Of Coffee With The Elephant In The Room

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy you visiting. Grab a chair, its hot out there, I would offer you some iced cold water but I haven’t got any ice, there hasn’t been electricity for the past couple of days, electricity left like an erstwhile lover who just steps out as if for a little bit and then never returns you could say we been ghosted by the power.

If you were having coffee with me, we would have to talk about the elephant in the room.

I mean how does a whole elephant get into a room? Is the room elephant sized and can you even wrap your head around how big the door would have to be to get an elephant into the room and then after all that you choose to pretend… there is no elephant.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I can’t draw things that I can’t see even though I can visualise them in my head perfectly.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you about the how the United Kingdom seems to be seeking new investment opportunities for after Brexit redefining its trade interactions with African countries outside of the EU. During the past week the United Kingdom hosted several African countries in the UK-Africa Summit and was Prince Harry’s last official royal function before his own stepping back from the royalty in whats been dubbed Megxit.

From a few reports I have seen on the media from the summit it seems like the summit was mostly talk, lofty promises and even some downright hypocrisy like did you know that even though the UK committed to help African countries transition to cleaner energy, since “we all suffer when carbon emissions rise and the planet warms

Surprisingly 90% of the energy deals struck at the summit were mostly fossil fuel projects.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that Zimbabwe was not officially invited to the summit, maybe the invite got lost in the diplomatic mail or maybe they have something against our government or it could even be sanctions who knows, not me; although our fellow neighbouring countries got their invites and attended in what some concerned citizens quizzed as to why they did not snub the summit in solidarity but hey it seems everyone looks out for number one, it’s the elephant in the room.

Interestingly the largest opposition party the Movement for Democratic Change got invited to the UK-Africa Investment Summit.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that we had representation at the Davos World Economic Forum with a seat at that conference costing around $27000 one wonders who picks up the price tag and what happens to all the money organisers of the event make. Is anything actually achieved or its just another excuse to enjoy tax payers money, feel like one big con if you ask me, there I said it.

I listened to a part of the speech by our minister of finance at and sounded like he has the country under control from the runaway inflation to the impending drought. From experience though I know once government officials start reassuring you that everything is fine, it means everything is not fine.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you about a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court which basically boils down to if you owed money from before 21 February 2019 when it was priced in United States Dollars you can pay it back at a rate of 1:1 with the Zimbabwean dollar. One day text books shall be written on one of the greatest money heists ever done. If you were owed money then you would end up with the short end of this stick but on the other hand suddenly I am able to payback a loan of over a thousand dollars by simply converting USD $100 to our Zim dollar currently trades officially at 1:17 with the USD…

Also another interesting ruling came from the High Court concerning the Vice-President’s messy divorce. The VP’s former wife sought and was granted a spoliation order which restores possession of assets after you are unlawfully deprived. This damning judgement showed that the VP acted unconstitutionally and unlawfully resorted to self help. The VP’s office is the second highest office and imagine having it occupied by someone who would deign to take the law into their hands; where would it stop?

What kind of leaders do we have?  Perhaps they are elephants of whom we do not speak, elephants do not care much about the opinion of the grass….

When elephants fights it’s the grass that gets hurt.

If you were having coffee with me… I would tell you about Vanessa Nakate an African Climate Change Activist who got cropped out from a group photo with other activists at Davos.

 climate change activist cropped out

“You didn’t just erase a photo. You erased a continent”

Africa is being adversely ravaged by climate change but that story somehow gets cropped out from world news and meanwhile the UK still making deals worth billions in fossil fuel energy instead of committing to green energy….

I might not be a climate change activist but if you peruse my blog you will find the impact of climate change; from the electricity crisis because there is not enough water for hydroelectric power generation due to low rain, the heat, drought and drying up of the Victoria Falls

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods?

Cheers to the week


PS and RIP to one the gods of the basketball court Kobe Braynt… way back when I was in high school I used to have a huge afro head of hair and I was the roving reporter for the College Rustlers as the school basketball team was known and I was known as Kobe.

kobe bryant
Afro Kobe


  1. I’m still not sure what to believe concerning the popular term “climate change” and all its controversy. Some explain it as weather, which has always been changeable, as opposed to climate.

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    1. I agree the term is used and abused. In my “research” on climate change i have learnt there is climate change and climate variability

      Climate variability is when weather conditions change depending on which side of bed the sun woke up on, one day it may decide to go Super Nova and melt us all or it may decide to freeze us into icicles.
      There’s not much that can be done about that than to hope it eventually settles to some sort of regular seasonal structure.

      Climate change is change in the weather and climate resultant from our direct effect e.g greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation
      Not sure how much percentage exactly that contributes to climate change and global warming…. but it certainly does.



  2. I found it crazy that their excuse for cropping Vanessa out was some nonsense about the building behind her not fitting the picture. As a white American I keep wanting to believe that we have grown beyond racial prejudice – but then things like this happen – and sadly, it’s still there.

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    1. We live in a crazy world Barbara.
      We still have a lot of learning to do and in the meantime when we are not being nice to each other we busy killing the planet.
      Thanks for dropping by.


  3. Sigh. . .
    I’m going to pass on opining about climate change, well except to say that I’m sure it’s easily the biggest scams yet to come from those of a certain taste for taxes and government control of more things they can’t control.
    That may have gone too far. Oddly enough, global warming utterly failed to melt away all the snowflakes who’s claim to celebrity seems to be their (very) young age and inexperience with – well anything.

    As for cropping Vanessa out of that photo. Unless she’s a conservative Christian, this act is unforgivable, but if she is, then it’s still unforgivable but would at least be consistent with how the some people have no scruples about dishing out their opinions. These folks make life so hard for the sane among us.

    Regardless of the reason for it or her politics, I’m sorry for the insult thrown her way by someone clearly much less mature than she is.

    I think the elephant is just another wad of unwelcome opinions about the nuts we chose to hold up as leaders.
    Makes me sad for the noble elephant to be so rudely associated with them.

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    1. Climate change is definitely an easy scapegoat and a reason you can hide behind to govern and tax things..

      Haha well one day all this will belong to the snowflakes and we won’t be here to be asked how we watched as the world melted them…

      Poor elephant sigh


  4. It’s disheartening how the Western world mingle in our internal affairs to the extent of showing interest in the opposition but not looking forward to doing business with the present regime. Looks like they want him out already

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    1. Oh that was bloody self centred a comment. Let me balance it quickly. Climate change. Um. Australia bushfires and locust infestation in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya spreading to Uganda and South Sudan have 1 thing in common…2019 had trance weather.

      Australia just had the driest spring since the government started keeping track of rainfall the past 120 years.

      Africa had many unusual cyclones in 2019 which brought very heavy rains, improving breeding conditions for desert locusts.
      Uh feel much better now.

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      1. Well, climate change…. Yeah so is there anything we can really do about it or it’s inevitable although we make it worse or hasten it?

        I remember reading something a very very long time ago, it predicted how the earth would dry up, ice caps melt up and Australia disappear in the ocean, as the planet rotation got slower and pulled closer to the sun
        Until it was a hot inhabitable rock eventually disappearing into the sun as it went Super Nova and imploded into a black hole and like all suns die…



      2. Hectic, well. My turn. 2 days ago I read this article by someone who spent a great deal of time writing, researching and calculating the carbon footprint emission of taking a shower. The entire time he was rattling on about how
        -showers were only installed after the 80s in every home in Europe and he USA
        – how businessmen (as women started working in the office the past 50 years) haven’t always washed everyday
        – how its not just a bath that was an option to clean up some people had dry baths by rubbing clean linen or textile all over their bodies and felt clean afterwards.
        – how sponge baths were the most environmentally friendly method of washing the body.
        – how we used to be satisfied with just sprinkling water on our bodies at the river.

        The entire time he is calculating the energy cost of showers I kept thinking, every time modern humans advanced they actually took five steps back by shortening the current epoch (Anthropocene).

        So, if our intelligence led us to the current destruction, are we really the most intelligent in our evolution?

        If not, what could we rename survival of the fittest to?

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      3. Also i miss taking a shower 😭😭😭
        Forgetting what running water feels like not to mention hot running water that’s a dream…
        Shifted back to original shower of bathing in a bucket 😂


      4. A friend in Zimbabwe says, “our parents and elders say they lived through world wars and independence etc – we have this. The end of clean safe running water and electricity. Kids won’t believe it was possible to turn taps or switches to get water and electricity. ”

        He also says, ” I wish I lived in a Zimbabwe where achieving your list of goals and dreams didn’t have to start with getting power and water on top before everything else on the list. ”

        It’s morbid because he has a borehole and generators.

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      5. I once acquired a generator… But running it proved rather difficult especially when getting fuel for it was also another “adventure” the fuel price which goes up almost weekly, the endless fuel queues as fuel always seems to be short supply..

        Top of my goals and wishlist now is getting a solar system and going off the grid… Could even sell that as a more green energy alternative too😂 harnessing the power of the sun☀, I mean it’s already trying to melt us anyway, why not get some electricity from it….

        Growing up I used to joke up wanting a house made up of solar panels and floor made up of an array of battery banks and never pay an electricity bill again…. And now that childish dream seems more like a standard necessity.



      6. True, true.

        By the way, Zimbabwe is just a few years ahead of where South Africa is heading ito power shortage.

        The previous government was so smart (yes that one, apartheid) they put Eskom under NERSA which is the energy regulator run by engineers, nuclear physicists, and other highly qualified and experienced professionals to oversee Eskom. Everytime Eskom wants to increase the electricity rate/charges they have to ask NERSA who also ask us the public and businesses first. They decide the appropriate level of increase based on both sides. Had this step been removed, electricity would have been unaffordable to the poor as Eskoms requests have been declined most of the time and when approved they asked for 25% increase and NERSA approved inflation rate of 6%.

        NERSA wrote a report on 2008 and Eskom submitted its response to the findings that
        – the government claiming that the economic growth will be 6% untik 2015 is not feasible as Eskom will be unable to continue providing consistent energy without loadshedding
        – the power plants have shortage of critical skill like engineers to run them optimally
        – the plants were expected to reach end of life at 60 years but internationally the life is shorter so they need to be replaced sooner
        – the coal from locked in long-term contracts was too poor quality and increasing the maintenance requirements
        – maintenance was not done enough so plants will break down
        They predicted severe loadshedding by 2015 due to not increasing supply (independent private suppliers or additional plants)

        What they didn’t state is : the government was busy rolling out electricity to every South African which also strained supply.

        Eskom replied, this report is wrong. All the issues raised are not an issue. Good-bye.

        Guess what’s in the “reasons for current loadshedding”? The ten year old findings.

        PS. His generators also break down a lot because, well, you know, they are overused and the fuel is not exactly high quality.

        I hear Zimbabwe is filled with Chinese solar panels that don’t last?


      7. Crazy thing is its not just Zim or South African thing
        , power generation problems are creeping across the continent looks like we kept getting comfortable and forgetting to figure out what would happen 60 years later when the life cycle of our power generation equipment reached its decommissioning age maybe because for some of us, we simply inherited into the systems from colonial era from the democracy we seem not to know about to judges with their silly wigs and robes trying to look wise and here we are.

        Suddenly it seems, finding out it takes anything from 5 to 20 years to build a power plant and wondering why we never actually started harnessing the power of the sun sooner …oh wait because turning arable land into solar farms kinda reduces your farming land.. But hey news flash you aren’t farming anyway you need electricity to irrigate

        Not sure about the panels not lasting yet don’t know anyone whose used them for more than 2 years but I do know some cheap panels don’t give out the power they claim to and some batteries can’t hold a decent charge. Draining out quickly when there is no sun.
        Well that’s what you get if you aren’t willing or unable to fork out a pile of money for the “good stuff”
        high wattage solar panels, large capacity batteries and pure sine wave power invertors

        … and of course it’s lucrative time to start a solar system installation business you get to sell the cheap stuff cheaply and when someone complains you tell them you get what you pay for and overly inflate the prices on the good stuff because it’s the good stuff and laugh all the way to the bank until eventually everyone stocks up only the good stuff and the competition brings prices to more sane levels or we start manufacturing our own so we can stop hiding behind duty and cargo and freight fees and all that when factoring the prices of these things
        And oh yes am fairly sure the government will finding a way of getting into the action and tell you the solar energy belongs to the power company and you must put an electric meter so we see how much power you get from the sun so they can Bill you….
        Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have written that giving them ideas 😂

        But once they tried to do something similar with boreholes asking those with to put water meters so they could be charged I think they only haven’t gone through with it cause don’t have resources to go door to door checking if you have a borehole or not and possibly the backlash since they aren’t delivering clean water but once they figure out the potential revenue they aren’t collecting…..



      8. “I do know some cheap panels don’t give out the power they claim to” Just like power banks here in South Africa. Someone tore them apart and found batteries less than the outer label. Mine was also exposed, it finally made sense why I could get only 1 charge from a 20 000 mAh even though my phone is only 3500 mAh. I want to dismantle it to see whats inside but each time I plan to, we get a power outage which makes that 1 extra charge suddenly more valuable.

        “I shouldn’t have written that giving them ideas ” The bill is probably already written. Especially taking into account how much the Zimbabwe government is bragging about removing duties from the importation of alternative energy equipment like solar panels. They are not losing this revenue without a plan, I suspect. Sometimes I think we think too highly of government’s intelligence and planning.

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      9. Agreed sometimes we give them more credit than is due that they have a structured plan running a set sequence of controlled events when they are really just clueless players rolling dice and seeing what turn they spin and act like that’s precisely what they wanted to do.

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      10. Just reminded of this time scale on how in the Grand cosmic clock the Earth being about 4.5 billion years and human beings have been on the planet for 200,000 years which could be a few minted compared to the billions of years that have passed and in that timeframe we managed to really shorten our era yeah?


    2. I read the comment which follows this one before I read this one…. And I am going with I found the two sentences quite profound like a very short speech you would make at a grave side when asked to say a few words and you do not want to say a lot but you have a message to convey.


    1. Thanks
      People are somewhat harder to deal with 😂😂😂 oh! even my 3 year old nephew with his thousand and 1 questions keeps asking about the elephant even after I let him have the post-it notes I was scribbled it on.

      The Lion creature is a supposed to be a lionnare from a fantasy book some huge lion like beast with large fangs and a slightly horned head….

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  5. B you constantly educate me about the situation in Zim. My heart breaks each time I read something here about Zim that should be going well but it’s going the other way.
    For Vanessa, it was so sad and indeed a whole continent was erased. I pray we get past racial barriers one day.

    In Uganda, we are gearing up for 2021 elections.The katemba (aka chaos in English) is underway, prison cells will see many this year. People are crossing over to the ruling party because hey, they know where their bread is battered.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by Racheal…

      Yeah Africa is a country… And election season is an extreme sport… It’s been about a year and some months since our last elections and looks like we are going to be constantly stuck on them till the next elections or “something” happens.


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