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ZenBusiness conducted a survey on The Type of Business Every Country Wants to Start. The research conducted in February 2022 consisted of analysing the search results from the Ahrefs platform for the term “Start A Business” or its equivalent in a target language to find the most-searched-for business types on the internet and isolating the top results.

Top Ten Businesses People Want To Start World Wide

Top 10 businesses people want to start worldwide
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Top Business Every Country Wants To Start

The top businesses every country wants to start
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Top Business Every Country In Africa Wants To Start

The top businesses every country in Africa wants to start
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Insights from Africa show a trend towards personal services. ZenBusiness noted a prevalence in the frequency of queries related to starting a recycling business in developing economies. Waste Management has fast become a problem, especially with how the harmful impact of waste is now becoming apparent.

Recycling ♻

When I initially saw the infographic that showed the top Zimbabwean Business as Recycling, I had shrugged it off as an inaccurate assessment of the situation on the ground. In Zimbabwe, we don’t seem very big on recycling – outside of those who hunt for plastics and empty bottles sometimes in exchange for eggs, corn snacks or even cigarettes – if you were to count that as a recycling business. Recycling collection sites wind up as general bins when they go uncollected.

A recycling cage

In my last article, I wrote about how the doomsday clock shows we are 100 seconds to midnight. In that context it would make sense there’s a push for environmentally friendly entrepreneurship, starting from good waste management to recycling and innovative renewable energy alternatives.

On that waste management tip, I have an article from 7 years ago on the Disposal Of Teabags and Trash that reads as if I could have been writing about this very morning, as the city fathers still haven’t been running efficient waste removal services. We definitely need to come up with ways of managing our waste disposable. Face Masks, for example, I see them billowing about, discarded, will they become another headache just like diapers? An article from Louisa’s mommy blog shows how the diaper disposal situation in Malawi is not unique to any one country.

Then there is the Pomona Waste-To-Energy Management Project where the City Of Harare entered into a controversial contract with a foreign company to manage the city’s Pomona dumpsite. The council is trying to cancel the contract and get fresh submissions. If you have a good pitch on Waste Management you too could be raking in the big bucks…

City Of Harare

There you have it, if you are considering a startup business idea consider how it will fit into the environmental chain without simply creating more waste, but recycling, reducing and reusing.

 Waste management and critical raw materials

How environmentally conscious are you? I am the type of person who will walk around with litter in my backpack until I find a bin to throw it into which sometimes might mean taking it back home with me. ^_^

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