Of Coffee With The Sun

If you were having coffee with me, I would be very happy for your visit which would be a welcome diversion from the heat… I dressed up as the sun ^_^ … you know, hello yellow.

Beaton having a cuppa

I wonder if these are the effects of climate change, it never used to be this hot and there should have been a bit of rain by now. Feels like the country is slowly shifting into a desert region with perennial drought. By now the jacaranda trees should be canopying tree-lined leafy suburbs in their purple majesty…..

Jacaranda trees Zimbabwe

And the heat, I wish I could chill in a bathtub full of ice to stop me from questioning if this is hell. I should probably offer you an iced beverage instead of coffee. Meanwhile, you can answer the question, are you a good person? (Check out my last blog post On Being  A Good Person to see my line of thought)

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you that electricity blues seem to have started again. The power utility hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but it’s now rare to go for a 24 hour period without experiencing a power outage lasting anything from few hours to possibly much much longer, a day or days even. 

I would put the power situation down as a culprit in our climate change. See, people seeking recourse to the electricity outages resort to alternative power sources such as wood and boom, there goes the trees. Less trees equals less transpiration and less moisture therefore less precipitation, that’s from my understanding of basic Geography…

street in Harare Zimbabwe

Meanwhile if you follow the global news on climate change you know there is a massive drive to clamp down on fossil fuel use due to its debilitating effects on the environment. Developed countries are pledging to cut investment funding for fossil projects (in overseas economies).

Fair enough but what does it mean for people in countries like ours; China and Zimbabwe have a $1,5 billion expansion project on the cards for Hwange Thermal Power Station.

Hwange Power Station
Hwange Power Station

Upon completion of the expansion of Hwange Thermal Power Station in 2025 an expected 300MW of electricity would be added to the grid. It’s a small drop in the ocean, stopping such a project would be a minor win for the environment and a greater humanitarian and developmental loss. Electricity is a basic human right, right?

While I understand why there is a need to switch to low carbon emission energy sources, this problem needs to be approached with the correct framework and perspective. From where I am standing, countries that industrialised on the backbone of fossil fuels are now dictating to others to stop fossil fuel use yet they consume upto 20 times more energy and also have the resource to switch to the alternatives.

Global Energy Consumption: These countries are telling these not to use natural gas
Globally the top 10% of countries consume 20-times more energy than the bottom 10% IEA

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you we definitely need to plant trees and more green thingies you know. I bet people would plant more trees if money grew on them, that’s why banks have branches.. *laughs uncontrollably* Ok.. that was a lot funnier in my head

How are banks like trees they are always creating new branches

Meanwhile, in our currency woes, the clampdown on illegal forex traders meant that in the past week the prices of things have gone a bit crazy. Let me see how best to explain it, so, the government wants people to trade at the official rate of 1:90 (the week before that it was at 1:88) and not use the black market rate of lets say 1:150 (just using that as an example in case the FIU is following)

Some service providers have responded to this by simply raising the United States Dollar price of a product or service to match the official rate.

This creates a sort of inflation in prices in the USD terms where something that had been $1 (when they used the black market rate) becomes $2 (using the official rate) but in the Zimbabwe dollar equivalent, it still costs the same price of ZWL$150Wait What? You can read it again, I will wait… Welcome to our world of Mickey Mouse economics..

If you are wondering why we don’t just use the Zimbabwe Dollar, I would say, hmmmm, not much trust in the banking sector and even less trust in the local currency as one always lives life wondering what new statutory instrument they are going to draw up and what it will imply or if we will wake up one day with the local currency being meaningless paper, its happened before, maybe I am just traumatised…..

money kept beneath mattress
A picture of my savings balance held at the National Mattress Savings Bank

Its dark and hell is hot, that is the title of an album by the late DMX whose title I always found provocative. There’s no electricity and it’s very hot, I wish I had ice-cold water right now…. If you see my voodoo doll can you put it in the fridge? Mmmkay thanks bye

Hows the sun? Whats going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. Had missed these. Well the sun in my neck of woods is playing peeping Tom we never know when is showing up to stay or just let the rains shine.

    Otherwise we are living.

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    1. oooh it rained gets and docs yesterday and today has been a cool almost cold cloudy day, the kind of weather for which hot chocolate milk and a good book was invented


  2. Those trees are beautiful! I’m sorry you’re hot and climate change isn’t helping. (I just grabbed some water cuz it’s hot here too and I’m dehydrated after an impromptu nap: I’d share a glass but… I’m all the way in the US. Sorry!) I hope the rain comes back for you–and soon!

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  3. I just changed electric suppliers because the rate I was paying will shoot ridiculously higher than initially, I have changed electric suppliers in the last 8 years. Last week it was unseasonably hot reaching upwards of 90 degrees for two days, now it’s freaking cold out. The weather is so fucked up as of late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The weather has lost its mind… It rained just after I posted this and temperatures have been icy cold past week, like winter in summer also unfortunately it meant it didn’t rain any further but I think I prefer the cold weather to the hell is hot one, drink coffee where warm clothes and you good but when can you do with hot weather


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  4. I giggled, hahaha!! How are trees like banks? Hehe, good one! I Love all the jacaranda trees, we have them here too!! Sorry about your heat wave, but I just read in the comments here that you got some rain!! YAY! And it’s a little cooler! Thanks for the ice coffee and I hope this will be a good week for you there! ~ D 🤩

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trees and banks 🤣🤣🤣

      The jacaranda trees are kinda awesome..

      It rained cats and dogs and the week has been ranging from cold to cool… It’s like winter in summer 🤣🤣
      Oooh and everything looks greener after the rain

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  5. From other posts I see that the government is battling illegal currency traders. Why not just stop using the American Dollar as a country. Have the stores not accept that currency, etc.

    The banks/branches joke was a good one.

    I think I have a plan that will help EVERYONE! You want electricity (air conditioning, light, computer, etc). Some people in the US (and other countries) think that electricity (and other things) is evil. How about you swap places? You go to their country and they come to yours? You feel better and they feel like they are doing something for the planet.

    It worries me when I hear them talk about planes and how bad they are for the environment. Whenever I get on an airplane now, I pray that it uses the proper fuel and has enough of it. I worry that we will try to make planes more ‘environmentally friendly,’ which will lead to many lives lost due to plane crashes. (Or maybe that’s the population control plan all along?!)

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    1. We have been through a point in the recent past where the government banned use of the American Dollar and other currencies in domestic transactions…
      I guess the major problem with such a solution is its remedying a symptom and not the underlying problem with the local currency which makes it an undesirable medium of exchange.
      Here’s an archive post from then:

      And on that plane tip I used to wonder about those aircrafts which would leave this vapour trail in their wake for hours and hours… Didn’t they ban the Concorde many years back for being environmentally unsound lol


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