Of Coffee With A Colander State

If you were having coffee with me, I would be happy to see you here as I always am, make yourself at home, put your feet up and let’s get right to it.

I have discovered a fun new utensil, well I mean if David could discover a whole Falls and name it after Queen Victoria why cant I discover a cooking utensil previously unknown to me.

A picture of the Victoria Falls aka Mosi oa Tunya: The smoke that thunders

Victoria falls mosi oa tunya

So  a colander dish….

colander dish

Its excellent for straining pasta and rinsing vegetables and other things that require draining.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you not ask how I was draining my pasta before this…. Well if you must know I will confess once or twice I tried pouring the excess water out of the pot of pasta then ended up pouring everything down the drain and needed to find a plumber to unclog  the plumbing.

The has to be a better way, I said to myself and well colander, not to be confused with coriander which is a lemony tasting herbal spice also known as Chinese parsley. I keep thinking one is the other.

credit Satyvk

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you have heard of Pastafarians? (high key reminds me of Rastafarians) some of them have adopted the colander as their official head gear, touched by the Noodly Appendage of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Pastafarian

I am not judging just looking at the right of freedom to worship, I guess as long as they don’t drink human blood right, but then wait isn’t communion low key a ceremony of drinking blood, alright lets end that train of thought, before I get struck by lightning.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that just when you think things cant get any worse, its like a challenge to making things worse, rock bottom is like colander dish you leak down to another level.

Fuel prices have gone up again, and so will everything else, my mobile internet provider has reviewed its prices upwards and as for the electricity situation, well I read something about how the power utility company might be considering escalating to phase four where out of the week the will be four straight with completely zero electricity…

circulating on social media

Hello darkness.

Well obviously the power company ZESA has made no such statement and as far as we should be concerned load-shedding is in has only two stages, Stage One loadshedding which is about 8hours without electricity and Stage Two which is 16 hours without power, oh what fun.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that since removal of the multi-currency bucket Zimbabwe’s year-on-year inflation rate for June 2019 has risen steeply to 175,66% up from 97.85% in May 2019 according to figures released by Zim Stats but there’s speculation that by measure, the Implied Inflation figures could actually be much higher like at 546%

I have no idea what all that really means I am not an economic analyst except that it means prices for things rise exponentially, you get a quote for something today several days later its changed, where are we even going.

If you are having coffee with me I would ask if you a following the Netball World Cup. I never knew Netball had a world cup until the past week.

netball worldcup

The Zim Gems, that’s Zimbabwe’s Netball team have been perfoming remarkably well played four games won 2 lost 2 so far; its wonderful to have something nice to say about my country for a change

credit Gwen Mugauri

Whats going on in your part of the world




  1. I enjoyed having coffee with you today! ☕ I’m glad you found the colander as I can’t think of how to drain pasta without it, no doubt it would plug a drain without it’s use.🙃 I’m sorry about the economy, I’m not much into these kinds of things but know it’s no fun having prices go up, making it tough to live. And the load shedding sounds horrible. I will pray it won’t get to 16 hours without power…. That’s just horrible. 🥴
    I’m super busy with work, short handed as someone is on vacation. I’m so busy I haven’t found time to write. At least I can comment on all these great posts I read. Good to hear from you, love your posts! ❤️ – Diana 😀

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    1. Hi Diana
      Thanks for the visit ^_^ hahaha I learnt my lesson about a colander, a great lesson indeed…
      The economy is all kinds of hectic hopefully those in power can fix it but hey politics is weird those with power have terrible ideas and those with great never seem to have the power to change things …oh well

      hahaha we already at the 16 hours of no power stage at this rate next stage will be whole days without power.

      How long will you be short-staffed for work sounds like its a quite demanding esp. when you not getting a second to write, but am super glad you had the time to stop by here and catch up
      have an awesome week Diana

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      1. I’m glad I could stop by and my problems seem mundane compared, can’t imagine being so long without power, YIKES!! Hang in there my friend. My employee is on vacation for two weeks, so a week and a half to go… I’m too nice and don’t take days off but am thinking I’m going to talk to employees and switch some days around so I can take my 2 days off. (we work 5 days a week, 8 hour shifts. I work night shift, grave yard shift we call it and I’m the supervisor! Haha, I need to remember to take care of myself!) Soooooooo am hoping to get this Thursday and Friday nights off then I can write!! Miss my blog! Lol 😀


  2. If i were having coffee with you I’d ask how you made it seeing as electricity is non existent,gas is nearly impossible to buy,fuel for generator is out,firewood is also pricey if you can get it and the restaurants are charging way more than is necessary for a cup of coffee😂😂😂😂
    But i would also be glad you found something to make your life a lil bit easier, a small joy in Zimbabwe👍

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    1. a simple cup of coffee from the firewood “acquired” from my neighbour’s tree its funny story that one….
      And the netball team ended up at the 8th position of the World Cup not bad at all

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  3. Dear Beaton,
    I was somewhat surprised about your discovery of the colander. Your sharing of the discovery is amusing. The times I didn’t have, or couldn’t find a colander I drain water from pasta by tipping the pot with the lid on, leaving a small opening for the water to trickle out. But a colander is preferable anyday.

    On the state of your nation, Zimbabwe, I can only join you, as a fellow African, to hope for a much better day where basic amenity will not be a big deal and the econony will be vibrant and productive.

    In my dear country, Nigeria, there is so much to be desired. Many parts share your electricity predicament. Where I live it is a bit better. But generally for the country it is poor. We are weighed down insecurity stemming from kidnapping for ransom, banditry, cattle herders clashes with host communities, bad and clueless leadership etc. The situation worsens by the day. Why won’t it? When perpetrators are not made to face the wrath of the law. People are despondent.

    Thanks for asking.

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    1. I usually drain using the method you highlited but sometimes one uses a pot lid that does not quite fit, of if the pasta is steaming hot, weird accidents are likely to happen

      Sometimes the things that happen in African states have me perplexed that situations escalate to horrific proportions and not much is done except hashtags and commissions of inquiry then nothing

      thanks for dropping by

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  4. If you were having coffee with me, I’d tell you to look and look for me where you left me😂😂😂
    And that I want to have a dread of your dreadlocks ( what do we call a single deadlock, let’s say like a strand if hair?)

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    1. where oh where did I leave you… I will try my level best to retrace my steps
      hahaha you wold also have to stand in line for a strand of my locks I dont know if there is a singular for one single dreadlock possibly just a “loc”of hair


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