Of One To Look Out For Batsirai Shasha

Energetic and passionate are two words that best describe Batsirai. If you’re having coffee with him, then I’d prescribe something non-caffeinated because his energy is catching and he exudes enough for the both of you.

Batsirai Shasha is a young, passionate Afro-Jazz musician. His love for music has seen him participate in and lead school choirs during his primary and secondary years. He ultimately perfected his art at the College of Music, Midlands State University. Batsi plays the acoustic guitar, piano and the mbira. He has an exceptional voice and an enviable vocal range to accompany these instruments.

Batsirai Shasha

Batsi’s passion for music began showing at the tender age of eight, but he only became professional two and a half years ago when he released his first single Tiri Murudo. Since then, he’s only become finer releasing other amazing singles such as Flowers, Dai Pasina Amai and Dhiya Wangu. You can read more about Batsirai here.

Pore Pore which means ‘calmly and slowly‘ is the name of Batsi’s recently released album which contains eight original tracks and two bonus tracks, one which features music maestra Feli Nandi. The inspiration behind the lead song, Pore Pore is that no matter what you face in life you have to keep on pushing till you reach your destination. No matter how slow the movement may be. Listen to Pore Pore Album here

.....Pore Pore Album is Now Available.....
Pore Pore

Batsi’s music gets to the heart as one listens to it over and over again, appreciating the elements incorporated into each song. The fusion created by the vocals together with the instruments is amazing.

A sure favourite from the album is Amai, thats ‘Mother’ in Shona. A tribute to Batsirai’s mother Mrs Chaurura, a child’s promise that one will do the most for their mother once one has the capacity to do so. At the album launch, the song was sung to her as a dedication for her birthday. See below a snippet of the dedication.

Batsirai partnered with Afro-Pop artiste, Fungayi Mujeyi to form an outfit called Njiva and together they have three songs Be Proud, Tamba Ndikuone and Kumusha Kwedu. He has collaborated with various artists including Andy Muridzo on the song Tsvarakadenga, Diana Samukange on Tsviyo-tsviyo and Feli Nandi on Teerera Moyo…. Listen my heart

Batsi is not blind to the issues faced by those around him as well as the world at large. At the beginning of the COVID crisis in Zimbabwe, he released a single, Samatenga which made rounds on both television and radio.

The song is a plea to the Creator to intervene on the pandemic which has so ruthlessly shaken people’s health and national health systems, affected livelihoods, taken lives and brought economies to a standstill. He has also collaborated with Zvandiri (AFRICAID) and the SUSO Rainbow Choir from Ireland to release a track Choose to Dance for World AIDS Day 2020.

Batsirai has a very strong Christian background and currently leads a multi-denominational choir named Glorious Praise Choir. His first album, First of Many is a gospel album and is available on his website. He serves as the choir director at Mufakose Community church.

When he’s not rehearsing, composing or writing music, Batsi will be cooking gourmet meals or watching a science fiction blockbuster. Batsirai is definitely an artiste to look out for, as he promises ti light up the world and ignite hearts the best way he knows how to, through music. Look out for him.

Batsirai Shasha

Visit his website batsiraishasha.com and his social media handles on Twitter@shashabatsirai, Instagram shashabatsirai and on Facebook Batsirai Shasha. Pore Pore album merchandise (t-shirts) and CD’s are on sale at shop D6, Eastgate Market Harare.

**All tracks are on sale on his website.

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