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Almost 2 years after Mable introduced me to Tomi Adeyemi’s Children Of Blood And Bone the I finally got the news I had been waiting for that the Book 2 in the Legacy of Orïsha Children Of Virtue And Vengeance was ripe for the reading.

Tomi Adeyemi’s Children Of Virtue And Vengeance was officially released on December 3 2019 and yesterday I picked it up started reading and didn’t put it down until I stopped  #UNPUTDOWNABLE

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Children Of Virtue And Vengeance picks up the story almost exactly where things got left off in the Children of Blood And Bone. There’s a over a year between the books but in the grand narrative of the story, only 2 moons have passed. If you are like me you have probably read hundreds of books between then and now and I recommend that you either re-read the first book or find a detailed synopsis because this books assumes you last read the story yesterday and that all the happenings are fresh in your mind.

I tried to prepare for reading this book by reading my review of Children Of Blood And Bone which you can also check out on the button below:

I absolutely loved Children Of Blood And Bone even if that review hardly gives away any valuable information…

I tried not to include any in your face spoilers but:

**this may contain some spoilers to Children Of Blood And Bone

-The story so far

The land of Orïsha was on the verge of genocide trying to eradicate a tribe of magic casters who could be identified by their distinct white locks. Magic was stripped away from the land leaving the Divîners vulnerable to abuse, slavery and all forms of persecution. A girl, her brother and a princess set on a quest to bring back magic so that the Divîners can get at least get a fighting chance…….

The first book ends just after the ritual to bring back magic, yes magic returns but at a cost and there’s unintended consequences….

**This contains some spoilers for Children Of Virtue and Vengeance

Children Of Virtue And Vengeance

children of virtue and vengeance book cover

The book follows the original 3 person point of view format, each chapter is from the vantage point of the three key characters. This makes for an interesting character development arc as you get a front row seat into each character’s internal conflict, emotions and motivations.

According to Tomi though she writes fantasy, she writes about things that people have gone through – that they are going to go through today, that they will go through tomorrow.

My books are about pain.

Tomi Adeyemi

And true to that statement the book opens with a funeral pyre and a few sentences into the first chapter there’s this chilling sentence:

“…I wonder why I thought burying one parent would prepare me to bury the next. My hands still shake with all the things left unsaid My throat burns from the screams I force into silent tears….”

Loss is central theme in the plot, how loss can define, make and break you. All the central characters battle with loss and it’s the crucible that moulds their behaviours.

Too much has passed” he asks
Too much has been taken away
Silence descends as I sit back down, thinking of everything and everyone we’ve lost.

 Children of Virtue And Virtue begins with the return of magic to Orïsha but instead of giving the Divîners their fighting chance it turns out some of the nobles are now Tîtans and have their own brand of magic which is more powerful, chaotic and not bound by the laws that limit Divîners magic. Where Divîners magic is a needle wielded with precision and accuracy, Tîtan magic is like a hammer and so the annihilation continues, aggression and retribution, virtue and vengeance

Tomi Adeyemi was trying to show how achieving your goal or purpose may not be quite what you expect and that institution of oppression cannot be toppled simply by having more power, wealth, influence….

In this book Orïsha is on a bloody civil war clash one group wants to protect their power at all costs the other wants to secure their future again at all costs that will probably not stop until one side eradicates the other or both annihilate each other in the effort in a desperate bid for freedom, that has no room for negotiations, whatever the cost…..

That’s pretty much the story, when condensed like that it makes sense and I almost forget the were times I wanted to throw away the book not to mention that you are blind-sided by a sucker punch of a cliff hanger plot twist that has you asking what did I just read… boom white smoke…. and now we have to wait until the third and final installment while I pray geeez Tomi I so hope you did not go there!!!

Why I wanted to throw the book away

Children Of Blood And Bone set the bar extremely high and this felt like one convoluted misunderstanding between the central characters and I wished I could reach into the book and knock some sense into the characters heads and resolve some of their conflict and question their life choices.

“I didn’t have a choice__”
“You always have a choice. You just chose wrong”

The Misguided Prince who cant seem to make up his mind or at least make a decision and stick it through

The Soldier of Death who just wants to flee but still ends up in the thick of things just to kill one more person

The Well-meaning Princess who wants to be a queen, even if it means going the mad queen route

The Queen whose just evil I guess

And the weird love triangle:

The girl with the moonstone, the mercenary who calls her home and the boy who broke her heart….

Even though new magic got introduced Titan magic did quite get its moment in the sun, the explanation was rather rushed or implied and am still at was it blood magic or like blood magic, I mean I thought to practice blood magic you had to cut yourself…

And the animals I was rolling eyes at all the somethingnaires; lionare, hyenaire, leoponaires pantenaire, cheetanaire are we just adding naire to everything now without so much as description?

Why I didn’t put down the book

First I still eagerly await the next installment and hopefully it will redeem itself

Tomi can weave a good story and even if this book my suffer a bit from the classic case of the middle book syndrome, it’s an emotive read and Tomi can make her characters really get under your skin; fascinating and annoying at time.

You shall carry all of us in your heart
We shall live in every breath you take
Every incantation you speak

I still recommend the series so we can discuss this book to death while we wait for the next instalment……

Have you read this book? Are you going to read this book? Never heard of it? Then I suggest you start with Children Of Blood And Bone  




  1. It sounds a little like it’s a series that could be condensed into a single book. I hate it when people write a series for the sake of selling more books. Once you read the first one, you might read the 2nd and then the 3rd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah this particular book could have ended in like ¼ of the number of pages and affixed to these previous one ..

      But here I am waiting for book number 3

      Liked by 1 person

    1. At least tell me you have heard of Harry Potter, Renard 😂😂 When the author appeared on the scene with her debut book people said it was the kind of story that made you ask what if Harry Potter was set in Africa..

      I happen to like books about magic and fantasy so I have my nose to the ground concerning authors in that realm considering one day I want to write a book about magic set in the world around me and based in the magic and myths from our culture


      Liked by 1 person

  2. As always Beaton your review makes me want to read the book. If I see them, I will read them only cause you said I should.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m dying to read her books and this will be the year. I saw Mable rave about it😂😂 but never got round to reading Tomi’s work but after this review, I will definitely add both books to my TBR list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What? You haven’t? I totally recommend you not only add them to your reading list but you bump them up to the top of the list… Mable is the plug!


  4. One of my favorite authors, Patrick O’Brian, was coming out with new stories of his series about 1/year, at which time a friend and I both would run out and purchase our copies to read and discuss. But then one year, not long after releasing one new addition, he died. He was pretty old so it was not a surprise, just a huge disappointment because I had never read such stuff as his. Alas, even our literary idols are mortal…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. which takes us back to that old conversation of how to assure that the words of our blogs somehow outlive us. So far, only a bound, dead tree, book and many copies of, seem to meet the need.

        This issue still needs more thought and ideas for a sound solution.

        Does WordPress even have policies for dealing with our e-words when our keyboards go finally silent?

        Beaton, we need to talk.
        And read. We have to keep reading too because unread words, regardless of how they’re stored, are not eternal.

        They are only literary knickknacks.

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      2. It’s a very serious talk this one… You know what actually let me see if I can contact support and ask them one of the few perks of having a WordPress plan is direct access to live support from Happiness Engineers, might as well as put it to good use.

        Unread words might as well as be unwritten…. almost

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  5. 1. I agree with you Children of blood and bone set the bar too high for this sequel, i felt a bit detached from it. Not as much emotion as I had in the first one.

    2. I concludes that tîtan magic was blood magic but not from this time, someone noble must have done it a long time ago and it came back when magic was brought back. That’s why they only had a streak of white instead of the whole head like majis.

    3. The -naires where pure laziness on her part from my stand point however I do understand why she did it. By adding that, it somewhat already suggest what kind of animal it is. It also allows you to dream up your own magical hybrid version of the animal.

    All in all, it was a good read. I patiently await the last installment as I wait to prove my theory of what happened in the palace after ‘ the white smoke’.

    With that I rest my case.

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    1. 1. So much could have been done with this book but in the end it felt more like a filler book in the mean time read this while you wait for the final book.

      2. Hmmmm you might be onto something with that explanation but would have loved it if the book somewhat explored this magic and even given us a bit of backstory or maybe how best to interpret the white streak of hair than apart as simply a marker.. And half the time it seemed even they had no idea what they were doing apart from the Queen and the general but the general’s moment in the sun got real quick real fast…

      3. Agreed 😂😂 I mean she could have given us a bit more flesh and bone to work with

      But yep and now we wait

      Thank you for this highly detailed feedback


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