Of The Rivers We Cry: A Chapbook

The Rivers We Cry

The Rivers We Cry Chapbook Sue Nyakubaya-Nhevera

The Rivers We Cry is a poetry chapbook by Sue Nyakubaya-Nhevera

From the Back Cover:

This chapbook is a poetic expression of the grief, sadness, and loneliness we go through as people. It tells stories of heartbreak, the parent-child relationship, and a bit of introspection. Its also there as comfort so you know it’s not just you who goes through these things, you are not alone.

With a page count of 26, this chapbook gives you bite-sized poetry you can partake again and again and again the poems are arranged in three segments:

Rivers We Cry From The Heart
Five poems which are poignant vignettes of heartbreak

Rivers We Cry From The Soul
Four poems, lamentations of travailing through life

Rivers We Cry From The Filial Bond
Three poems, odes of lessons passed on from parent to child.

The poetry follows an easy rhythm best read aloud, short and usually ending on a profound revelation.

Sue is a poet and Afroblogger Award Nominated blogger for her site KintugiOnline.wordpress.com




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