Of The Muse In You: Not Yet Uhuru

Welcome to the story which I will write with your help. This project is a simple speculative fiction communally inspired but in the course of its creation I have found other people’s very real stories being told within the lines of my words……
How it works: I tell part of the story and you can be a part of this journey by using the poll at the bottom and or in the comments to let me know how you feel the story should proceed

muse wanted

Its been… a while since the last episode and you can catch up on The Muse In You: Uhuru here

The story so far:

An email from a scammer led me to join a group of liberators who worked behind the scenes to rescue victims of oppression. For the most part I did carried out small tasks and at the end of the instalment had been given the choice to continue or to walk away

And the results….. Go Big

Movies make the work of being a hactivist look cool, someone hiding away in an ultra-secure bunker hunkered down like a troglodyte hiding from doomsday in the bowels of a long forgotten cave except well, hackers had internet.

In reality it wasn’t such a glorious fight most of the time nobody knew we existed, we were bugs in the system crawling the information superhighway and serving out a brand of justice our kind could do and we were anonymous, as Tsuro McG the man who had started it all had stressed out that was our superpower, you could not fight with a foe you couldn’t identify…

McG had molded his identity from a mixture of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland to Tsuro Magen’a The Hare, the clever bunny from African Folklore who outwitted friend and foe alike mixed in with references from his favourite movie The Matrix when Neo is told to follow the white rabbit…  That’s how I had been recruited, to join this band of misfits with tentacles across the globe. I had been christened Uhuru, which meant Freedom in Swahili and somehow the other lads hand managed to bastardise it to something that sounded like You-Who said it was shorter, well it was one syllable shorter.

It had been a year since I had joined the team and we still hadn’t made any reasonable headway on the one issue that lay closest to my heart. A kidnapping victim who had been taken over three years ago, the rest of the abductees had been accounted for but the one girl who had refused to be converted from her Christianity was still missing. Word had spread that she got executed then that she had been married off to a commander of the rebels and that she had given birth to her second child even though it was still unconfirmed, there was silence from the Nigerian government and silence from the rebels who were said to have her..

But we would never forget the girl who was just over 14 when she was taken and celebrated her 18th birthday in captivity. Several others had been taken over the years but most of those made it back home. Her peer group had been assimilated into a shelter which acted as an education facility as they learnt how to reintegrate with society, most being teen parents of children of trauma..

The world would never fully know what we got upto but we made our presence felt in ways that left the world wondering what happened… Ever wondered how a corrupt politician would get scammed of his hard earned spoils by fraudsters on the internet or how another corrupt politician retired after their not for public videos surfaced on the internet, while the blame would lay on the door of dirty game of politics we would congratulate ourselves on another job done.

Did you happen to hear the news of a mobile company which had years of fleecing money from its subscibers well lets just say the bug in their system which caused it to allow unlimited open access the internet may or may not have been just an early Christmas gift from us. McG sometimes toyed with the idea that we must target all the central banks and erase all the banking details, tear down the paper kingdom of capitalism which fueled all the greed, people always wanting more taking until there was no one to take from not even the future, still they took some more…

“Uhuru” McG called me I answered as I shook my head while I lit a candle for the one who would now have spend 1180 days in captivity, “Not yet Uhuru” I replied.

We planned our next move

  1. Quit while ahead, we had done enough
  2. Shake down a head of state to put pressure on the process
  3. Go after the central bank
  4. Recruit some radical youngsters
  5. Hand ourselves to the police and reveal our existence


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