Of Things To Do When Staying At Home In A Pandemic

What do you do when you have a bit of time to kill and you want to take your mind off “things”? With the global pandemic this has become ever more important as our options are far less than usual…


Read a book, a magazine, a newspaper even the ingredients label on dishwashing liquid…

You could read a blog. My blog traffic increased exponentially after the world went into lockdown, I guess the world was looking for something to do…

The most viewed post on my blog contains answers to the The Idiomatic Man by Ella Baron . Why not give it a go?

 How many figures of expression can you find from the image below:

*I found the 27 and then some CLICK HERE FOR ANSWERS

Listen to music

Bob Marley is quoted as saying “When it hits you, you feel no pain.” referring to music.

I dont know about you but I usually have music playing in the background while I work, while I run or walk …

Watch a movie or a series or a favourite documentary

Watch something..

I already have my next movie lined up all I need now is to get a moment to watch it… Army Of The Dead. And of course you can bet, as soon as I do; you can expect a review. which brings me to my next point…

•Start a blog

I mean why not? Ok I might overly romanticise the idea of a blog, its not as easy as it seems, I would know. I have over 8 years of experience at it and oh the things I could teach, am known as an uncle of bloggers in some circles. You can reach out to me and I would be happy to share, I have grown into the person I wished I had met when I was starting my blog.

•Play a game

I grew up an in era of TV games played from 8 bit consoles and have seen them evolve to consoles that have way more processing power than the computer I am using to type up this post.

I don’t have games on my phone so I don’t have to lie when a toddler asks me if I have games on my phone..

you have games on your phone?

One can find simple free games on a site like Plays.org. You might see me hunched over my laptop and think I am conjuring up an intriguing story and yet I am simply playing a game.

Super Tetris inspired by the classic game Tetris where you arrange blocks trying to create lines takes me back to an age waaaay back. When I was first introduced to classic Tetris I didn’t like it much, I found it boring and would rather play Super Mario or Contra but it grew on me, like an acquired taste and now I remember it fondly and easily as my favourite game of all time.

For those looking to amp up their typing speed there’s fun typing games to hone those keyboard fingers into quick draw machines

typing games from plays.org

There are games that will keep the whole family entertained and they are all absolutely free, and don’t require high systems resources, so why not give it a whirl, you might be pleasantly surprised, I know I was….

What other interesting things can one do to pass the time as we wait for the world to return to normal?




    1. Thank you Maria.
      I usually write to make sense of my thoughts or rather to air out the rooms in my head off all the unspoken words there. Someone once exclaimed that I write a lot and I said it was because I have a lot to say🤣
      Thank you for sharing and have an awesome day


    1. I had mentioned that people read my blog more, but yeah I also have been writing more too.
      I neglected to exercise for a bit and gained a bit of pandemic weight but I am now trying to stay on a course of regular exercise turning the fat into muscle 💪 😂.
      Thank you Stuart


    1. hahahaha no I havent found out anything of the sort as yet thank heavens I am perfectly fine was just sharing some self care tips


  1. I do all the above apart from games 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I can’t bring myself to play any game am also not lying when I say I don’t have games on my phone.

    Music, Books, Movies

    Let me check comments for what others do

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    1. someone asked why I didnt add jogging and going for walks and I said well with possibilities of lockdown and such yeah wouldnt be recommended unless you have a large house like the president’s and you can run inside from end to end hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahhahahah at the house like the president’s….

        I like to joke jog on which lanes ,in uganda where the bodaboda barely has a lane you will be concentrating dodging cars and bikes rather than running it’s enough walking


  2. Great post!! I like all the things you mentioned. I would add making a puzzle, work in the garden if you have a garden. Do crafts!! There’s lots of crafts, like water color painting, acrylic painting, drawing, crochet, knit, cross-stitch, adult coloring books which is what I’m doing right now! I do enjoy seeing movies and watching a good series! Definitely blogging, that’s fun and I think everyone should give it a try! Oh and yes, lastly, horseback riding!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! 😉) Have a great day! 🐴🤠

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yes, I love crossword puzzles although haven gotten any recently I should check if there isnt a digital version of crossword for computer or phone… but I dont think it would be as satisfying as good old crossword in a favourite magazine or newspaper.
      Colouring books are sooooo therapeutic and just doodling and sketching I should do that more !!
      I would have been greatly surprised had you not added horseback riding happy trails

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  3. Oo – oo. Can I add sitting down to figure out the wordpress block editor or setting up a page and post templates done with only the classic block so you can avoid the block editor?
    Don’t judge me. I’ve been reasonably quiet about my hate-hate relationship with the thing.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was hoping this would wind up as a How I Ended Up Using Block Editor As Default 🤣🤣

      I’m even in the beta testing group and get advance updates before they agree rolled and yeah am afraid to say we just a few short updates away that the only thing you will recognise is the classic block… Adapt or… Die🤣 OK that seems a tad extreme


      1. I thought this had already been done. Even starting with a “Classic” template, I’m already stuck with the block-head editor as a shell and must be careful not to trip over any of its block-ish features for fear of all the extra HTML that they dump into my otherwise clean page/post.

        All this has only triggered my passive-aggressive side and made me avoid most of those features in favor of simple creations where I try to tell compelling stories with well-chosen words that don’t require anything other than a page on which to display their bold or italic presence with some clever juxtapositioning among their peers.

        This way, I neither have to engage the battle or yield to it and can spend much more of my limited time doing what I actually enjoy, which is writing.

        I can see how some might enjoy being part of the beta test team for even newer features and grant there is no way to stop such “progress”. Nor do I think there should be a way, but know this, when the day comes, eventually, that you all are testing a new widget to trim readers candle wicks and toenails, I’ll still be back in a previous decade trying to win readers with words and maybe an occasional listicle because there will always be an appetite and market for plain good writing.

        I hope. . . 🙂


  4. Can’t truly imagine having my phone without games😅. What would I use it for then! But to each their own.
    I could add baking to the list. Works well especially if you have a sweet tooth.

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    1. Ah yes baking makes sense, I have a friend who took up baking classes and now they even selling cakes and it’s going great even lol


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