Of My Blog Resolutions

Resolutions: The Journey So Far. Day Five of The #FEBlog blog every day challenge.

  • One of my resolutions was to blog more and what more than a blogging everyday challenge to jump start the year….. Day Five and not out.
  • I also want to maintain and increase an active network of bloggers. So every once in a while (depending on its initial success) I will host The Muse Blog Party;

  • this is when I will share a blogroll of articles from bloggers I interact with.
  • If you are interested: let’s get this party started, here is how it will work; in the comments drop the link to an article of yours past or present you think fellow bloggers (and me also) should check out (I promise to read every link.. eventually
  • Follow up on the comments posted and read at least one post from a link posted by another blogger and when you comment sign off at the bottom ~With Compliments from B and me (your name)

  • I have been neglecting a creative writing tag of mine where I write a story and the reader picks how the story proceeds… starting this Friday I will be resuming it; if you are a curious cat, you can catch up on the story so far at this link…..
  • To self host my blog or to upgrade to a premium wordpress plan… decisions decisions but we certainly going up notch
  • Ah yes also I’ll be doing more posts on how to amp up your blogging game, stay tuned. I have just made myself an expert.
  • Blogger Meet Ups! ! ! ! ! ! ! Coming soon.

~B PS And I owe Mable a letter…. I am completing this resolution on Wednesday!



    1. Very challenging to the smartphone mindset most of us have! The irony is I have read this in a social setting where I’m supposedly meant to be talking to people.

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      1. That’s pretty funny. You’re telling me I am to blame behind your smartphone addiction? Thanks for reading and commenting. I will check out your post right now.

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  1. Wow, interesting resolutions. I might take up one of them (making a Facebook page, it, would be the 9th one I managed to manage)….. I don’t know, I’ll see as days progress.

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    1. You manage multiple pages? Do you use an app for that or just do it the hard way page by page?
      I dont really manage mine, I just sync it with my blog so it shares to facebook links from my blog


      1. Yes I do. For 3 of them I use the app. The other one’s I have to do it the hard way it’s content that’s specific, and the last three I manage for someone else, taking care of messages and communiqué, but they upload the content


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