Of Evolution Of Technology

The evolution of technology

The advancement of technology will be the death of us or rather the end of the human race as we know ourselves….

Advanced Technology.jpg

The more we become a global village, the more alike we become and the less individual we are….

global village

Growing up, we didn’t watch much TV. The television station only broadcasted for a few hours starting at 3pm and the main news bulletin at 8pm followed by a late prime time movie or show and TV ended by 10pm. Before a movie started a warning came up advising what sort of age restrictions the movie had and if it was no under 18 then we knew it was off to bed we went, even if it was not a school night.

We played outside, and got holes in our clothes the hard way, in the playground, falling from swings, trees, rooftops, fortunately for me, I never broke anything, but I still have scars to show for it. When there was a telephone call and it was for you, you answered it right there in the living room the only privacy you got was what the length of the phone cable allowed. You finished your call and everyone would be looking; waiting for you to spill the beans, so who  was that and what was that all about…… You did not get up and walk away from your family and friends like you discussing a clandestine affair.

The most mischief I got into was stealing my brother’s wire model toy car….

wire toy car

I was shocked to learn that Toys “R” US is going bankrupt. I don’t think they had a branch in Zimbabwe but their toys made their way into our homes, hearts and childhood memories. Why are they bankrupt? Who knows why exactly; debts, the rise of online shopping and I would hazard a guess; that kids want the latest version smart phones, portable multimedia players, game consoles, laptops and would rather play with these gadgets than go outside and play with others.

The next generation is slowly becoming antisocial hanging out with virtual friends than real people.

virtual world

The internet never sleeps and anytime you say good night to the real world and log in to your night mode settings; whats on your mind?

whats on your mind

Trolling in the deep, you do it for the likes. You ridicule someone’s opinion, you share your unpopular opinion and defend it with a vengeance, screenshots and memes.

whats happening.JPG

 “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

–Oscar Wilde

The internet is a mask, it never sleeps and it never forgets

We gladly wear this mask because beneath it, we don’t exist

Give me an internet connection and phone or laptop and I am a warrior championing cause breaking the internet and taking names…

They tell you not to objectify people but the internet makes us all objectionable packaged into little likes retweets faves and hastags.

You agreed to this click to proceed

terms and conditionsAre you over 18?

Yes To Enter or No To Exit

Hot singles in your area want to meet you…

A new phone is unveiled and your face is your password; phones are adapting becoming a greater part of our lives with each advancement stripping our morals away and assuming greater control of us…..

who holds the leash?


phone zombie.jpgWho or what are we becoming ?


PS in the next generation children are just going to start being born with phones for hands

Day 26 Blog Every day challenge

Photocredit Crack of Death




  1. Very well written – you have summarised the situation succinctly and comprehensively at the same time. I don’t see an end to this either – few people seem to care when this is pointed out to them – I have tried. So, the gap between the users and non-users is becoming bigger and bigger and the non-users are a minority in most places already.

    This will probably continue until the world runs out of power or resources to build and run more technology… our species is starting to look less intelligent by the day (to put it politely).

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    1. Thank you for this insightful comment…. I guess as with any addiction one doesnt realize whats happening until they dont recognize the person they see when they look in the mirror seeing the world through phone filters and outsourcing our intelligence to tech, even I do this, I used to know lots of things, I still do but these days I tend to google instead of relying on myself….. oh no its affecting me too…..

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      1. haha – well, I think it is very hard not to be affected by the phones, even if you don’t have one. I just have one of those old basic ones, because I don’t want to be sucked into the void, but wherever I go people around me are staring at screens to the extend that I am browsing with them… I even have a choice – like for example when I’m on public transport – and it always mazes me at how trivial the stuff is they spend hours looking at, for example food photos or pet video or selfies… anyway, that’s the culture now. I still like to read good books and I have the time for it, since I don’t have a phone.

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  2. This is sad but true, technological advancements have their upside but they most definitely have their down side as well. Thanks B for a view for the other end of the spectrum.

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  3. I think the solution to the problem of children getting too much “tech time” goes back to their parents. Back in the day parents didn’t have to push their kids out of the house, now they do. I believe when parents use tech as a tool instead of a baby sitter the world will quickly overcome this societal issue.

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  4. The next generation is slowly becoming antisocial hanging out with virtual friends than real people.

    I went for a walk in the woods yesterday. I passed a man and two children on the path. As I stepped aside to let them pass, the man thanked me with a smile. The two children – I’m no judge, but I would guess about seven years old – marched on obliviously, their heads bowed, attention on their mobile phones. I nearly said something about that to the man, but I refrained: I suspected that his smile would have become a frown, and that he might have said something like, “Mind your own business.”

    Heads-up: all images and links are good, except the last link, on ‘Crack of Death’; the site afrobloggers.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    This comment was brought to you courtesy of 💥 ?Random Raiders! 💥

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    1. I saw an image on the internet of a bunch of kids in jumping castle and they were all sitting down looking at their mobile devices instead of bouncing up and down in a jumping castle…..
      But on the other hands these digital natives can do things I still cant do, like I am constantly amazed by my 4 year old niece wwho cant yet read (unless she is pretending that she cant read) she will take my laptop switch it on (knows my click image password) navigate to browser start Youtube and watch episodes of Peppa Pig


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