Of Coffee On Laundry Day

Mug Sink.jpg

If you were having coffee with me…… I would tell you that when I say “I have nothing to wear”, what I really mean is that I have “nothing clean” to wear…..

When they first invented clothes why couldnt they just make them asexual; you know, so that the laundry could just do itself!!!

You can tell by now I don’t much care for doing my laundry; I will usually procrastinate; until the only choice I have is go naked or wear something fished out from the laundry basket. Funny story; about that, clothes seem to get cleaner with time, you toss something in the laundry basket but if you take it out a week later, save for the creases its perfectly wearable

Here is LifeHack sprinkle a bit of talc powder in your laundry basket to prevent your clothes getting that been worn smell (in case you might want to recycle before the next wash) and a bonus when you do wash them they will end up somewhat scented especially if you use a fragrant fabric softener….

You are welcome. ^_^

So I have nothing to wear; and I have washed every stitch of clothing I own please forgive me for walking around with nothing but a large towel round my waist and a mug of hot tea like a television hottie…. I die for these abs

While the clothes are soaking I would tell you that there’s a method to my wash cycle I was my favourites first, then the whites, since they are prone to get stained by other colours, followed by the reds (pink if I have any but I shouldnt) orange, yellow and then blues, greens, browns and then lastly the black; Black don’t stain. This does not include jeans, those are the last things I wash……

If you were having coffee with me; I would tell you that if your name was Laundry you would be bent over the bathtub and dripping all over the bathroom floor…….

It was a perfectly sunny day when I started the laundry and in a few hours my clothes should have dried but with each second I drew closer to finishing my laundry it grew cloudier and now it’s even started drizzling …. Whats up with that?

I also hang my clothes on the washing line, following the visible colour spectrum (ROYGBIV) the resultant product is a perfect rainbow of clothes hanging out to dry.


It’s ART.

Cant help noticing that my clothes are mostly in shades of black and grey I guess my favourite colour is black… at least for clothes, it appeals to my inner ninja…

If you were having coffee with me and there was a knock at the gate I would tell you that lets pretend that we are not here; see I am not dressed to receive guests; you being the exception. They must have sixth sense for these things because they are still knocking.

I know! Why dont you wait here while I go and tell whoever it is that there is no one home……

It didn’t work; but we can pretend to be out of town visitors and that we will not be here same time next week because they insist on coming back next week when we are free…. Is that awfully wicked of me?

Saving souls is hard work.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that I had my hat collection dry cleaned….

Hat collection.jpg
I have one for every for every occasion

There is something about wearing a hat at a rakish ankle;

2012-10-27 16.28.11.jpg

~A Quote from Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Thank you for visiting I would walk you out but I am still somewhat indecently dressed to be anywhere but my bedroom so I trust you will find you way home besides I have to finish ironing all my laundry then I never have to worry about it till next time I have my clothes washed…… oooh and another life hack sprinkle talc powder in your closet to keep your clothes freshly scented..

Color coded clothes hangers.jpg

You are welcome


PS Mable Is writing me a letter ^_^ ….. here is a sneak preview; its not complete yet but I love it already:






      1. Nothing we went to many different I rd on our travels. Sometimes there were fights over the machines. Others it was the people. I even had a book taken from my laundry while I was busy. I am glad now I have my own machines.

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      2. WoW! After all that laundry drama… having your own machines is quite piece of mind and I am sure the stories you could tell about Laundry Room Memories would be something else…. And the book you lost I hope it wasnt particularly important or a library book that needed returning…..

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    1. and the weirdest thing the day you decide to just randomly recycle clothes so you can do a quick run to the shops and back, in and it no funny stuff… Thats the day it seems like everyone got the memo that its high school reunion day… WHY!!! lol

      PS have an awesome week

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  1. I love hats and the writing of Neil Gaiman. Not necessarily in that order. Laundry is ok. Not the worst chore but certainly not the best. I no longer separate colors. Though new purchases get washed separately until I know the colors won’t run. And I do like living on the edge that way 😂

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    1. I love hats… but yes you can tell right? I came across Neil Gaiman’s work in a short story compilation featuring stories about and I was hella amused so I looked him up and begun to read his stuff…. And just recently when the series American Gods premiered I happened to notice that based on book by Neil so I looked for it and the one after that and currently reading Good Omens featuring Terry Pratchett… I heart Terry Pratchett binge read (most of ) the entire Disc World series

      Most of new clothes are my favourite ergo I was them separately….

      PS You know what they say about not living the edge… that you would be taking up too much space!!

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      1. I prefer to be as small as possible 😊.
        I have only read Neverwhere, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Trigger Warnings. After Trigger Warning, I had to keep the lughts on. SOOO good and scared me. I’ve got a lot more of Neil’s works to read through but so far, I like it all. I will add Terry Pratchett to my readng list, I am always on the look out for new material. Now if I can only figure out how to get PAID for reading. Not even writing reviews, just for reading … it’d be my dream come true!

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      2. so if you ever get the paid to read job… and the workload got to be too much for you, I could read some for you hahahaha no reviews just reading ^_^

        Terry Pratchett is hilARIOUS!!!! I read for fun and I like to read books that amuse me mostly and not because its for literature review or nothing…

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      3. Now that’s my kind of reading. I was getting sucked into depressing medical articles. My therapist said if reading that crap makes you sad, just stop it. Life’s too short. Now it’s fun and fiction.

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      4. The quickest way to get me to not read a book is to tell me its an autobiography; I have nothing against them really but some like avocados and some like to torture themselves and some mix metaphors hahahaha
        I second life’s too short
        PS we should exchange reading lists it ought to be fun

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  2. That’s a fine hat collection and I enjoy the rainbow-ness of your hangers as well. My last laundry load, of 4, is in the washer now. … I hate laundry.

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    1. Thank you Tara… I happen to really like my assortment of headwear, my sock drawer is full of knitted hats ^_^
      Lets make laundry great again hahahahaha

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  3. If you were having coffee with me; I would tell you that if your name was Laundry you would be bent over the bathtub and dripping all over the bathroom floor…….

    LOL lovely read but now I can’t stop imagining you in that towel Beaton!

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  4. Oh, Beaton only you could make laundry such an amusing subject. Loved this! I hate laundry too and have three at home at the moment, including me and hubby and a fourth coming back late summer. I need to train my family in laundry! I’ve come to the conclusion I have spoilt my kids and now regret it. Hubby doesn’t do much laundry either…. Ah, such is life! Next time I do my laundry I’ll think of this blog post Beaton, I’m sure that will make me smile!

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    1. hahahaha Thank you Marje and I am glad that its a laugh that you will find amusing when you next do your laundry…
      the person who invented laundry needs to be sentenced to a lifetime of doing it!!! that should teach them lol
      thanks for dropping by…

      PS reTrain them into doing laundry kinda like brainwashing hahahaha get it

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  5. Enjoyed your musings like always, but am somewhat struck by what we have in common – dreadlocks, laundry habits, the love for writing and a hat collection. Hmmmm, interesting.

    On another note, I’m also looking forward @Mablees letter to you. I so enjoy her writing too.

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    1. Much appreciate and Thank you the visits…
      wait … you have locks???? I somehow missed that memo hahaha **zooms into avi** NICE!!

      This letter has an audience waiting for it already…. oooh the pressure lol


  6. My son used to be like you dressing mostly in black. I did not mind because then, as the mom, my son’s laundry did not need any special care. All underwear went in hot. All outer wear went in cold. Simple. Before I had a dryer, I had one of those wooden racks in my kitchen to lay all the clear wet laundry on. I am not sure if you can find those in any of the stores these days.

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    1. hahahaha ….. must be something in the jeans hahaha
      Well I usually stick my clothes behind the fridge (since I dont own a dryer as yet ^_^) I tried the oven, once I set it on low heat, but I must have misjudged the time or the heat or both because, that was some really good lesson I learnt that day ^_^
      Thanks for dropping by much appreciated

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