Of My Multiple Liebster Award Nominations


Once upon a time I was nominated for a the Liebster Award, I in turn nominated a bunch of people for it. Good times. ^_^
Now here’s a really funny story,
I ended up getting nominated right back its really quite flattering so I have 5 nominations for this award…..I must be doing something right (do not burst my bubble and tell me it’s because I have a tiny network of bloggers do not even think it, what are we still talking about.)
I think there is a reason why there should be a tiny condition that you can’t nominate the person who nominated you. ^_^

I lost the link to the fifth blogger, this is what happens when you change your blog name we can’t find you, maybe you do not want to be found Holla Holla if you read this ^_^
so I’ll just mention the four I could find.
The 5am Soliloquy
a blog where it’s always 5 in the morning. I am not much of a morning person I prefer my 5am at midnight, see, I am not an early bird, I am a night owl.
But check out this blog ^_^

an inspirational blog though he hasn’t been blogging much because he is admin & behind the scenes of  Afrobloggers an interesting initiative to unite and promote African bloggers. Hey how about an afroblogger-tag-a-blogger-something
I have noticed lots of bloggers this side of the planet tend not interact much, they read and leave, or share on twitter and It’s really hard to find them.

Are we there yet?
hmmm you haven’t posting lately for a while is this a start to share more….. write write write write read read read then repeat

Some String of words

This is a blog by a dear twitter friend of mine, I heartily encouraged her to write and she is really really good, please do give her a look see. I told her bloggers were cool froods who know where their towels at, now don’t make me out to be a liar OK thanks bye.

Thank you all for the nominations, now where can I redeem all these for cash. If I ever give you guys anything I know I will get it back but lets not test this theory

Ordinarily this is when I would answer questions but since most of these are questions I made up when I got this award I will refer you to my original post Of My Liebster Award 

And oh yes it official I now have over 200 followers thank ye all who follow me ✨✨✨✨✨ random stars of awesomeness.
I exempt myself from nominations and so forth.
If that will be all thank you very much. I think I would make an excellent lawyer but first I’d change my name to Justin Case, you know just in case…..
…………..Call me Justin Case




    1. hahaha but hey some hearts are honestly in the right place… some awards are a breath of fresh air.
      I must confess that the ‘This is henceforth an award-free blog’ notice seems a little over the top you could just graciously accept and then decline to participate …. nicely.
      But if you really must and they become an irritant then by golly put up the notice ^_^
      Thanks for popping by

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He he he, no, I was just kidding. I generally leave a nice Thank you note and then just link back to my one set of answers for all blogging awards. I just feel that I am in this thing called blogging for something bigger , bigger than myself, I mean and I hope to make it worthwhile 🙂

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      2. That is a most interesting solution I heart it and I am henceforth adopting it immediately after the next award I am busy currently responding to hahaha

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  1. I am thinking about doing a page where I’ll list all of the awards. I don’t like the question part, I’d much prefer an interview with another blogger.

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    1. It’s the nominating 15 people that gets to me haha but hey that’s the only way for it to spread, the first one you get is fun though, or maybe that’s just me lol.

      I was thinking same thing of listing them all on one page so far am just tagging to Awards category lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I did two awards and the second only because there were no questions to be asked or answered. Sometimes it’s nice to share good blogs, but when there is a huge list you won’t actually go through it all… The first award is always flattering I think 🙂

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      2. Erm not at the moment. And it won’t be 100% award free I’ll just answer in my time and if I feel like it. The last award I have out I have it to many award free blogs (I asked no questions, which helps I guess).

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  2. Congrats and thanks for the laugh. 😉 I link to my old award questions, too. It can get repetitive answering all those questions and a lot of bloggers I read are “award-free” blogs now so… ?


    1. I considered the award free blogs notification for a solution but i feel it’s slightly over the top like a sign at the gate to your house that says no visitors but yeah I understand why one would.

      I laugh as I write ^_^


  3. As always, thanks for the mentions and your warm words of encouragement :), skillfully garnished with the humor which makes me grin wide as I read…. ^_^


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