Of The inlovetuation (i) Phone Call to God

Guest Post

I used to have “God” saved in my phone and the number was 333 because “‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know…” Jeremiah 33 verse 3

call to me and I will answer you 
Jeremiah 33:3

When I dialled the number I would get the notification “you can not make calls to this number from this telephone” which I found apt, like ‘this is not the way to call God’…

Until one day … IT RANG!

Naturally, I cut the call! …wondered if I imagined the whole thing, so a little while later, I called back, and it rang, 2 rings. So there I am thinking. How can 333 be someone’s phone number in the first place? 🤔

… so then I decided perhaps it’s a system fault… 🤷🏾‍♂️

phone error

Eventually, I summoned the courage to let it ring until it was answered. I called, but deep down I was expecting that it will go unanswered… boy was I wrong


I wasn’t ready…

So I’m thinking, WHAT IF God wants to speak to me, and here I am KNOWINGLY refusing to have the conversation. BACKGROUND: I was in a super teenage #inlovetuation (I just made up a word) …and I felt God ask me if you had to choose between me and her whomst would you choose?

Guest post which started from a Twitter post written by @jShin_iMagada

Mwari is God in the Shona Language 🙏



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