Of Thoughts On TV Land

home theater family time

The television is some sort of pseudo-religion and our living rooms are shrines where families congregate to lay on the TV’s alter their time; attention and sometimes even each……….

Family watching Tv

I don’t know about most of you, but from when I was little, the TV box has always had a prominent place in the family living room and a daily ritual involving “family time” where you are all in the same room (mostly not talking to each other except for a few questions about how your day has been) and watching TV. Its however losing its commanding relevance with smartphones and laptops vying for our attention. Now you find people still sitting in the same room with the TV on but no one really watching all lost in their private worlds on their devices. The old religion is dying and a new more obsessive one is on the rise.

quality time

Would you rather have an unlimited internet connection or premium pay TV bouquet?

Internet TV

I would rather have unlimited internet because it has infinite possibilities and most likely any programmes you want to watch on even the most exclusive TV Bouquet are available on the internet, if not  for free then a nominal subscription fee; and if you are of the less scrupulous persuasion you can watch pirated content (which is illegal)………..

The beauty is you get to watch, what you want, when you want, and not subjected to the whims of a broadcaster also your viewing experience will not be interrupted by commercial breaks it will be streamed in high definition……

What have you been watching?

my recent favourite TV series been:

  • Stranger Things
  • The Shannara Chronicles
  • American Gods
  • The 100
  • Game of Thrones
  • Prison Break Resurrection

Funny enough I don’t remember the last time I watched our own local terrestrial programming from ZBC. Wait I lie, I remember it was between 14 November and 21 November 2017 but mostly watched news bulletins and press conferences during our Private School Coup.

Mostly though the really isn’t much to watch on the local scene……

Conventional broadcasting is dying and a new digital age is rising….

If you want to watch something on TV and you cant find it maybe you should produce yourself……

I don’t know much know nothing about script writing but I do know the secret is having lovable characters and characters you love to hate, and some sort of a plot obviously; why else would you invite these  characters into your life and home every daily?

Confession I have never done this before, you might want to step back, don’t know how big its gonna get……..

**googles how to write a  script**


How hard is it to write a script? If anyone here knows how its done hook us up with some pointers and character suggestions …….. I am letting the rain drops fall on my head I call that brain storming……



    1. Oh you can hook up laptop to TV for the larger screen effect then you can sit on the couch and enjoy your viewing in comfort, unless you have those smart TVs with the wifi and can connect to the internet all by themselves, I want one of those…..
      Prison Break is awesome though I think the previous season episodes had lost some of that spark…. But the new season Resurrection yep they definitely brought it back from the dead

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  1. It’s bizarre but every post you make now, I’m half expecting Mabel to “right”! That was a great time to start following you both.
    I completely agree about TV both being the “babysitter” I’m not a fan of its malign influence, whispering at me from the corner. I find broadcasting very manipulative. Brainwashing for the masses. I select my viewing carefully. There are shows I watch and really enjoy, I just truly dislike the “I’m awake therefore the TV shall be on” mindset.

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  2. I also don’t know the last time I watched news, bad news every where. it’s so depressing, but I loved the Shannara chronicles.

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    1. It seems nothing good ever happens in the world only bad bad things happen on the hour every hour…..
      The Shannara Chronicles was quite enchanting, the story starts off a bit slow but it grows on you, “And I feel it running through my veins
      The theme song is my current ringtone 😂

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    1. And people who are serious about their live sports don’t usually watch it at home 😂

      PS I am you can find a live sport streaming site if you look hard enough like those Sky Sports channels with some sort of pay per view


    1. YES!!!!
      I was just telling someone the same thing that you can pretty much do anything on the internet …. just wait until that 3D object printing stuff starts working as we imagine it…..

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  3. I watch Netflix all the time. I think I wrote something a while back about the effects of phones and social media on our lives. It all goes down to how you manage it in my opinion.

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