Of Being Banned From WhatsApp

For those not in the know, WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging application owned by the FaceBook Company that allows users to chat, send messages, pictures and videos.

whatsapp icon

If you wondering why I am currently not on WhatsApp and why all the messages you are sending me there have a single tick and last seen features shows I was last seen a long time ago; there’s a perfectly good reason for it and no, its not because I use the “cheaters” version of WhatsApp with modifications that allow you to hide your online status or keep it fixed at an old date and view others status updates without being seen, oh and seeing deleted messages and statuses using the anti-revoke feature.

My mobile number got banned from accessing WhatsApp.

banned from whatsapp for violating terms of service

Please Note: I did not get banned for using the cheaters version of WhatsApp because I wasn’t using it. Matter of fact I wish I had been because:

  1. I would understand clearly why I got banned. WhatsApp does not like its subscribers using the tricked-out versions 3rd party versions of WhatsApp with all sorts of added mods and that might ban you from WhatsApp.
  2. Some versions of modded WhatsApp claim to have an Anti-ban feature which would mean WhatsApp cant ban you. (It doesnt work when your number is already banned though, I tried)
  3. So far, people who got banned from WhatsApp platform for using modded versions of WhatsApp usually get a temporary ban with a clock showing how long you have been locked out of WhatsApp for and one can usually correct this by uninstalling the modded version and reinstalling the official version from WhatsApp.

How did I get banned?

I have no idea I just picked up my phone and noticed a message that said my phone had been logged out of WhatsApp and I needed to verify my nmber to access WhatsApp services.

enter number to verify whatsapp

I punched in my number and pressed verify and that’s when I saw the notification that my number had been banned from WhatsApp and that I needed to contact support.

Your number is banned from using Whatsapp

Obviously this must have been some sort of mistake as I like to think of myself as a model citizen usually sticking to the rules unless they don’t make sense….

What did I do about it?

I pressed the contact support button and ended up on an email tab so I could email support. I wrote a short email that my number had been banned from WhatsApp and that I should contact support then I waited and waited and waited…..

Several hours later a reply popped through citing rather vaguely  that I had been in violation of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions

Naturally I send another email, stating there must be an mistake and asked for clarity on what exactly I had done to get banned or if I could appeal the action since well WhatsApp has become a rather important means of communication, I might have even begged a little and promised to never do what I had done again, if they could unban my number.

As soon as I pressed send I got an automated response that the WhatsApp Bots had given their judgement and there would be no further appeal.


That is that and that’s that….. looks like I am going to need a new WhatsApp number (unless of course you know a work around)

Why did I get banned?

Crazy thing is I had no idea, no indication, no warning, why this happened to me, but hey we agreed to this its in the terms of service that they can terminate service without prior indication .

whatsapp terms of service

When you are not on WhatsApp it’s a bit difficult to tell who else is not on WhatsApp, I reached out to a fellow WhatsApp group member asking them to forward a message to the group on my behalf that I would be unable to conduct a WhatsApp Masterclass that I was set to host and was surprised to learn that they too had been banned. A short while later we had discovered that all the members of the group had been banned….

Turns out one group member had thought it would be creatively fun to change the group name to a rather malicious sounding pun which I wont repeat because I don’t want to give anyone any ideas.

After I got banned I Googled WhatsApp bans and it looks like in a bid to curb “misuse” of WhatsApp platform they ban all the users in groups with names or group profile pictures which indicate the group might be violating the WhatsApp terms of service

That’s how I got banned from WhatsApp kinda I  feel kinda like a gangster since I haven’t been banned from anything before, wait I got banned from a night-club after an incident of being caught trying to sneak in our own liquor than buy their over-prized beverages, in my defence we were young and stupid, maybe I will share the experience in an upcoming festive spirit post *saves it to drafts*


On the upside I will now quietly exit groups which I could not leave before because didnt want people getting notifications that I had left



    1. Hi Cherryl
      Thanks for dropping. There’s many different variations of WhatsApp but naturally you won’t find them in official app store places and there’s a risk some might have malicious bits of code embedded in them which is why it’s not recommend to delve from the official apps.

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  1. Well, at least you found an answer. I do not use what’sapp. However, I was not surprised to hear about your email exchange with them. That’s how things work now. You can be banned for anything if someone complains about you or if they are having a bad day or are jealous of your hair. Terms and conditions are so lax now that ANYTHING can fall under one of their stipulations.

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    1. Yeah got closure.

      Terms and conditions are almost like a scam where you can hide all sorts of things and say you agreed to this, a friend was complaining on how they could not share posts from their blogs on Facebook because it said their content was violating terms and conditions yet it’s mental health articles

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      1. Maybe it could have been seen as a “triggering” post. I’ve had my stuff removed due to that in the past on an online forum. Even better – it was a mental health forum. LOL

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      2. In a somewhat related aside there was an outrage on Twitter after the social media site announced they would be culling inactive accounts… its in the Terms Of Service they said just that they hadnt been enforcing it…
        Today I noticed my twitter following went down by several hundred people and some of those accounts a notification that they had been suspended for violating Terms Of Service……
        looks like we entering a new phase of digital regulation and we really need to be paying attention to the things written in the terms and conditions that we agree to……

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      3. I haven’t heard that. Interesting.
        The thing with the “Terms & Conditions” is that the only choice you have is to accept it or forego those services. They are so cocky that they know most will agree to anything just to use their product. You’re not relevant if you don’t have a social media presence, so what are you gonna do? Agree to anything. Quite sad. At this point, if my account got deactivated on Twitter, I would not give a damn. Whatever. I could care less.

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  2. This whole question of the power of these app managers to ban or allow people based on some criteria they alone get to chose is a growing question. They are almost all private companies and thus have some degree of rights to refuse service to someone – but in other ways they are effectively NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) not unlike power or water public utilities.

    They and the problem of how they do or do not discriminate illegally, is only going to get tougher to figure out what the right thing is that they should do. I only wish I knew the answer so I could at least feel good about taking a side, but it is so confusing.

    I hope something more reasonable is decided and you get your access back. Our ability to speak freely is getting much less free all the time.

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    1. In a way I understand why some of these tech corporations do what they do, after creating a space that allows a great deal of freedom the next challenge they will face is having a way to regulate that space; weeding out offensive, malicious and or illegal operations conducted via the platforms and their spaces because obviously the are people who will actively abuse any system or community they are a part of….

      But using this reasoning also allows them to get away with discrimination disguised as inclusivity

      And as you put it, picking sides can get rather tricky

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      1. Exactly….
        We do not want to enable or equip terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers or meme distributors but how and who decides when evil becomes what passes for news or opinions, persuasion or propaganda?


    1. I am still in shock too and it seems it’s a permanent sort of ban and now I have find a new whatsapp number losing all the chats and groups and the contacts size names I never saved 😱

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