Of The Inlovetuation (ii) God Speaks

Guest Post

There was this girl that I fell in love with over a 38 day period and her parents were against it.. I wonder why? 🤔 We were 16 and met the day before O’ levels began… what could be wrong with that? 😂

Somewhere in those 38 days, she told me that God woke her up and told that “Her and me couldn’t be together because Him and I aren’t together…” it was an 8-page break-up letter that had more verses than the Bible! Yes she was 16 and hitting me with verses like:

For the word of God is living and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword

Long story short, we broke up and I went to find God…

FIRST PRAYER: God you better go and hide, ’cause I’m gonna come out there and find you..but also you’re everywhere, so good luck with the hiding.. also also it’s Christmas in 4 weeks, and guess where YOU will be: At YOUR birthday!!!

I thought this was going to be the easiest thing I ever had to do in my life, I went to a Christian boarding school with mass once a week, so this was gonna be easy… It wasn’t.

I didn’t see her for an entire 2years… but I did “Seek him firstand that changed me!

So back to the call, I figured God was tired of my excuses and had decided we needed to have a verbal conversation!


Him: Hello?
Me: GGGod? 👀
Him: How do you have this number?
Me: Jeremiah..
Him: Huh? We just set this up…
Me: 🤷🏾‍♂️

Afterwards, I call her and tell her about the you or Him debate… which it turns out, she’d had as well, and she chose Him without thinking. Of course, I knew what the right answer was, but it didn’t sit right with me, I felt after my journey it was time for “all these things shall be added

As for the 333 turns out it was a hotline that Telecel had setup for one of the banks in town…

End of Season 1

Guest post by @jShin_iMagada


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