Of Best Dining Spots In Whistler

Best Dining Spots in Whistler

Whistler may best be known as a top skiing destination, having hosted many of the Winter Olympics games, but it’s also known for having one of the best après scenes in the world. As Tourism Whistler notes: “We don’t just après-ski, we après-anything all year round in Whistler.”

In fact, there’s an entire village dedicated to feeding your appetite and having a good time after a day of play no matter what the season. If you’ve purchased a permanent home or a vacation home among the real estate for sale in Whistler, you’re in for a treat. You’ll find a long list of dining options for globally renowned restaurants to laid-back pubs serving comfort fare. 

Rim Rock Café & Oyster Bar

If you’re looking for an upscale experience that you won’t soon forget, this rustic spot in the satellite village of Creekside won’t disappoint. During the chillier months of the year, you’ll appreciate the two stone fireplaces that keep it nice and toasty. No matter what the season, it offers a wide range of cuisine that includes some of the best seafood you’ll find in Whistler. It bills itself as the village’s place for fish and game, serving not only oysters fresh from the sea but everything from salmon and mussels to roasted lamb and grilled steaks.

Plus you can pair your memorable meal with a choice of around 320 wines from across the globe. Try to save room for dessert, there are multiple to-die-for options but the sticky toffee pudding may top them all. 


Opened more than a half-century ago in 1966, the very same year Whistler Mountain opened, Dusty’s was originally known as L’apres. It was Whistler’s first official après bar and has often been named as the best spot in town to dine on BBQ. The wings and ribs are often raved about and it often hosts live music to enjoy with it too.


If it’s healthy fare you’re seeking, you won’t have any problem finding a delicious option at Creekbread. It goes far beyond your basic salads, with almost everything made in-house and sourced locally, with a focus on nutritious, organic dishes. There are salads, but pizzas are the specialty here, baked in a handmade wood-fired clay oven. 

Sushi Village

Opened back in 1985, Sushi Village has been making its patrons happy for over 35 years. A local favorite, this is where residents often come to celebrate. After all, its slogan is “Epic Food. Epic Parties. Epic History.” And, it wouldn’t still be here if it didn’t deliver. Not only can you get fabulous sushi but many other Japanese favorites like hot pot, teriyaki, and noodles. 

Sidecut Steakhouse

Craving a steak? Head to the Four Seasons Resort where you’ll find Sidecut Steakhouse. It offers a menu of traditional mountain fare made with locally sourced ingredients. It never disappoints and is a great place to bring visiting family or friends. 

Merlin’s Bar & Grill

Merlin’s is the place to go for a drink on Whistler’s largest outdoor patio during the summer, but it also offers a menu of satisfying meals made with local ingredients. Merlin’s Signature Poutine is a classic and there are a variety of burgers, salads, and more. As the “home of the endless après,” you can also enjoy a fantastic drink menu and dancing in a laid-back atmosphere that makes for a fun night out.

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  1. Whenever I travel, I see it clearly that the restaurants with a better view have a lot more patrons than others. Sometimes I laugh at that – people don’t pay attention to the menu or prices and just hone in on that Instagram photo. All other things being equal, I definitely will choose a place with a better view, too. There is always something to talk about in between bites when you run out of other things to say.

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    1. Just reminded me of a quote on how we are becoming a sad generation with happy pictures on the Instagram 😅

      When you are eating at the restaurant at the end of the world with a front row seat of the apocalypse it doesn’t matter if the food tastes like ash 🤣🤣🤣


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