stay safe out there!! 😃🥰❤️

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  2. We are trying to stay safe. At my work place the have cut down the number of people who come to work, sanitizers in every office. These are hard times. I keep praying God will keep us

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  3. I chuckled when I got to the part about your aunt, is this the same aunt who gave you a live chicken? I am laughing thinking about that story please point me to it again? I need a laugh

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