Of Oh Stop It, I Like It #2018BOTY

Day 21 of 25 Days of The Best Of The Year #2018BOTY

If you ask me why I blog, I would probably make some joke about about how I would like to immortalise myself the best way I know how, using the medium of the internet to express myself, sharing the beauty and chaos intertwined in the country I call home and most of all celebrate the magic in my ancestry…….

I cant do magic….. so I write

Even though some people consider blogging a hobby, it is something much more than that, its a tool with possibly far reaching unimaginable consequences, that can change perceptions, raise awareness, giving one the power to document their own history while it is happening and even safeguard our memories from the ravages of time. Long after we are gone our words will live on, if thats not imortality, it should be….

The compliment that made my year was from Pamela when she asked if she could print out a blog post of mine to share with in the journalism class she teaches; on the usefulness of blogs and blogging. How they can easily provide insights on world wide events or simply gain knowledge on living in other countries from the point of view of someone who is there, experiencing the life.

And how can I leave out all the responses to the tweet below, reading them has been making my heart melt. Sometimes I think no one notices the little things I am trying to do and other times I am completely taken by surprise by the blogging community I am a part of; helping to shape and build….

Blogging means comunity

Oh stop it…..




  1. This is some much-deserved praise for your efforts, B! Also, it’s kind of a trip for me to see that there’s a teacher out there who sees value in blogging. All I’ve ever been taught in school is that blogs are illegitimate forms of knowledge production, because they’re not peer-reviewed by academics. While they may not be “scientific,” they certainly help readers to learn about the viewpoints and experiences of people all around the world; forcing bloggers to conform to peer-review standards would be another way of taking away people’s voices.

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    1. A blog might be subject to academic peer-review evaluation but that does not diminish the value of the insights that can be found therein unadultered by the need to conform even or be stereotyped
      Just like no one should tell you how to be yourself, no one should tell you how to express yourself (unless of course you expressing yourself stifles another’s self expression)

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  2. Beaton, it has been an honor to meet you digitally, across continents, through this medium. That is the beauty of it! Thank you for sharing so honestly in all of your blog posts. What I’ve taught my students (whom I so desperately try to encourage to find joy in writing) is that when you enjoy a blog, you are enjoying that person’s unique perspective on events. You are a weaver of magic in your words. Write on!

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  3. I totally agree with the person who wanted to share what you write because it is worth sharing and offers insight into your world. Keep sharing with us and PLEASE DON’T STOP.

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