Of A Letter To A Mysterious Muse

Love letters to a muse

I have always loved letters, handwritten sentiments of the posted kind, but before I discovered I loved letters I loved a perfectly good mystery… curiosity has led me into trouble and out of it too as I try to unravel the truth out of all things and find out what happens next.


If you don’t like mysteries, I suggest you stop reading, now because I might be writing about you between all the words tucked away in this letter like a coded spy-letter sent by a secret agent and understood only by the one for whose eyes only was meant.

First of all thank you for the idea of writing in code. You see as were you, I too was stuck in a pickle, finding one person I could single out as having been my most inspirational muse, so I decided to write to a mystery blogger who has been my perfect muse for the #WinterABC

A blogging everyday challenge is a quite challenging, were it not so it would not be called a challenge it would be called A Walk In The Park don’t let the ABC at the end of Winter fool you its as easy as ABC. Yet there you were everyday posting an entry with meticulous precision, never missing  a single day even going on to post another one unrelated to the #WinterABC I was inspired by how effortlessly clockwork your blog ran.

Even though the official 30 days of the challenge are over, I am still here, slowly working my way to the finish line because from you I learnt the value in staying the course of my commitment. You wrote about how one must keep promises especially the ones you made to yourself. Circumstances dictated that I miss a whole week of the challenge, but I did not let that stop me, I still drafted and wrote the posts even though I was not publishing them on my blog.

Not only did you manage to write every day you made it a point to read other’s blogs and gently nudge them if you thought they were dropping the ball. I tried to read and comment on every blog I found participating in the #WinterABC challenge and I was surprised how your name was already there, like a graffiti sticker announcing I was here. Its not everyday I find someone actively interacting with other bloggers more than I do, the uncle of bloggers and once again I tip my hat to you.

If you told me you had been blogging all your life I would believe but in the grand scheme of things its you only started recently and could have just reached your 100th post, yet you read like a pro, in my first month blogging I posted once and never for a long time, so the level of consistency you are already showing has me amazed.

I love how you could make your readers laugh ever so easily, even though you say you never realized you were hilarious till it was pointed out. I read some of your posts constantly wondering if you were not a little bit mad but in good way, unlike banging your big toe in the dark.

Your name was my favourite notification as I would drop everything to see what comment you had left on my blog, you may never know it but each comment and each like you left on my blog were part of the reason I stayed in the challenge, I am blown away that you would tell other people in the real world no less to read my blog

And even though the challenge is over I hope you will still find time to drop by and have a virtual cuppa coffee with me, I promise to check up on you and your blog

Uncle Of Bloggers




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