Of Coffee Blog Anniversary and Blog Everyday Challenge

blog everyday challenge

Of Coffee Blog Anniversary and Blog challenges

If you were having coffee with me I would say hello September and goodbye winter, does this mean we are in summer now? I really don’t know we seem to have only two seasons summer and winter or rather cold dry season hot dry season and hot wet season.

Guess what my blog turned 5!!!

blog anniversary

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that I am celebrating my blog anniversary in exactly the same way I did last year, looks like it’s become a tradition, doing a blog everyday challenge. The theme for this year will be Africa: Stories from home.

And of course because Africa’s secret weapon is community, I am roping in my Afroblogger friends to take part in the challenge too, because the more the merrier, and also a burden shared is burden halved…….

africa unite

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you to expect stories from Africa, about Africa, the little things that never make the mainstream media, the things I want to read about but can never find online. You know the saying “if you want to read something and you cannot find anywhere perhaps you should write it yourself

If you have any topics and curious questions you have always wanted to know about Africa and where I hail from go ahead ask, and I may dedicate a blog post to explain. Not only will it help me find material to write about but one of my reasons for doing this challenge is to share the real story about Africa #MyAfricaMyWords

I am from Zimbabwe a teapot shaped country in southern Africa.

A teapot shaped country south of africa
A teapot shaped country

If you were having coffee with me I would wish you an awesome new month and ask you to wish me luck, I intend to crush this challenge, this will be my third such blog everyday challenge, I think I got this!!!


Whats going on in your neck of the woods?




  1. I’m very glad you have been blogging five years even if I only found d you when I started blogging this year!
    I’ve learned a lot from you and discovered fabulous books through you. I’m a little bit haunted by the Hairdresser of Harare still.
    I’m very much looking forward to a month of Beaton!

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    1. Heeeeey
      if I was being honest I wouldnt say I have been blogging for five years but the blog is five years old there is a distinct difference hahahahaha but hey its been a learning curve from the day I first clicked publish, I have come far, and I would not say I am an expert but I know a thing a two and I even mentor a few newbies and build communities whoop whoop!!!

      The Month of Beaton that has a nice ring to it

      PS For someone who started blogging this year, you rock!!!! I could have sworn you had been doing it for years and years hahahahahha

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  2. Congrats B, and good luck on the blog everyday challenge! I’ll try to read as many of your upcoming posts as I can, but I’m finding that I don’t have as many spare mental resources for blogging as I used to. Too much thinking, methinks.


    1. Thank you!!!!!
      I wanted to say I dont need luck, but there’s this proverb that one must never decline the blessing and wishes they are wished not unless one is a mighty tree with giant roots….

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    1. interesting question, yes actually there are plant based diets although being frank tradition has placed a very high value on meat… the way bride price is calculated in cows, leaning towards a vegan diet is usually seen as not being wealthy, you find we have proverbs which translate to how no matter how difficult things get a lion will never eat grass …..
      But now this is 2018 and its fast becoming fashionable to have a vegan lifestyle which translates to also ridiculously over-priced alternative meals
      I will write a post on this maybe share recipes for the vegan that wont break your bank balance

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    1. Thank you… to be honest the blog might be five years old but there are long pockets of inconsistency in the early years..


  3. 5 years? That’s awesome. CongratZ!
    My question to you is: “How did you learn English?” Is this something everyone studies at school, or do you have a relative in the US, etc?

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    1. Time flies doesnt it, well to be fair the first two to three years were more just me finding my voice I have it now, now I use it!!!!!!
      Interesting question,….. English is one of our official languages, courtsey of our colonial heritage by the British. Everyone learns it at school, all classes are taught in English with the exception of classes in other languages of course….

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  4. First of all happy blogging anniversary. 5 whole years is A LOT! It certainly means you’re enjoying this journey, a lot of people have started and stopped to eventually never get back to it again. Well done to you!
    I’m looking forward to the challenge hey and I’ve already told myself once I run out of topics I’ll take part in the ones that you come up with 🙂
    You couldn’t have said it any better, “if you want to read something and you cannot find anywhere perhaps you should write it yourself”.

    Here’s to a month of blogging.

    MaKupsy | http://www.makupsy.wordpress.com

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    1. Hi Makupsy!!!!
      September ill be lit *flames emoji*
      I have gone on indefinite breaks and yet still I came back, always do. I cant stay away it seems but yes I totally enjoy this there is something about having a space where you can unapologetically be yourself.
      AND if it helps the world better understand you and the world around you
      even better

      Lets do this

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