Of Coffee With Tomato Purée

If you were having coffee with me I would be happy to have you visit my tangle of words and offer you a seat, and a beverage of your choice, it never has to be just coffee by the way, the coffee is figurative. For instance it could be my new favourite beverage; honey and ginger tea…

Ginger and Honey Tea
Ginger Infused honey

Except for one tiny tiny detail, someone emptied a can of tomato puree into what once was a jar of ginger infused honey…. And unfortunately, I did not get the memo. So, the teaspoon of what was supposed to be ginger and honey was instead tomato puree and I brewed for myself a very awkward tasting beverage.

Tomato Puree

I pretended that I knew exactly what I was doing, to keep up appearances… Its an interesting phenomenon isn’t it on how we pretend everything is ok so the world thinks everything is under control. As someone put it, we have grown into a sad generation with happy pictures.

Tea with tomato puree

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that over the weekend the was a concert at the HICC which featured some GOAT Zim artists, everyone is arguing who deserves the title of Greatest Of All Times. While I missed out on attending the concert, I was stuck by how all the footage shared from the concert showed almost everyone on their phones… Did they really have fun or were they just taking photos and videos to prove how much fun they were having.

So a bit of tea on whats been going on in this teapot shaped country. Sometimes I wonder if those in charge of running the country economy even fully understand what’s transpiring in our kingdom of funny money. You may see our currency referred to as the RTGS and then see our esteemed economic practitioners trying to explain that RTGS is not a currency.

RTGS ordinarily refers to the Real Time Gross Settlement transactions doing a transfer between bank accounts. On our streets its become a pseudo-currency unto itself, money in the bank and cash-in-hand are like two train tracks which never meet. In some instances, goods and services are even priced differently, a price for bank transfer or swipe using card, another price for mobile money payment and of course a price in United States Dollars (which usually carries a “discounted” price)

In the past couple of weeks prices have gone up rather spectacularly and not in a good way.  This is especially when compared to the prices of salaries which tend to remain the same. The government has authorised a salary increase of 100% for civil servants, but given the current economic trajectory such an increment is a drop in the ocean. The government says civil servants have welcomed the increment.

100 percent pay rise for civil servants
Sunday Mail 100% Pay Rise for Civil Servants

Meanwhile, medical practitioners advised that from 20 June they would be going on strike. This is definitely not the week for one to have a medical emergency if one cant afford private health care. Teachers unions have also expressed their intention to down tools citing incapacitation and its was still just another Monday.

Riot Police monitoring health workers
Scenes from Parirenyatwa Hospital Monday 20 June @drjaytee87

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that somethings are looking up, Zimbabwe will be launching a Satellite next month, ZimSat-1 which would make us the 14th African country to enter space. 🥳 The Zimbabwe National GeoSpatial and Space Agency in collaboration with JAXA are launching the satellite from the Japanese KIBO module on the International Space Station.

ZimSat-1 is an Earth Observation CubeSat in the small satellite category. No exact details are currently available but its suppose to be help with our environmental watch; droughts, map human settlements, disease outbreaks, as well as improve mineral exploration.

And speaking of environmental watch, have you run into the tragic story of Human-Wildlife conflict that has been trending in India? A woman got trampled to death by an elephant and it later showed up at her funeral, trampled her body, then called for its flock who destroyed the woman’s house and few other surrounding houses in the village. Everyone is trying to understand what the woman did to the elephant(s) or if it was just a freak coincidence.

Oprah asking elephant: So after you killed her you went to the funeral and stomped her some more?
Oprah: So after you killed her you went to the funeral and stomped her some more?

Of course, it has also generated various memes such as the one above with Oprah enquiring what transpired and the one which took me a while to figure out, with an elephant wearing black Airforce Ones. Apparently, there is a street stereotype about Black Airforce Energy; violent type thugs, criminals and gang affiliated peeps have a penchant for these… Something about the shoes not being conspicuous, particularly at night, and they don’t show (blood)stains easily.

Elephant with Black Airforce Energy wearin Black Airforce 1 Sneakers

I rather like black sneakers but I am almost sure I would never be in a violent attack, see how social media already making me question my choice of shoeware….  

Whats been going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. What the . . .?
    Serial stomping gone viral. . .
    Surely there’s a story in this mess but what social media is going to do with this will eclipse all reality.
    Stand back everyone. The elephant memes are going to make the smart-alec cat look tame.


  2. How did you not realize it wasn’t honey as you scooped it out? Well, maybe you’ve discovered a new trend that way? Will you be drinking tea with tomato paste again?

    The concert:
    1. I’ve been to concerts where the artist asks the audience to put their flashlight on on their phones during a certain song (kind of how people used to light their lighters back in the day and wave it around during classic songs). So, I think that is why you are seeing all the lights.
    2. But you are right – too many people have the phones out the entire time. What are you recording from so far? The noise is often distorted due to the instruments and you can’t see anything… I was recently at a concert (first row) and have to admit to taking a couple of videos/photos mainly because it was so close. But it was a few seconds here, a few there. When I got to the hotel after the show, I watched it/reviewed it. It was fun. However, there were people who were streaming the whole thing on Snapchat or Tiktok or whatever.

    100% raise? The raises around here are 3-5%. (not 35; three to five), which is laughable when compared to all the other price hikes.


  3. Interesting. Yes the economy in this era is so sickening and sometimes i wonder what kind of leaders we voted into power. And oh, in my country, the OPRAH,ELEPHANT meme is used to mock the current government because the elephant is the symbol of the political party that is in power now.
    People showing how much fun they are having on social media is also a whole topic on it’s own. Maybe, they are genuinely happy. I pray they are though. Was nice reading this. I am imaging how awkward that tea tasted though lol

    Liked by 1 person

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