Of Fearful Creatures

Guest Post

Men are fearful creatures.

Men are fearful creatures

If you love a man –and show it– before he has enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and thus rob him of the glory of conquest, he becomes confused and in his confusion, allows fear to direct his actions.

The man who does not recognize love unless he’s fought for it breaks under the strain of fear: he’s afraid of love, afraid that loving you back means you’ve won. In his eyes love is something to be won and by loving him first, freely, you prove to be beyond his control, and therefore to be feared.

Love and fear

This fear, real in his world, breaks him. He can’t operate in an environment of fear and soon he begins to pull away from you, and you begin to wonder what happened to the self-assured, cant-get-enough-of-you manly man you fell for. You fell in love with a whole man, not a broken one, so you too lose your courage and begin to fear that perhaps you did not see as clearly as you thought you did.

Then sounds the death–knell

….because love cannot exist alongside fear; LOVE DIES

-A woman’s experience of fearful creatures.

Noluthando; Beauty’s Daughter of Concious2Conscience

They called us hunters, so we reduced our women to prey



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