Of Something…Something… Balance…

I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was passionately delivering a public speech at some grand occasion.

I got a standing ovation or maybe people just stood up to sing the national anthem.

When I woke up the words were imprinted on my mind, I could trace them as if they were embossed characters. I was impressed at my eloquence and immediately decided to sit up and write them down.





Of Something… something… balance…




To my shock, I could not recall past that it had something to do with some scale of balance, a weighing of deeds…

The more I tried to reach out and pluck the words from my waking memory, the further they away they drifted, like a ghost of memory lost at the just beyond the edge of recollection. 

The details of the entire dream have already faded into oblivion and now I am haunted by the thought of an inspirational feat of eloquence forever confined to the graveyard of unremembered dreams….

I slept, I dreamt, I forgot



    1. It felt real, I could feel the sweat in my palms, the slight feedback of my voice from the microphone and the reverberation of the applause!!!


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