Of Moonlit Nights

Like a joyful eye that finds an object worth its attention,
an eye as bright as the day,
blinking away sleepy thoughts,
wispy clouds vanish,
like a blossom blown before a breeze,
a white moon drifts
before a shimmering sky,
like a bright window in a
like a shiny new penny, polished and shined,
like a well cut jewel twinkling in a jeweller’s light,
a diamond on a black velvet cloth,
nature’s sweetest offer to mankind,
transforming a common lifeless rock,
just by reflecting a lil light from an invisible sun,
it magically becomes a powerful living light of its own,
bathing the world in its pearly light,
watching over you sleeping,
a special connection between me and you,
know I am thinking of you,
when you look out the window,
and see it too,
the same moon that shines for you
shines for me.



    1. Did you see the super flower blood moon the other night? We couldnt see it from this side of the world but the full moon was spectacular and looming quite close too

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      1. No, I didn’t see it. That would have been COOL!! It is a very full moon but I didn’t see that flower blood moon!! Maybe it was cloudy…


    1. There’s actually a scientific explanation to how the moon affects tides and such like how you don’t really get storms or lots of rainfall on moonlit nights…

      While the weather is calm, the people, not so much, research shows more violent crimes occur on full moon nights *plays ominous music*
      And some say the luna in lunatic is from Lunar meaning moon…. πŸ€”.



  1. That moon you wax so eloquently over is rising long after I’m snug in my bed but I did see it during my early rise which misses the most dramatic viewing time but was still, and always will be, impressive.

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    1. So you missed out on the Super Flower Bloodmoon πŸ˜…

      Couldn’t see it from this side of the world just the full moon but it was awesome


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