Of Coffee With Scripts and Bars

If you were having coffee with me, we would be checking up with Page Poetry Alive to find out about Scripts and Bars, an exciting initiative for creatives.

Scripts and Bars

What is Scripts and Bars?

Scripts and Bars is a Digital Content Creation project. The project aims to bring together a cohort made up of 100 creatives from Zimbabwe and the UK in two key sectors (Literature and Music) for support, capacity development and partnerships. These creatives consist of musicians, bloggers, Dj’s, producers, spoken word artists and writers across different disciplines.

The overall aim of the programme is to support the resilience of creative organisations, hubs, and individual creatives by building competencies and strengthening them.

How will it be rolled out?

The Script and Bars project is being carried out in a series of workshops and events that will impart invaluable skills and opportunities to creatives which include:

•Business support services and master class clinics
•Capacity building workshops
•Collaborative Digital Content creation
•Showcase events and roundtable talks
•Mixer/Meet Up Networking Cocktail Events

What has been on the menu for Scripts and Bars?

We hosted Vocal Vinyl Vortex.

A next-generation creative workshop which leverages collaborative digital content creation, short performances, talks and a lot more. It was facilitated by Wadzanai Chiuriri The Black Pearl & Umind?! from Page Poetry Alive, Thembi Terry Zulu from Khura Agency and Lesziah Godwin, Glory Talks, Lashawna Rose and Blue Canarinho from Reprezent Radio.

Vocal Vinyl Vortex Scripts and Bars

We had 50 creatives from Page Poetry Alive and ComExposed show up for an informative session.

Scripts and Bars Cocktail Mixer

A networking opportunity with industry experts, hub leaders and creatives over food and drink.

Scripts and Bars Cocktail Mixer
Scripts and Bars Cocktail Mixer

We also hosted Microsoft E-Learning workshops

Who is behind Scripts and Bars?

The project is facilitated by four hubs: ComExposed, Page Poetry Alive, Khura Agency from Zimbabwe and Reprezent Radio from the UK.  Each hub is responsible for 25 creatives, making a grand total of 100. (75 from Zimbabwe and 25 from the UK)

This programme is delivered by Kay Media Africa (Zim) in conjunction with Reprezent Radio (UK) with support from the British Council and Swiss Agency for Development and Co-Operation (SDC).

Page Poetry Alive
Page Poetry Alive (PPA) is a poetry collective that nurtures storytellers from page poets to Spoken Word artists with a focus on Youth Development and explorative work.

Khura Agency
Khura Agency is an A2B AGENCY – ARTIST TO BUSINESS agency helping artists do business creatively &efficiently. Khura provides the final connection with their audience, the smarter approach in the creative hustle.

Reprezent Radio
Broadcasting since 2011, and now from 3 shipping containers in Brixton, Reprezent Radio prides itself on its forward-thinking underground music. Reprezent’s DJ’s and presenters all work in the music industry; produce their own music, run their own labels and club nights- meaning the station’s sound is always on the cutting edge of music- across every single genre imaginable.

Comexposed is the organisation behind the Zimbabwean Digital Arts, Technology and Innovation Convention, Converge. Comexposed is the collective effort of digital artists and creators in Zimbabwe showcasing their work, progress, and dreams and aims to bring together Zimbabwean digital creators under one banner to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing and growth in skills.



  1. Hey, Beaton! Long time, no read! I don’t remember your blog having so many pictures and stuff mixed in with the writing. Did you do some kind of upgrade on the dashboard? Or what?

    And mention of “spoken word artists” is a new thing to me. I saw advertisements for someone named “Rupi Kaur” and clicked to see what it was all about. I guess she would be called a spoken word artist. That is so new to me, I am not sure if that is what it is called that she does. Canadian fictional character, Anne Of Green Gables, did something that might be called spoken word art, though again I am not sure that is what it is termed. Memorization of a long poem and then speaking it publicly with variants of tone and drama to the voice? Something like that.

    Anyway, if you were having coffee with me, I would be thanking God for the ability to enjoy fellowship with a friend from a far country. Heck, I thank Him for this computer so we can connect with the rest of this huge world if even by written word, and that I got to read your writing today while I drank my own cup of coffee blended with coconut oil, turmeric, pink salt, stevia, and red pepper flakes. 🙂

    May there be hope and peace in your life today, friend.


    1. The future looks exciting
      I love the way we are embracing our creativities for a long time it seems been a marginalized field without any support or resources and having to just rely on self-taught lessons

      I have a fanciful dream of starting a University for Blogging 🤔 like why not?

      Liked by 1 person

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