of teabags and disposing of the trash

It has been months or is it weeks or days even, I forget (time doesnt fly when you are not having fun) and the city fathers aren’t being efficient in their garbage collection service.

no dead bodies in there keep walking
no dead bodies in there keep walking nothing to see here

(It’s a nightmare carrying back those black plastic trash bags into the yard, at the end of the day, after having put them outside, by the gate early-bird-gets-the-worm-morning and not to mention the stray dogs that been picking at your trash like detectives looking for evidence of what you had for supper last night)

I have resorted to disposing of trash by myself (and I do not mean by carrying the offending garbage a long long way to walk and dumping it in a shallow grave as if it’s a dead body… confession I might have done that once or twice but I am now a friend of the universe my aura is ecofriendly green)

I recycle what I can and also have a compost maturing in the backyard for that organic fertilizer fix.

Being the obsessive-compulsive that I am I sort out the trash via a regime that is rivalled only by the one I impose on my laundry (sorting by color and material in alphabetical order and not to mention color coded pegs, obviously clothes on the hangers in the wardrobe all face the side naturally)

I sort the trash into:


(paper, plastic, cardboard, which I light up into a big bonfire sorry universe I see carbon footprint but heck my totem is fire)

Bglass and metals

(that gets collected by scrap metal and empty bottle collection agents and they even pay to get it off your hands. Note to self must find out what they do with it probably makes them more money than they pay me)



(this goes into the compost for the garden)

Now the thing which currently has me stumped is what to do with teabags!! It’s winter lots of tea is being had so enter Teabags stage front.

They can’t exactly go into the biodegradables, but I can’t put them with the flammables(hard to burn even when dry) and they are most certainly not glass 😛

Unless if I rip them open dump the tea leaves inside in with the biodegradables, dry up the paper bits and then into the bonfire they go, but that’s so much work any ideas?

*Decisions decisions*

PS… and disposable diapers, (my twin nephews where visiting and left twin trash-bags of diapers) they are not exactly flammable, in fact the moisture absorbing gel technology inside makes them downright flame resistant.

If a baby wearing diapers should ever catch fire (Lord forbid) I think the only thing you would find left… (you don’t want to even try to visualise..)

PPS… And that gets me thinking when the trashman take the trash away how exactly do they dispose of it?

  • do they just dig up a giant hole fill with trash and cover it….
  • Industrial grade incinerators

Future archaeologists are going to have fun figuring out how we poisoned the Earth. Did you know you could grow tiny plants in tea bags using the teaa leaves as manure? How I learnt this “hydroponic” projects is unimportant and a story for another day ask me nicely about it 🙂

…..and then the trashman cometh


  1. Leave teabags and diapers for the trashman. One day he WILL come. Have fun with your garbage you seem to enjoy the sorting….. ugh

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  2. Oregon here…Our trash room (several containers placed around our water and dryer) is a organizer’s dream. There’s a container for trash (what cannot be put in other containers). A special one for glass, then there is a bag for bottles/cans that are worth 5 cents each. Then we move to the compost container followed by recycling (plastics, metal, etc). We then have a place for batteries. My hubs will even separate the paper envelope from the plastic window. Tea bags, I trash them.
    Enjoyed your trash talk. (giggle)

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