Of Red Squiggly Lines

Poetry inspired by when you cant spell a word correctly so you end up rewriting the sentence starting a new train of thought



  1. This lets me know how creative and motivated I’m feeling. There are times when I’m not sure of the spelling but I just keep on writing, hoping that no one notices. Sometimes I add a question mark to check it in the future. That’s when I feel lazy (or have so much in my head to write that I don’t want to waste it). Other times, I rewrite the sentence and it allows for creativity. A new sentence might lead to a new meaning, to a new story.

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    1. Oh there’s also how at school we learnt UK English and most of the world has become Americanised With TV and movies not to mention using a spell check configured to just English 🤣🤣
      I used to keep a good old fashioned dictionary close but auto-correct has kinda made me lazy in that regard

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  2. Somewhere along the line I often find myself turning to my phone to say something like, “Okay Google, spell mechanic, and my answer appears on the screen. This alone induces me to leave this feature running even though I know it allows Google to spy on me. I justify my decision by being certain that Google would do this anyway despite that false security blanket of a setting.
    How have we descended to this. . . . ?

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