Of Coffee And Suspension Of Disbelief

If you were having coffee with me, I would be happy you stopped by, you could keep me company while we wait for the electricity to come back, it seems that all we do these days, wait for the electricity come back. The power utility made an announcement that we are now on Stage 2 load-shedding so the power outages are longer, much longer, electricity is now like that spouse who leaves for work before you wake and comes back long after you have gone to bed…

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that there’s something I wanted us to talk about, its something I feel we should really talk about, because of the electricity back outs I have nothing but time, so IHave been thinking. I have been thinking about all the movies I watched and yes I know they say suspend your disbelief and yet they are slowly infiltrating our thoughts with lil tech lies in the name of fiction.

Internet TV

The movies will have you believing you can plug in a USB device at the FIRST trial without even looking at the USB ports orientation. It takes me several attempts to plug in my USB especially in the dark, which has become a common occurrence these days.

Hackers never use the mouse, they seem to randomly punch in keys and numbers and strangely enough no matter how long they type they never use the space bar. Obviously once you have hacked the system it has to tell you in big bold letters *ACCESS GRANTED* and you always have to enthusiastically announce that “I’m in” as if we cant see that already.

After all that typing and hacking they never seem to save, files just transfer automatically and they never safely remove USB  they just yank it out and walk away without switching off or hibernating or yet the next person to use the machine will find it neatly, safely and conveniently back on the home-screen.


The movies make me paranoid about using my laptop, it seems even if your laptop is off, it can be switched on by people on the internet and they can see and hear you even when your laptop has no camera. This is why I have a WordPress sticker covering my front camera!! I am thinking about keeping my laptop in bubble wrap for protection because it seems a computer virus can not only blow up your computer, it will set your house on fire, steal all your money and delete all your files from the registrar general’s system leaving you with no identity.

hacker meme

Computers can zoom in and pick up details from photographs which cannot otherwise be seen by our eyes like zooming in to a set of fingerprints in a reflection of wine a glass on the dressing table mirror.

zoom in

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you how fast the internet connections for the TV people is? Gigabytes of files transferred in seconds, videos stream effortlessly from live satellite feeds, nothing ever buffers maybe I live in a part of the world with crappy internet speeds.

Don’t get me started on the action movies sequences, in a room with bullets flying going through solid walls and doors one can hide safely behind the sofa like its made from bullet resistant fabric. How about during fight scenes, a big muscled guy throwing punches that miss and leave holes in the walls and bend steel, but when they connect with lead character’s body don’t reduce it to a flattened mess?

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you if you observed any other things that the movies would have us believe like that whole it takes 30s to trace a phone call though now the are admitting phones can be traced as long as there is a battery in it, it doesn’t even have to be on..

Thanks for dropping and one last thing that bothers me in the movies especially the horror flicks, and just exactly how do they explain all that to the police?????????


Day 16 #winterABC I have been in the dark (pun intended) I wanted to write something light. ^_^



      1. Loved it…you know I watched the count if Monte Cristo the two versions, the older one had beautiful dialogue…when I got hold of book…I can’t put it down…with a book movie deficiencies are literally exterminated….it captures you and allows you to direct the movie yourself in your minds eye…I have just been struck by a stupor of thought…kkk

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      2. I sometimes think I could be a movie director, from the movies I direct in my head, funny story sometimes I can recall a scene so vividly i have trouble telling if it was a movie I watched or a book I read


  1. Hi B!

    Movies don’t make any sense at all. Well, at least most of them don’t. That’s okay though, because they’re not supposed to make sense; movies give us brief escapes from our often unpleasant realities…although the situation in Zimbabwe seems especially bad right now. I’m still thinking about you and hoping everything turns out alright, even if I’m not too active on the blogosphere right now.

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    1. For some reason your last set of comments ended up in the spam folder, I really dont know why did you change your email or something good thing I periodically check through the tonnes of bot messages before pressing delete all button and here we are
      hahaha I know they not supposed to make sense bt some things from movies slowly trickle down to be accepted as fact like time travel concepts and cloning and other weird theories like how if you are doing a drug dealer and you suspect someone is an undercover cop if you ask them if they are one they should say so otherwise cant use the deal as evidence in court because its entrapment
      PS the country is really taking a turn for the worse I wonder how we going to get to the end of the year let lone the month

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      1. Everything associated with me and WordPress has been totally messed up since the last update…I actually thought about giving up on the platform a few times. One of the problems is that ALL of my comments have been going into spam; I must’ve angered the censoring gods somehow!

        I’m sorry to hear that Zim is taking a turn for the worse. Stay safe, B.


      2. had you paid your annual tribute to the censoring gods maybe try an appeasement ceremony that might involve rolling back the update if possible
        tech can be so fickle sometimes you would think it really is out to get you

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      3. Haha yes, I’ve paid my annual tribute. I may have to roll back the update, but I’m not sure how. When I have time to fiddle with tech matters I’ll definitely look into it…or hope that the issues are fixed with the next patch.

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    1. hahahaha I know we are supposed to watch movies for entertainment but sometimes I cant help notice some plot holes and flaws, especially if I watch it more than once

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