Of Removing A Follower

In case you missed it, my favourite social media platform is Twitter; I call it the Google of Social Media cause you can find out almost anything about anything or at least what people are saying about it. Twitter can also be very noisy, triggering and kinda stalkerish.

The best way of dealing with unwanted attention is to Block a user. You cant see the nonsense they post and they can’t see you or interact with you, it’s a very therapeutic course of action and might save you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Twitter rolled out a feature known as a soft block. This allows you to remove someone from following you, although they can always follow you back at a later time.

How Do You Remove A Follower

NOTE: The feature is currently only available on the Desktop Version of Twitter and is not yet available on the mobile application.

To remove a follower, go to your profile and click “Followers”, then click the three-dot icon next to a name and select “Remove this follower

Remove this follower

You can also go directly to an account’s profile and click on the three-dot icon and from the options select “Remove this follower”

Remove this follower

A follower you remove won’t be notified of the change. They can still find and interact with you.

If a person you have removed from following you goes to your profile they can see that they are no longer following you, they might even think they unfollowed you by accident… it’s possible. They can still follow you again. (unless you decide to actually block them)

Why would you remove a follower?

•You might want give yourself some space but without the blocking kind of totality

•Your Boss or landlord or nosy neighbour…. hmmm… maybe your parents or your kids start following you on Twitter, and you don’t want to have to watch what you post.

•A toxic account that you don’t want to appear follows you and its associated fallout. I know people who if they find a Twitter account problematic they will preempt potential triggers by blocking everyone who follows that account or retweets its content.

In case you ever wondered why one day you woke up and found that a random Twitter User you have never interacted with has blocked you;… it was probably collateral fallout.

In the past when you wanted to remove a follower from following you, you would block and quickly unblock them and they would no longer be following you (handy to remember if you have access to only the Twitter App which doesn’t currently have the remove follower option, you are welcome.)

Are you on Twitter? Are the people you wouldn’t want following you on Twitter?




    1. I have seen those sometimes they can be from comments too, someone leaves a detailed and insightful and when you try to check out what they are about you find that site deleted comment.
      I have tried to understand how this happens and it’s possible the people in question might be unaware that that this is happening for example if you create a blog and delete it or change its name but without updating your WP profile it will still try to connect to the old URL and hence the message site deleted.

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  1. I did not know this was a thing. Probably because I hardly use Twitter 🙂 I’m more of a Facebook and LinkedIn kinda girl but of course, the words I write…certain people (like my parents and super religious friends) don’t need to know everything, know what I mean? lol Maybe I’ll start to use Twitter again, if for no other reason than to try and gain readers. I’ll be sure to soft block as necessary 🙂

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    1. LinkedIn scares me, I feel like am pretending at being professional who will one day be caught out… Facebook is OK but it’s got mostly family and friends and so gotta watch what I say there 🤣🤣 she Twitter well, one can let their hair down or even be somewhat anonymous + having checked my stats over the years most of my audience come from Twitter and the least from Instagram 🤣
      Do what you will with that information

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  2. I don’t Twitter…. Thought about it but I can barely keep up here on WP. Then there’s FB and Instagram. Sheesh! So many platforms, so little time. My hubby doesn’t have much of a digital footprint, or in reality it’sv completely different than mine. He mostly is on YouTube, and other manly sights looking at car parts and guy things. Haha, he loves the news too. Sorry, just banking

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    1. Well on Twitter I’m like a minor tweleb that’s twitter speak for Twitter celebrity… since I have a following of 15k 🥳
      I like YouTube but gotta keep my video streaming grounded for data purposes and I usually stream at very low resolution so all that stunning 4kHD stuff goes over my head 🤡


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      1. Oooh, you are a celebrity!! Tweleb! That’s so COOL! Congrats! 🎉🥳
        Hmm… Maybe one of these days I’ll look into Twitter and if I do I’ll definitely follow you! Not sure who else to follow since I’ve never tweeted before! 😁🤔

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  3. I talk a lot about almost anything on twitter but these days am feeling kinda lazy to block out or unfollow those accounts that annoy me a lot. I mean those who are very vile, disrespectful and just abusive. I also used to block those accounts which appear dubious like the ones which appear like ghost accounts. Now I just let them follow me. 🤷

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  4. i don’t follow a lot of people. only a select few on Twitter. I have also dealt with toxic accounts on Twitter before but i managed to unfollow them. Facebook and IG is another thing. I don’t know where to start. They’re just a lot of people i follow there.

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    1. My Twitter has like 15k followers guess … The odds of encountering ghost dogs accounts and toxic accounts are pretty high so I need to keep an eye out.

      Facebook is like family and Instagram hmmm I don’t know what I am doing there 🤣 just winging


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  5. Ahahahhaa…….. I think I have got the better way to keep my drama off these stalkers… This is another gift in its own.

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