Of Mutarazi Falls Adventures: Skywalking with Legends of Mount Nyangani #2018BOTY

Day 18 of 25 Days of Blogmas celebrating highlight moments of the year #2018BOTY

There is a Shona proverb “chitsva chiri murutsoka” which translates to; “to experience something new, travel”

Following where the road leads

Inyanga where you so high you can reach up on the tips of your toes and touch the sky, kumakomoyo.

Mount Nyangani

It could be an optical illusion but the clouds feel closer to Earth or is the Earth closer to the clouds, the highest place in Zimbabwe; where the Heavens meets Earth

Mt Nyangani Highest point in Zimbabwe

Located in eastern Zimbabwe, Mt Nyangani is in the northern part of the Eastern Highlands mountain range which comprises of three main mountain groups

  • 1. Nyanga (to the north) which contains:

Mount Nyangani (Zimbabwe’s highest mountain),

Mt Nyangani

Mutarazi Falls (Africa’s second-longest waterfall

Mutarazi Waterfalls

and the Honde Valley;

Honde Valley
  • 2. Bvumba Mountains (central)
  • 3. Chimanimani (to the south).

Mount Nyangani is as majestic as it is mysterious, home to myths and legends, its held in awe just as great as it is feared. Cases of people, vanishing, without a trace, in these mountains are neither legend nor myth, they are real…..

This mountain swallows people

Some say an ancient spirit calls these mountains home, others say you might see strange trees with strange human like anatomies and that the mountains are sentient, they never forget……. take a wrong step and you may never be found again.

You didnt read it here but if you have a really talkative friend and you wanted to be rid of them ……. just let them keep talking and the mountain will take care of the rest…….

Image result for warning hiker icon

Far warning to the wayward hiker before venturing into these mountains, you may want to seek permission from the local elders, never stray from the trail and should you encounter anything surreal; such as a strange colourful snake, a smouldering clay pot with no fire in sight or a brick of gold, it’s best to pretend you have not seen anything and just keep moving…..

But dont let the legends scare you away from splendour

World's View Mt Nyanga

How do you fancy a skywalk adventure on the Mutarazi Falls?

Mutarazi falls skywalk

Are you braver than a 3 year old???

If the Skywalk is too tame for you, how about the Skyline; ziplining high above the world

skyline zipline Mutarazi falls

The Mutarazi Adventures

SkyWalk – 2 suspension bridges designed to look like vines above the falls allowing panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings .
Skyline is a 400 meter long Zipline across the face of the Mutarazi Falls. With the Mutarazi Falls measuring 762m high it is easily counts amongst the highest ziplines in the world

Far and wide Mutarazi Falls 
skywalk skyline

for pricing information:


What myths legends and mysteries have you heard about Mount Nyangani and if you been on the Mutarazi adventures how was it?




  1. My country is beautiful. Bungee jumping and skywalking have go to be the lastest things I’ll do. I am terrified of heights. I’ve heard of strange stories happening in Inyanga, is it safe to use modern gadget or it’s all myth (asking for future sake) lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its really hard to tell were myths end and the real things begin, the are some areas where phones lose network even though the cell signal towers are close by…. but generally as long as you stay on the prescribed path outlined by your tour guide and conduct yourself in respectful manner then its perfectly harmless scenic mountain

      ……..unless of course you are marked and you are being followed by the shadow of a mermaid in which case it will be rather unsafe for you unless you have a wish to end up a traditional healer….. provided your next of kin do no cry when you mysteriously vanish

      Liked by 1 person

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