Of Coffee ON Africa Day

If you were having coffee with me, I would be happy you stopped by, and if its your first time here I would still greet you like a familiar friend, you know the ones, who are easy to talk to about 42, life the universe and everything and you are pleasantly surprised to discover you read the same the same books.

I would ask you if you believe soul mates are real?

soul surfer

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you it was Africa Day on the 25th of May, strangely enough for a day that’s supposed to embody all things Africa only 10 countries observe it as a public holiday, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia, Ghana, Angola, Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, and Equatorial Guinea.

coffee in africa

Africa day is still widely celebrated both locally and globally with cultural showcases and even academic gatherings, not only embracing the diversity of African cultures but celebrating how far Africa has come and reflect on how far it still has to go in being a united decolonized continent.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I wrote an Africa Day post a year ago and I would appreciate it if you read it and told me your thoughts it’s a A Letter To Africa *click to read.

Also if you haven’t read  the late Binyavanga Wainaina’s How To Write About Africa you must read it, it’s a satirically devastating piece on how Africa’s been portrayed.

If you were having coffee with me I would ask you to forgive the mess this place is in, by this place I dont mean the continent (Africa) or the country (Zimbabwe) I meant, here where I am, I was the responsible adult in a house hosting a 21st birthday party so the aftermath looks like a storm blew past here.

I would have cleaned up before you arrived but there’s no electricity and when there’s no electricity there’s no water because no power for the submersible pump borehole hidden somewhere in the backyard and the municipal water never comes out of the taps.

We in stage two of the load-shedding schedule where there’s no electricity outside of the five to ten hours scheduled load shedding everyday depending on the daily power usage, sometimes I don’t even understand the schedule and I wonder if the power utility company even has a way forward.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that the fuel price has gone up again, so has commuter transport effectively and its predictable during the course of the week prices of most things will go up. The state slashed the prices for its public commuter bus service by half to ease the transport burden and knowing their budget even though it seems like a good idea its simply passing the costs back to the tax payer not to mention the overwhelming demand for cheap transport might have fatal consequences.

 I live in a country where suddenly everyone is an expert analyst on markets, economy, politics, forecasting, speculating, coming up with a hustle, an havin an opinion on everything even though some we keep to ourselves.

Talk to anyone long enough and you can pick up the frustration and anger beneath the surface, they say Zimbabweans are peaceful people, and one of the things a wise man fears is the anger of a gentle person. I worry about what will happen as I wonder if this country can survive the current electoral cycle to the next elections in four years, can we even survive the year, can we srvive the winter?

It seems like we live life in waiting, waiting to see what happens next….

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that its crazy how some of the problems we face are not unique to our country, there seems to be an underlying theme across the continent, change only comes from the revolutionaries then revolutions after then revolutions after that as the revolutionary parties hold citizens at ransom for the revolution, becoming the villains of their story.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you watching the other world leaders has me wondering as well if there’s anyone who really has all their ish together, watching as May ends in June…

Whats going on in your neck of the woods? Here’s to an awesome week


PS it seems our electricity woes will only improve after it rains and that had me thinking, at least there are no vampires in Africa, we bless the rains down here…..

PPS I hope you do not own a Huawei Phone



  1. You make your points like a knife straight to the heart. You cut all the waffle away and get straight to the point -beautifully. I never fail to enjoy your writing, even when the subject matter is far from a thing of beauty.

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  2. Beaton,
    I pray that the sense of unrest leads to peace. I always pray for peace. it seems, in my country, women are losing rights and are even further away from their quest for equal pay and respect. I also love books by Douglas Adams, and the question to the answer of 42 is, how many lives must it take before I get this right? However, that is only my opinion. Others may say we are not supposed to know the question. It is a fun debate, I think! Have a great week.

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    1. hi Pamela
      A bright dawn might be ever in the horizon, but first we survive the night… if I had peril sensitive glasses this when they would start showing hints of darkening hahaha
      the purpose of life is to find the question to which 42 is the answer, the answer is always the same… others say 42 is death (shi ni in Japanese four two)
      have an awesome week


  3. If I were to have coffee with you, I would be ever so grateful for your generous hospitality in sharing coffee and fellowship. I would help you clean up the mess from the 21-year-old’s party while we chat about all the world’s woes and look forward to the better place prepared for us by Jesus.

    Life over here in my part of BC is acceptable today, at least for this moment. The sun is warming the blue skies to a pleasant 23° Celsius and there is a gentle breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay. I don’t know what is going on in the chambers of government or military officials, but the flowers are blooming in my yard and I am hoping carrot and herb seeds will soon sprout.

    May there be more good days than bad, for all of us.

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    1. You would be a lifesaver in helping clean up the mess and as host I would feel a lil guilty and promise that I owe you a favour. If we all lived by the first and second greatest commandments which hinge the law and prophets I bet the world would be a wonderful place…
      the weather sounds cool our temperatures are taking a dip as we brace for winter at least the cold seems to keep the mosquitoes away

      here’s to blooming where we are planted


  4. Hi Beaton,

    We, in the US are seeing some very good things come from the President who many seem to hate, because he does not play nice with idiots. Our unemployment is very low, our food stamp use from the poor is lower than almost ever before. All minority groups are doing well in this economy and our corrupt press and legislatures are about the only people in distress.

    We are getting small glimpses of what life could be like if we could remove corruption from our government. He’s not a perfect man by any measure, but he has done what he promised where he could, with great results, and is fighting the corruption to clear the paths for what he has not done yet.

    It’s weird and refreshing in a bizarre way. I was not a supporter during his election, but hated his opponent so I finally did vote for him. Now I’m pleased that I misread him and am now hearing how many are thinking he will turn out to be the best president we’ve had in modern times.

    Wow – that was too much politics for my taste.
    I hope your situation turns around soon. Because of you, I hope only the best for the people of Zimbabwe.

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    1. fascinating insights hahaha weird thing about politics and current affairs in retrospect everything is never quite what is seems like


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