Of A Day Not Easily Forgotten

Once in your life, you must attend a concert, properly. Not sneaking out and telling lies to your parents that you are going to an all night prayer or a study session and constantly looking over your shoulder to see if any suspiciously parental guidance people are not looking for you.

A concert everyone knows you are going to, whom you going with and how you are coming back home; cause these events have a misleading habit of having posters that say till late but late is usually around two or three in the morning and not a taxi in sight….. And if you love to dance, I recommend a rhumba concert.

I remember the first one I want to. A rhumba outfit that hails from DRC had come to perform their act in Masvingo for the first time, at Charles Austin Theater.

Extra Musica of the Etat Major hit song

Although this is the first concert I admit to going, I confess experience had taught me that beverages at concerts tend to be ridiculously overpriced and they usually wont let you bring your own. So prudence would dictate you imbibe in your beverage of choice before you go and then you only buy one of the outrageously priced ones and sip on that all night, unless of course you come from money…..

being young wild and free

If it’s a concert you planned to go ahead of time, buy your tickets in advance they are usually cheaper and getting in will be easier than trying to pay at the gate or door. It will save you a world of grief and possibly getting robbed at the pressure to get in. Also only carry money that you intend to spend anyway, so if you do get pickpocketed its inconvenient but not the end of the world, and you might want to live your phone behind…..  but who will take the awesome pictures???

Take mental pictures, a phone is a distraction really.

Rhumba music has this vibe, the music plays and you just have to dance, you don’t even know the words but you dance anyway…. There is something primal about the rhythm… and then they perform your favourite song:

Dance like no one is watching
Dance like no one is watching

I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but suddenly I found myself on the stage dancing, doing the same routine as the dance ensemble…. It was crazy.

I was Fire, I mean fire is my totem, but  I was on Fire, or as they call it these days LIT, and everyone was cheering. The song was repeated, again not once, not twice but three times….. When I got back into the crowd people thought I was surprise guest performer, I didn’t confirm but I certainly didn’t deny it. I greeted people in badly pronounced French and they thought I was a foreigner….  It was a night I can barely remember with people I can hardly forget. .

Going back home was a slight bit of drama since I couldn’t find my identification particulars and I came quite close to being deported as I tried to explain that I really wasn’t a foreigner to the police, until my brother came to the rescue, he had my wallet and ID in his safekeeping, I don’t remember if he said or didn’t say the words “I am my brother’s keeper” or maybe….. it wass only in my head?

Family Rocks.

What was the first concert you went to?


PS That night I had complimentary drinks served to me for being a good sport, and recently I shared part of this story on my twitter feed and it earned me first prize on #GoldenPilsenerGo4Gold share a crazy story challenge hosted by @DannythatGuy

….. Good memories have a habit of staying great.

Day 6 of the blog everyday challenge



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