Of dancing with the stars

Genre: Romance

A tiny lil lie that’s what I said.

She asked if I could dance I said yes.

Before I knew it, I had been invited to a Christmas ball with carols by candlelight and yes there would be dancing, ballroom dancing to be precise.

I had to learn to dance before then. Which is why now I was binge watching episodes of Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing With The Stars. If the internet had been working I would have just googled how to dance like a Star. I missed the internet.

I practised my dancing with a broomstick as a partner.
The thing about broomsticks. They would not step on your toes but they could poke you in the knees when you tried to swirl them around or dip them.

I was attempting to poke my eye out when I was startled by a polite cough behind me. I stopped in the middle of a pirouette I was executing badly to find my observer was the lady who came to help with the cleaning.

“I have been looking all over for the broom, Sir” she said. There was not a hint of mockery in her voice but one can never be too sure so I asked
“How long have you been standing there?”

“I watched you try to do the tango”

“Oh?” I said feeling heat rising to my face.

“Don’t be embarrassed you have a natural grace with a bit of instruction you could sweep a lady of her feet” she said pointedly not looking at the broom

“So suddenly you are a dance expert?” I said scathingly.

To be honest I knew nothing about her,  except she came to clean. I had never said anything more than hello to her. She kept to herself only cleaned a room when you left it and if she got in and you were in it she backed out before you even noticed. It was like having a silent poltergeist that tidied up,  you never saw her only the results.

“I took dancing lessons, I wanted to be a dance instructor but then the tango never put bread on the table no one would pay to learn, not in this country anyway, so I do the odd cleaning jobs but music, it speaks to me in the language of dance. ”

“0h.” I said again wondering what to say next. “You could teach me, something simple.”

“On one condition,  you must not tell anyone my silly dance dreams.”

“I can keep a secret,  it’s the people I tell who can’t keep it to themselves.”

‘I am serious” she said

“Cross my heart” I said “When do we start?”

“Now” she said as she put down the dustpan and feather duster she had been holding and kicked off her shoes.

“First I’ll lead and you follow then you try to lead and I will follow….
Put your hand in mine and the other round me on my back, I won’t break,a bit lower,… not that low….”

We stood there and I asked “What about the music?”

“Oh” she said

The end

My #blogbattle entry theme Tango

A continuation of sorts



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