Of The Social Train

Social Media is an epic train taking the internet and us with it to destinations unknown, who is even driving it ? I dont know, but here’s a few lessons I have gleamed from it…

•Its not just Social Media

The term Social Media gives it the distinction which makes it sound like a Club you go to hang out, what larks. True, it may have started off purely for social entertainment but it has become an interface with the world, especially now with the lockdown restrictions, where we have virtual meet ups, virtual learning, virtual friends and virtual social interactions.

Social  Media Netowrks

For better or worse, some people regard Social Media as The Internet. The high price of internet access and promotional bundled packages offering various Social Media suites has contributed to a skew of the balance of net neutrality.

How To Save Data During Lockdown, Cheapest Data Bundles In Zimbabwe

I regularly experience this when I reach out to my friends and family on social media to read my blog and am met with the response that “I do not have the data to check your blog but I will…”

The point is there are lots of people for whom Social Media has become a primary source of news, current affairs and updates on global situations while also staying in touch with family, friends and strangers.

Information travels quickly on Social Media channels and has helped some issues raise awareness or crowd funding support and donations for those in need. Some business models have risen quickly powered by Social Media, viral images have catapulted some social media users to global recognition.

Revolutions will be powered by Social Media – at some point the internet was shutdown in Zimbabwe as Social Media had been blamed for being used to incite people to violence and co-ordinate acts of civil disobedience

Maybe the revolution will be hashtagged, tweeted retweeted and live streamed

Or maybe people will revolt and no one will look up from their devices as the advocate of unpopular opinions pointed out how unsocialable social media makes us

Social Media may be a double edged sword, but it’s not just Social Media

•You don’t have to be everywhere all the time but you should still be found

As a Digital Content Creator you should allow the world to find you. Have some sort of presence on the main Social Media Networks, yes, even the ones you don’t like. Just because you do not like a platform does not mean that your audience is not there.

Note I said Be Found. I did not say you have to actively be there all the time. You could simply have a page or profile which directs people to the best platform to reach you. You can use the marketing tools on your site settings to make your blog automatically update new content to your various social platforms.

•Pick a platform and build it

All the Social Media platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages and there’s no universal social media strategy that works everywhere, although you should try and use the same handle or user name across all your social networks.

Pick the one that works best for you and work on it, you can layer in the others and have then redirect to where you are most active.

I prefer Twitter, its unruly, interactive, real time and I use it as a Search Engine to find out whats happening in the world around me.

My twitter feed is a draft of ideas and thoughts that may one day become blog posts.

Click image below for 7 twitter tips that could transform your twitter use:

•Its Ok to disconnect

Social Media can be overwhelming, triggering or toxic.

There are people who seek infamy by spewing vitriol others are just hateful individuals, trolls. Its easy to get caught up in the drama

There are mute and block options.

You could even take a hiatus from Social Media (but do try and leave a notification for those who may look for you while you are away)


PS Which one is your social media of choice?

You can find me on:

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It would be awesome to meet you out and about the streets of the internet…



  1. Net Neutrality feels like a net that keeps people away from information


  2. Up until I got serious with my blogging, I wasn’t too keen about social media. I’m just one of those people who hardly uses my camera for selfies and only comes out on my birthday to say thanks for all the messages on fb.

    But now I put the social platforms to some great use.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha true that is also me and my Facebook profile, I drifted away from it but in my case I moved away from it in my early blogging days because I wasnt quite keen on sharing my blog with my family and friends who are the bulk of my Facebook family… but eventually I would start a Facebook page.

      Hahaha I think birthdays are the best day on Facebook a post on your birthday would get a lot of traffic hahaha


      1. I know what you mean about not wanting to share your blog on fb. I’m guilty. Actually I am very selective on which platform I post my blog. I get it.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. True and not just the bad stuff but even whats supposed to inspiring and good, watching people flaunt their perfect lives and telling you we have the same 24 hours hahahaha


    1. I get it 😂I peek into Facebook once in a while no wonder people hire social media managers 😂
      I keep track of blogs I follow via the list function in the reader


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