Of Self-Love #IAMme

Its the month of love, and and you cant help noticing splashes of red in adverts as they “subtly” try to remind you its Valentines’s Month

splash of red

Here I was watching tv soapies “for research purposes” when I came across the new Ackermans lingerie advert promoting self-love and body positivity themed the #IamMe campaign.

As soon I finished watching it, I was like what did I just watch?……. because I loved it……, wait not like love love more like like like

Here’s the thing, traditionally lingerie adverts have been impossibly shaped models, posing like they know Victoria’s Secret; in air brushed shoots that leave unrealistic expectations not to mention defining beauty standards for the everyday folk.

The Ackermans advert was shot with the barest of touch-ups, celebrating the (flaws) uniqueness and diversity in body shapes sizes and colours. A celeb-studded cast of 5 vivacious personalities graced the set, parading their insecurities, vulnerabilities and true selves.

Who am I ..... Busiswa

“Nobody thought that I would do a lingerie campaign right, right! But look at me now.”

Busiswa Gqulu SA music star

Don’t let your body stop you from doing anything that you want to do

who am I .... Kim Jayde

My mother always stressed the importance of trusting the voice inside of me. There is nothing more powerful than woman’s intuition

Kim Jayde MTV base presenter

“It’s all about that body positivity and loving every curve, every line, everything, just own it! It’s who you are. That’s what makes you beautiful.” 

Kim Jayde
Who am I .... Pearl

“Growing up I wasn’t always body positive, but I think growing into my own over the years has allowed me to really just accept myself.”

Pearl Modiadie Televison Host and Radio Presenter

“My mother always stressed the importance of trusting the voice inside of me. There is nothing more powerful than woman’s intuition


I’ve finally accepted that beautiful doesn’t mean flawless, so embrace every one of your flaws “

who am I Rami

I’ve got stretch marks on my tummy and I never used to like them, people confusing me with a zebra, but then I thought, you know what, they look like flames, they look like fire and I actually like that.

Rami Chuene Actress and TV Star

“We need to learn to accept that we can never look the same, people have different shapes and sizes and the more you embrace what you have, the more beautiful you become.” 

who am I Minki

Its important to tell each other that we are beautiful

Minki van der Westhuizen Actress and Tv Personality

“I just want to be the best version of myself and I want to be real and approachable.”


The campaign seeks to leverage the influence these ladies wield and hope that some of the self love trickles down…. (and also sell a bra or two of course)

Who AM I? I am Fire and I am just a man behind women supporting other women and sometimes I write about it….

Give your self the best Valentine’s gift and love who you are…..

….ladies join the movement

Next time the advert pops up on tv though it really should have a warning tag so I can close my eyes because growing up we were taught that peeking at the female form one would result in one developing a stye on the eye….

.…which is why I wrote this whole post with my eyes closed and thats my story…..


Image Credits: Ackermans IG page



  1. As young woman I am honestly loving these body positive campaigns, I follow them with every chance that I get. They have taught me to be confident being me, dark skin, fat thighs, flabby arms nd of coz zebra marks but dats my kind of sexy. I am Rongoas

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  2. That was an, umm, enlightening ad. I support the message behind it, but I’m prone to be suspicious of companies that use “goodness” to sell products. Perhaps I’m just being cynical though; we do need to get away from unrealistic body standards that can contribute to serious psychological and physical problems. Nothing wrong with a woman or man trying to be fit and look their best, but one’s health and wellbeing come before any sort of market-promoted beauty standards.

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    1. At the end of the day they are a business…. it’s like if I owned a string of funeral parlours and came to visit you while you were unwell, you would not be blamed for wondering at the sincerity of my visit …. reminds me of a joke about how the only person who wants to see you successful is the thief because then you have more to steal from ha!
      Anyhoo you right though and just because you have embraced self-love does not mean you stop pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

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  3. I read this and I thought Thank you…so thank you for helping me realise that I need to accept myself as I am especially my fat flabby tummy. Really hated it for years….no diet,no exercise worked and now I am like I want to get fit not so that my body looks great but coz I want to be fit enough to do the things I love. Who would have thought body positivity can change a whole mindset?

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