Of Asante Sana Goodnight Mr President

The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe First Secretary of the Ruling Party, Head of State and Government, Commander-in-Chief of Zimbabwe Defence forces, Patron of The War Veterans and Chancellor of all Universities His Excellency Comrade Robert Gabriel Mugabe has resigned…….

Following unparalleled events that would rival a popular television series (except in this story no one died) which could have begun over a serving of ice cream at a rally culminating in a coup that’s not a coup; if some sources can be believed, but if I have learnt anything about the Zimbabwe situation it was that anyone who tells you they are reliably informed would probably reliably misinform you….

I am reliably informed You know nothing Batman

When it comes to the Zimbabwe Crisis/Coup that is not a coup almost every one is like Jon Snow……  You Know Nothing

Sunday Evening Former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe (it feels weird writing that we have never had a former president before) scored a coup of his own he had the whole news world tuned in for hours waiting for him to announce his resignation and he had a different idea:

He finished by saying Asante Sana (thank you very much in Swahili) and bid the world Goodnight like it was business as usual and tomorrow would be a regular day at the office….

All sort of theories got thrown from impeachment to hidden agendas…

Finally though today he has resigned, the Speaker of Parliament read his resignation to members of parliament ready to start impeachment proceedings and parliament went jubilant:


If the parliamentarians are this happy you can imagine how the ordinary folk are rejoicing its like its carnival festivities on New Year’s Day but on Christmas day during your birthday….. What a time to be alive.

21 November 2017 I feel a certain bittersweet way, it did not have to end this way…. But Robert Mugabe had become the face of everything wrong with this country, the only president I have ever known, 93 years old still clinging onto power while some countries made room for 31 year olds, we need new blood.

Who is the former president of Zimbabwe

I know we have a long way to go to dismantle the tyranny machine and life wont miraculously get better but I have seen that people can rally behind a notion, an ideal and support and its beautiful, the same party might still be in power but our eyes have been opened….. one victory at a time 

I don’t know who our current president is, if we even have a current president? Who is running this show? I don’t know what happens next. Is this a good thing and should I be even celebrating? To be honest  I dont know but I am hopeful this is a start of a future we can believe in again……..

Mugabe Resigns

Asante Sana Mr President and Goodnight





    1. Thanks
      The system has been manipulated for far too long to benefit only a handful elite here’s to hope that this the first step in going forwards into a brighter future and not simply a case of exchanging tyrants.

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  1. The story of a snake eating it’s own tail. The more things change the more they remain the same. Now the question is how to change the mindset of the whole country.

    They danced the night away in the streets of Joburg last night, but soon they will be told to dance back to Zim. So really what I am saying I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but my mind has been in the darkenss so long, can my eyes even understand what light it?

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  2. I’m happy to see that Mugabe’s finally been ousted…and that no one’s been killed. As far as coup’s go this one seems to be quite professional. I’m still apprehensive about where this gentleman’s coup is going to lead, however.

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    1. I understand your apprehension, that is me as well, wondering where this all leads have things changed or simply the face of tyranny has changed for now we are still on the honeymoon phase the rebound stage after breaking out of an abusive relationship….. only time will tell.
      The end of an Era

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  3. I’ve also not know what to think or how to feel or expect our neighbours to feel about the situation in their country. I have mixed emotions about the whole Zimbabwe saga.

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    1. these are uncertain times …. anyone who fully understands the situation needs to wear the jersey of humility and admit they are still learning


    1. Hi Sarah

      That particular Swahili phrase was made famous (in Zimbabwe) because the former president said that at the end of what was everyone expected to be his resignation speech… And he didn’t resign. (not then but he did eventually)
      Some Swahili phrases trickle down to Southern Africa you know Hakuna Matata

      I think it’s a beautiful language though 😍



      1. Don’t trust Google translate. It gets it all wrong, Habari is Swahili for, ‘How you doing’ or what’s up

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