Of The Get To Know Me Tag

I stumbled on this tag on Harriet’s Blog Lilacs and Stuff  and she was like give at go, and I thought why not so here we are. Thanks Harriet ♥

get to know me.jpg

Vital Stats

Name: Beaton

Nicknames: The Beat, Beast, B, Bhidza, Ras Brown, Dread,

Place of Birth: Masvingo, Zimbabwe


Best Friend: Taona (this was forever ago I really need to get in touch)

Award: Best Student Award for coming first in class, consecutively throughout the year (this was Primary School and I was a transfer student from, fun times, being the new kid who aced everything)

Sport: tennis (won  a trophy in a Bata Tennis Foundation Tournament)

Real Holiday: A trip to the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, passing through Mozambique, and a short left to Zambia. The highlight of the trip was a going to Lake Malawi, which is incidentally the closest thing to a beach I have been to

Concert: Diamond Musica Rhumba Concert, when the original Congolese group performed in Masvingo; Zimbabwe for the first time. I danced so crazy I was invited on stage, some people thought I was part of the dance ensemble, in my defence it was the first time I tried drinking whiskey neat from the bottle, Mr  Glasses, for what (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and my first real hangover the morning after and swore never to drink again… ever ….. *laughs*


Films: The Matrix, Fight Club, Sound of Music, Limitless, Rango, Home, Meet The Croods

TV Shows: How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal, Blacklist, Boston Legal, Orphan Black, Leverage, Game of Thrones, Penny dreadful, Salem, Supernatural

Color: Black and Silver (shades of grey)

Songs: Kiss From a Rose ~ Seal, Linkin Park ~ Numb, Rockstar ~ Nickleback and those old school…”I want to go back to a time when the music touched you, your body, your mind your heart. …..I want to go back to a time when music made ya feel like falling in love

Restaurant: Hidden Garden Cafe

Books:  I read Terry Pratchett, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, JRR Tolkien, A Song of Fire and Ice  and ooh Harry Potter yep am a Pothead!


Feeling: ill * Sick face emoji*  got a cold and sore throat

Single or Taken: Complicated

Eating: Having a cup of ginger herbal tea, and an avocado sandwich

Wearing: Casual Friday

Watching: Captain America: Civil War


Want Children: yep

Want to Get Married: forever, for ever ever, death till do us  part, I think so.

Careers in Mind:  What Is called when you get paid to play video games, read books, watch movies and write about it. How about just a  dreamer I could do that.

Where You Want To Live: instead of a mansion in one place, I want have a tiny little place in every city in the world

Do You Believe In

God: Yes

Miracles: Yes

Love At First Sight: hmmmm I guess I do

Ghosts: I would have to say, yes, I haven’t seen one but I heard one. Blogged about it here

Heaven: Yes

Hell: if there is a heaven then yep

Kissing On The First Date: depends….. hmmmmm if its love at first sight, soul mate, stars aligning,two hearts crashing into each other…. then absolutely …what I have soul of a poet …. anyhoo if the chemistry is right.

Yourself: Absolutely I am biggest cheerleader *\0/* shakes pom poms,

Taking a leaf from Lilacs and Stuff Blog, I hereby nominate anyone who reads this and feels moved to do a similar tag, do it and tag me back would love to read about you…

thanks for popping by





  1. I can’t believe you actually got to visit Lake Malawi! If I remember rightly it’s one of the biggest and deepest freshwater lakes in the world: it might as well be classified as a sea! But then again Africa is an incredible continent that’s absolutely full of wonders.

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  2. So glad you gave it a go😆👍
    Nice to meet you Beaton😊.
    P.s. I love all those crime dramas and im from Malawi.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it was fun ☺☺
      Thanks a span
      I noticed that in your Get to know me tag , that you are from Malawi, maybe we passed each other in the street once upon a time hahahaha. I been to Lilongwe, Blantyre, Lizulu, The Lake obviously, and Mzuzu at the University. …
      Hello From Zim and a pleasure to meet you too.


  3. Very interesting! I enjoyed getting to know you better. It is funny to see the “Matrix” and “Sound of Music” together on any list! I like both, by the way and I love all of the authors you mentioned although sometimes I find Stephen King a bit wordy. This was a fun post. I may try it myself. Hope you are feeling better soon!

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    1. The Sound of Music practically baby sat me, that and Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, obviously I grew up in awe of Julia Andrews ♥♥♥ And from time to time I catch myself singing, “….and these are A few of my favorite things…, ” fun fact in one of my last blog posts Of The Surfer one of the sentences is a tribute to The Sound Of Music

      And The Matrix!! OMG… Another fun fact just last night watched a movie called Keanu only because Keanu Reeves from The Matrix was The ONE hey and that’s an anagram for NEO *dum dum dummmm!!!*(but Keanu Reeves was not in this movie, kitten please! In this movie Keanu is a cat and there is a scene where they spoof Keanu Reeves and The Matrix I rolled on the floor laughing like literally )

      I agree the two movies on one list is a quite a contrast but hey I have quite the eclectic taste lol and so do you hahaha so it’s not weird at all

      Oh my word!!! I Absolutely agree Stephen King is a bit wordy and a lil bit overrated; kinda but not exactly, quite unlike, the Emperor’s New Clothes haha goodluck figuring that out…

      This was a fun post do give it a whirl ^_^

      Thanks ~B

      PS “How do you catch a moonbeam and pin it down?”

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      1. The world is filled with so many things so eclectic is the best way to be! Loved Chitty-Chitty! That’s a song that gets stuck in my head!! We say the theater production last year and it was quite good. I missed Dick VanDyke but otherwise….
        Keanu is one of those actors that people either love or hate. I like him and I think he seems like he would be a fun person to get to know in person. Your cat movie sounds hilarious!!!

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  4. It was great getting to know you. I’m glad you are feeling better. I also grew up watching the Sound of Music so much that it built and fortified a special place in my heart.

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  5. This was a very enjoyable read B. you are so well-rounded. I had to Google Lake Malawi and the pictures I saw are breathtaking. Was glad to see Leverage on your list of TV shows, I watched the entire series on Netflix.

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    1. Thanks Steph….
      Much Appreciate ♥♥♥♥♥
      Lake Malawi is quite the beaut.
      Oooh you like leverage I love that show …..”The rich & powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you. Sometimes bad guys make the best good guys.We provide…LEVERAGE”
      and you just reminded me of a show I missed adding, The Walking Dead hahaha….. I remember things in the most random of fashions ha!

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  6. Hello my new dear friend!!!..
    Ho are you today? How is this Sunday treating you??
    I enjoyed reading this as I get the chance to get to know you more…Great insight..
    I want to thank you for liking my post and hope that you stop over more often ..make yourself at home lol…Have a cup of tea for me my new friend.. ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Suzette
      I am great thanks hope you too are fine, here is to an awesome week ahead
      Thanks for dropping by and absolutely I will stop over often
      Hugs \0/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey B!!
        Great to hear that you are doing fine : ) YES I NEED AN AWESOME WEEK lol..laughing but how true it is..and thank you for that..
        I look forward to reading more from you so I will be dropping over soon my friend…and know that you are always welcome here..


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