The strong silent man

The strong silent man,
Silent and strong
Strong and silent
carrying life’s burden,
on his massive shoulders,
In a world with no rest,
For the weary it’s a test,
Awake in a world,
That never,
He trudges on,
His burdens his own,
He acknowledges,
the world,
With just a grunt,
No words or vowels,
Certainly not,
his deepest fears,
Or lord forbid,
shed tears,
The strong silent man,
with a burden to carry,
And a long way to go.
The strong silent man,
Is he strong from carrying his burden?,
Or is he strong so he can carry his burden? ,
Is he is strong because he is silent?,
Is he silent because he is strong?
Maybe he is neither strong nor silent,
He is just a man with nothing to say,
Never knowing how to say anything,
Silently with his weight to carry,
And a distance to go,
No where to put it down,
No one to help,
The strong silent man,
He is the weight he carries.



  1. Great minds. . . . .!
    A silent individual is either medically mute or composes thoughts we can only try to guess!
    I have seen several in my time, mainly men, who I know they have thoughts, opinions, even downright anger; still silence rules!
    Thanks for sharing this poem. Now I need to check out more of your archives!
    Oh yes thank you so much for your visit, always welcomed!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Strong silent men
    Forced to be strong,
    Scolded into silence

    Is their strength
    To change society’s views of a man


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