Of Reading A ?Random Post

Time Travel To A Random Post On My Blog

I have been posting on this blog for what feels like forever, there’s close to 1000 articles spanning 9 years…. This is where I live out My Immortality and sometimes I worry my older content will go unread….  Of course, I occasionally travel back in time to check out how my earlier posts have aged and like a gardener admires their garden I admire my handiwork….

I ran into a feature Goldie referred to as  ?Random Raiders! as learnt from Pendantry. Basically, what it does is pick a random post to go on a website, like a lucky dip of sorts, you never know where it will take you…

How to navigate to a random post on a blog

All you have to do is to type ‘?random’ after the blog’s address and it takes you to randomly selected article.

For Example: https://becomingthemuse.net/?random (and yes you can replace my blog URL with any other you want I just happen to be the landlord of this tangle of words 🤣 you are welcome)

Why Random Raiders?

Pendantry uses this feature as a collaborative maintenance tool one can use to check if all the elements on a randomly selected article from a site work. Imagine going to an article and finding it has missing images or broken links and videos that no longer work or maybe the information is outdated and no longer accurate.

While its great as a crowdsourcing housekeeping tool for a website, I have found it creates  a very interesting way of randomly picking posts like a wheel of fortune; round and round it goes, where it will stop nobody knows…..

Random time travel

So yeah take this random travel and do let me know where you wind up. Click the button below👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


PS if you discover any issues from my old posts that I should address I would greatly appreciate a heads up, please and thanks ^_^



      1. Oh yes great memories. James Bond: No time to die. I remember I was watching the movie while learning some spanish (the movie had subtitles and they were in Spanish)

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  1. I went back to “My Watering Roots” 2017. It was a great post and this is interesting. Since I’m a bit technology challenged I kind of get how it works, sort of… Lol 😆

    I personally haven’t written 300 posts yet, but then I’m still a baby blogging. I started my blog in 2014 with only one blog post. One more post in 2015. Then in Aug 2017 I started writing more trying to figure out blogging! 🤣 Not sure if I’ve figured it out but am having fun.
    Maybe someday it will be fun to re-read my old posts and maybe I’m leaving something for my family and grand children!
    Happy New Year!! Can’t believe it’s 2022!! 🎉🤠🐴

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    1. I’ve always thought of Kangaroos as Grasshoppers of Down South and answering to the name Skippy 😅 thanks to all the Australian Network TV shows we watched growing up.

      Anyhoo you never know where it will take you…. 🤣

      Thanks for the journey back

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    1. It’s a lucky dip 🤣🤣
      But yep it’s a totally awesome way to get some eyes on a random post
      Thank you and have an amazing 2022


    1. Thank you for trying out the random ride. Like really you never know where it will take you, and a surprising visit to some poster which would otherwise have lain unread 😎

      Laugh On


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  2. I’m happy to see you highlighting random and the pleasure it brings of landing who knows where on a post 🙂 I love that it helps keep our older posts alive in some way 🙂

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