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Visit Zimbabwe

If you don’t know by now, you should know I am in Zimbabwe, a teapot shaped country in Southern Africa.

A teapot shaped country south of africa
A teapot shaped country

Everyday I wake up and I think I want to go somewhere nice, anywhere that is not here, because yeah we have more than our fair share of problems, the economy on a downward spiral, the shortages, the politics. I blow the dust from the covers of my passport as I wonder where I would go…

I want to go somewhere where people treat strangers not like strange people but as friends and family and welcome you into their homes and feast with you the last of their food not worried about what tomorrow will bring, because tomorrow will take care of itself.

These are the kind of people you will encounter when you visit Zimbabwe, people whose hearts are in the right place, the left side as they should be andwill pour out warmth and sunshine. Going a long way out of their way to make you feel at home, because hospitality, comes as a second nature to us and that’s why we have so many words to say welcome

Welcome, Mawuya, Tigashire, Titure, Siyalamukela, Sethule, Himikela,

We are a land of proud people, we might be going through all sorts of chest pains induced by the current state of things but that wont stop us from smiling and making jokes about it, like imagine if Vin Diesel were in Zimbabwe he would be now be known simply as Vin (because there’s diesel shortages get it haha!)

Oh! how about this, you know our loadshedding has gone up a stage well we a few stages away from when government agents start kicking down doors and taking our candles as well but hey who needs electricity when you have sovereignty anyway.

Believe it or not it’s the middle of winter right now and the temperature is 16 degrees Celsius and its mostly sunny, this is pretty much summer weather for some parts of the world, here we winter where we summer.

If you are not coming for the sun and the people you could come for the scenery, the flora and fauna, the mysteries, the myths, the culture, the food. Have a feel of some of this in these previous blog posts of mine

Something Mysterious, Something Majestic, Something Mythical

Skywalking With Legends

Coffee with Sadza

And not for nothing let me just add something, if you have foreign currency you wont experience less than half of half the challenges us the local people struggle and we would be doubly glad to have you over as you bring the much needed forex in the tourism sector which is one of the few “industries” that are still “productive”

Visit Zimbabwe

So when the wanderlust bites and you are thinking of a place to visit, look up Zimbabwe and maybe we might hangout over a warm hug in a mug served from a teapot shaped country




  1. I love the teapot analogy! Not just a shape, but it symbolizes the hospitality. Very nice!

    I have noticed that the State of Kentucky is shaped like a piece of fried chicken, and that Mississippi is shaped like Bary Simpson’s profile.

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  2. Great post!! And Steeny Lou made me giggle, haha, I wish we had an edit button for comments too! Never thought much what states looked like but I love the analogy! 😀

    Liked by 4 people

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