Of Soul Dates

It was the birthday of an elderly couple the other day… I was amazed how they shared the same birthday, like what other sign could there be that someone was your soulmate than sharing not only the similar initials but the same date of birth.

soul mate couple

When I joked with the wife about how they must have probably met at a birthday party, I was never ready for what had actually transpired….

So back when she first met her later-to-be-husband, during the talking stage he had asked when her birthday was… Unfortunately, the birthday had just recently passed and would almost be a year till it came around again… and who knew what the future would hold, if this gentleman would still be in her life. Besides she was in a bit of a funk so why not get a celebrate a made-up birthdate instead and with that in mind, she mentioned a birthday that was not too far away…

Fast forward to later… for her “birthday” he spoiled her rotten, and went out of his way to make what would have otherwise been an unremarkable day unforgettable. “Not that he did much” she remarked “But the thought… the thought counted”

men giving woman present clipart

Skip to a little later… when it occurred to her that common decency would dictate that she had to do something for his birthday too…. And she realised that she had never asked when his birthday was, so she asked him. She was never ready for the answer.

The date he mentioned was her actual birthday. First, she panicked thinking he must have figured out the game she had played 😱 (lets call it the harmless game to see if someone cares enough to get you something for your birthday game… oh the games we play). Had he somehow gotten hold of her ID? 👀 How long had he known? 😅 Was he just waiting to embarrass her?… So many questions 🤯

Can the earth open up and swallow me

He showed her his Identification Document (ID) to confirm the date.

Oh!? 1She just made a sound like a deflated ball. He tried to reassure her that she really didn’t have to do anything for his birthday but of course that just made her feel a lot worse. If the universe wanted to tell her something it could not have found a louder way or a higher tower to shout it from… the only one silly lie you tell…

She avoided him for a few days, poor guy must have been super confused trying to figure out what he had done wrong, one second everything is going great and next…. Nothing.

When she next saw him, she simply took out her Identity card, she didn’t say anything, simply gave him and waited for the realisation to sink in.

He laughed and laughed and laughed

To his credit, he hadn’t asked any silly questions like whose birthday had we celebrated earlier or asked for his present back or anything like that; he just laughed heartily it was infectious and she soon was laughing along with him. It was in that moment she realised that he was a keeper if he would forgive her foolishness. From that moment she had committed to never tell a silly lie…. (I wanted to ask when is a lie not a silly one but of course I didnt instead I asked if I could share the story instead and so here we are )

Life has a funny way of working out.

soul mate heart ribbon

They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary… soulmates with soul dates of birth.




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