Of 12 Years On Twitter

Woke up to the notification that it was my Twitter Anniversary today….

its your Twitter Anniversary

12 years ago today at approximately 5am I logged into the bird app and I have never logged out. It’s a bit of crazy jungle out in here and you could say I am Twelder (twitter elder)

happy twitter anniversary 12 years on Twitter

How far we’ve come over the ages, from when I was talking to myself and no one noticed to now when I have a follower count of 16K and still talking to myself, mostly.🤡

Twitter still doesn’t have an edit button though they keep threatening that it will happen soon… in the meantime they keep pushing some interesting changes some welcome and others not so much.

Recent Updates to Twitter

Unmentioning yourself from a conversation

•Now this one is pretty nifty, if you ever find yourself mentioned in a conversation that you would rather not be in, when you getting unwanted mentions and notifications every time people reply to the tweet, well, just click on the 3 dots next to a tweet and you can mute a conversation or remove yourself from further interaction by leaving conversation.

Tweet Menu 
unmention and leave conversation

Turn Off Retweets

•Some Twitter accounts may flood the timeline with posts you’d rather not see or when you only want to view their content on the TL, you can turn off Retweets on a profile by clicking on the 3 dots next to the account and click Turn Off Retweets. (now you only see their tweets on the TL and not their RTs)

Twitter Profile Menu 
Turn Off retweets

Remove Follower

•This one has been around for a bit but bringing it up again since I always find people complaining about being followed by their boss or colleague or the police… same profile menu options as above which gives you options to Turn Off Retweets is where you find Remove This Follower.

Twitter Circles and Twitter Communities

These are somewhat similar except while Twitter Communities allow for a broader interaction with a niche community, Twitter Circles are like an exclusive private circle where you can mark if a particular Tweet is visible to everyone or people who follow you or just a select group who are in your circles.

Twitter Professional tools

I haven’t as yet created any Twitter circles incase you feel I went and created my own thing and left you out ^_^

Twitter Professionals

The battle to monitise still rages on and is some regions there’s Twitter Blue Subscription service no idea what extras you get with that since its not yet available to me. But one can choose a suite of professional tools that allow you to personalize your profile, display what you do, distribute newsletter, add location and catalogue depending on the type of account you list yours as.

I still haven’t figured out what I am if you can help me decided what kind of professional you seem to think I am:

Automation of Twitter Violations and Appeals

Twitter automated part of its process to curate violations of Twitter Terms of Service so its now ridiculously easy to find you have done something that led to your account being limited, shadowbanned, temporarily or permanently suspended.

I recently had a rather interesting experience when I found a notification that I had violated one of Twitter’s fragile codes of conducts and would be locked out of my account for several hours. When I appealed the process I was given a choice to either accept I was in violation and have my account restored or appeal the process but if I was found to be in violation my account would be permanently suspended.

It was quite an interesting choice to make but I decided to appeal the violation which also meant that my account would remain locked pending the resolution of the appeal, this made me panic for a little bit until I saw could cancel the appeal and just admit guilt.

Twitter Appeal Request

Eventually got the email that I was not in violation of Twitter TOS and unlocked my account.

Twitter account review

I don’t think that any of the support team from Twitter actually interacted directly with me during this whole process.

Twitter Account unlocked

Anyway be familiar with Twitter Rules lest you wake up and just find your account suspended and you don’t know why.

Lastly be like me and download your Twitter archive, if you ever lose your account you wont lose some of the interesting things you have Tweeted over the years, unless you are not like me and your Twitter does not serve as a draft folder of yet to be visited thoughts.

Are you on Twitter? What Thinketh you of this bird app

Cheers and thanks


Did You Know: The Twitter Logo is geometric design made up of 15 circles?

Twitter logo is just circles
Image: Martin Grasser

You can also check out some of my Twitter Tips amassed over the years



    1. 🤣🤣🤣 me thinks it’s the classical Stockholm Syndrome where one even finds themselves sympathetic towards their jailer because they gifted them a library with 70 000 books… The beast was definitely onto something 🤔

      I like to pretend I can leave any time I want 🤡


      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you 🥂
      I totally understand you, Twitter is so….. ungovernable … I guess that is part of its appeal that it, I have been on it all these yes and to be honest can’t really say I know what I’m doing either but I understand enough to get what I need done 🤡🤡



    1. Haha cheers to the bird app, I actually think that it just might possibly change the world –not sure if for the better or worse… I suppose it depends. 🤔

      Here’s to not folding 🥂 may we be the change we expect 💻


      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you thank you.☕

      When you remove a follower they will not be notified that they got removed 🤣 …. however if they are observant or stalkerish they might notice when they visit your profile page that they are no longer following 💻 … They might even think they accidentally unfollowed too 🤡



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