Of The Muse In You: Scammed

muse wanted

Welcome to the story which I will write with your help. This project is a simple speculative fiction communally inspired but in the course of its creation I have found other people’s very real stories being told within the lines of my words……
How it works: I tell part of the story and you can be a part of this journey by using the poll at the bottom and or in the comments to let me know how you feel the story should proceed

Muse wanted

Its been four months since the last “episode” and you can catch up with story HERE: The White Rabbit

The story so far:

An email from a stranger which turned out might be from a abduction victim lead me down a strange path as I followed the White Rabbit to wind up at a kindergarten called Alice in Wonderland with a familiar stranger sitting beneath a mural of the White Rabbit

And the poll results indicate I should ask him if he is the white rabbit

Are you the white rabbit?

I asked him. I had just walked right up to him and simply asked, no preamble, no salutations. It was not bravery, it was simply that, if I thought about it too much, I would freeze.

He peered intently at me before responding, then he turned his head and gestured at the painting looming behind him.

That’s the white rabbit, does that look like me?” he asked with a rather phlegmy voice, before coughing and spitting right next to my foot.

I simply stood there.

The white rabbit does not exist, the white rabbit is not real, the white rabbit is a myth” He continued but his voice was much clearer and with each word he sat up a bit straighter.

I like you” he noted, “certainly not the sharpest knife but your handle is in the right place” he said sticking his hand out to me, so that I could help him get to his feet.

He stood up and drew himself to his full height, he was not a short man, I stood in his shadow.

Right!, you have a message for me?” he enquired.

Erm..” I tried to recall, everything had happened so fast, why was I here again. To deliver a message that’s why, but what was the message. I racked my brain, trying to recall.

Silly boy” he chided. “You are supposed to get The Cave, follow white rabbit, yes? Follow me

I followed him into the Kindergarten yard, pausing behind him is he unlocked a rather rusty looking padlock on a small gate barring a walkway which led to a door with no handles with large letters announcing to visitors,

Welcome To The Wonderland Cave

It was like a theme park with bright murals and décor from Lewis Carrol’s pages.

The beauty of this place, nobody pays attention to Kindergarten nonsense, nobody gives you a second glance” He explained. “Don’t look so worried dear boy, you are the message, your presence here means there have been developments

He explained how they had managed to trace my “infamous” email and now had answers of sorts then he distilled it down to “I have good news, bad news and surprising news

The bad news is the email you got, was a scam email. Sent by those Yahoo boys who con people on the dot comHe said mimicking someone typing on a keyboard for emphasis. “The good news is the trace helped us locate an escaped survivor, abducted close to five years ago and presumed dead, who inadvertently passed on the information the scammers were using to lure unsuspecting victims.”

The surprising news is that what happens next is up to you, but first you may be happy to know one person has finally been reunited with their family, long after they held her funeral thinking her killed, and for a brief spell she came in contact with the girl who was taken, it’s been a year now and her abductors released some of the other girls but will not release her unless she renounces her Christian faith. She turns 16 in about a month.”

What happens next:

  1. Now you know the email was a scam, your part is done, you can go home.
  2. For your corporation so far, we would like to transfer money into your, account do you accept?
  3. We want to bait the scammers so we can do an expose on the Yahoo boys will you help us?
  4. We working with teams across the world to find ways to use tech to help rescue the abducted victims, dare you join
  5. Lastly, we know you have a voice recording of a phone call with OG, delete it and you will never have to watch over your shoulder for us.

What will it be?


PS You can drop your speculative projection on what path you think your choice will lead in the development of this story, what you think may or may not happen, your choice matters.


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