Of Coffee With… Cake?

If you were having coffee with me, I would be happy you visited and offer you a cup of your favourite beverage provided I had it in stock, I only have coffee and water so those are the choices you would have and… Cake?

Coffee mug cut into cake

There’s been an interesting trend on the interwebs where people are posting videos of themselves cutting various objects only to reveal that they are cake. So you will have to forgive me if I ask if you are cake, but are you cake though?

If you were having coffee with me I would ask if you think its possible that invasion of the body snatchers has begun and everyone is being turned into cake but you cant tell if something is cake or not until you cut them…

A random child person asked me if I was cake the other day, well, not in those exact words but they did say “Wow you have really nice hair… like a girl’s” The child person’s mother was there looking at me like she wished the earth would open up and swallow her and I looked right back at her and twirled my locks and walked into the sunset, except well it wasn’t yet night and when the night came I watched a space satellite, but in the meantime, I enjoyed the sun.

If you were having coffee with me, I would tell you I had never given any thought to the International Space Station until I saw a tweet that it would be visible in our section of the sky, so I set an alarm to go and watch it.

It was fun playing spot the Space Station and then saw it speeding across the night sky like a really fast moving star… did you know it moves so fast it takes 90 minute to travel the world and the people aboard it experience sunset and sunrise about 16 times every 24 hours, I am not sure whether I pity them or envy them, maybe the space station is cake too.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that in the past week I have been facilitating an introduction to blogging workshop, with each passing day, the international school of blogging becomes something I see myself do. Infecting people with the marvels of storytelling seems to be a part of my legacy and you can kindly call me an uncle of bloggers.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that as we draw closer and closer to the 31st of July a day on which protest on corruption are slated to begin a restless unease feels me maybe its because the number of Corona Virus cases is going up at an alarming rate having passed the 1000 mark. The government is set to tighten lockdown restrictions although no official address has been made yet, some people think the government is using the rising Covid-19 cases as a way to clamp down on the coming protest and that they could even be cooking up the figures.

But the virus is real and it out there, I recently learnt that an old family friend succumbed to it, they got it or gave it to their company doctor during a routine medical check-up and currently all employees from that firm are in quarantine. He was self-isolating at his home and passed away; alone, only to be discovered after concerned people said he had not been answering his phone and asked neighbours to check-in… Scary.

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that a bridge that was recently commissioned by the vice president has come under social media scrutiny.

The Pembi Bridge cost USD $1.8million and well the people want to know if such a project would cost that much or how it was initially budgeted to have cost $1 million and if there isn’t any shenanigans behind the expenditure;  maybe the bridge is cake…

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you that they say that you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but it seems like that’s what some people strive to do, eat and have all the cake in the world without having to pay for it too.

Alex Magaisa published a Big Saturday Read article which had names of some of the beneficiaries of a Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Farm Mechanisation scheme of 2007/8. The beneficiaries included high ranking government officials, judges and even prominent clergyman. According to a response by the former Reserve Bank Governor published in the SundayMail Newspaper the money owed from the Farm Mechanisation Scheme was not a loan and the recipients were not under obligation to pay for it.

The debt was assumed by the government which means it’s the taxpayers who are left with the bill. If this is how the government operates then small wonder the economy is in a free fall spin, maybe I will also sign up and get free farm equipment too, oh wait, I have to be high ranking government official to make it to that list or be the child of a decorated war hero to get a farm or maybe know someone important… I neither know any connected people nor am I the child of a war hero so I can only watch as others eat their cake and reach into my pocket to pay for it.

Life is a cake…


PS whats going on in your slice of cake?



    1. I am thinking by the time we have the next elections I might consider the running for presidency life would definitely become better… For me, mostly haha!

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  1. Back home people are vying for the rights to open up their workplaces, churches etc talking of scientific elections is not helping and many are starting to think the rona is a farce it’s a lie because they have not experienced the deaths yet.

    It’s a whole lot of rackus 🤦🤦

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    1. When government isn’t transparent in how it is making its decisions it seems a lot something is being hidden and becomes difficult to take seriously what they say or do, today they will say you can’t have church gatherings and tomorrow they tell you that schools will be opening and you are wondering if school is safer than church…. Or if anyone has a plan or they are making it up as they go along cause it seems they just postponed the opening of schools although they haven’t quite figured out what will happen with end of the year exams…. It’s definitely a ruckus


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      1. It still baffles me ,indeed with lack of transparency what shall we believe we are just awaiting another presidential address tomorrow to listen to more of what we will not understand how it’s helping

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  2. Your covid19 cases are still crawling. Ghana has graduated to over 27,000 and are using the new recovery protocols to say there are currently 4000 active cases. We are busily compiling a new voters’ register while preparing to vote in December. No lockdowns and other restrictions are not being enforced. Our government is acting as if it has a vaccine to the virus already 🤷🏿‍♀️

    I would have loved to see the space ship…

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    1. I think we are now using similar recovery protocols as the number of recoveries seem to have started increasing and do have covid-related death.

      Maybe governments know something we don’t know or they got an advance warning of when the vaccine will be ready and mostly are just trying to hold on until then….

      To be frank the idea of seeing the space ship is a lot more fun actually seeing the space ship haha but there’s a website which shares the satellite’s location and path so you can check for when it will be flying over your part of the world.

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  3. OMG! I am mesmerized. I watched the entire video. Now I want a not-a-cake cake, too! I think I might want to make it for someone. The problem – I don’t have such skills. Do you want to help?

    Your theory about having to cut everyone… I have a simpler idea. And one that will not land you in prison – have everyone bite themselves to check. Unfortunately, I don’t taste anything like red velvet cake even though my insights somewhat look like it.

    Kudos to you for not taking a picture/video of the kid that commented on your girly hair. You could go viral with that post and ruin that kid’s life. Opportunity lost.

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    1. My cake baking skills are rather are not sufficiently to the stage of cake that does not look cake although ironically the last cake I baked did not look like cake either but it tasted great, for now I am simply content with a conventional scale which does not flop or crumble or refuse to glue effortlessly out of the baking tray.

      I was thinking about how it would be problematic and potentially criminal if not downright murderous if you had to cut up people to see whether they are cake or not, just asking people to bite themselves is less problematic
      They also say you are what you eat… maybe if you eat too much cake…

      No good deeds goes unpunished ^_^

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  4. Well, as I continued reading your post, all I kept thinking about was, how the heck did that bridge cost over a million US dollars? Uncle blogger, your government needs to show you those receipts lol. Bloody shame!

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    1. Thank you for visiting with me.. That is a question you and me both are thinking and once one starts one starts what other superfluous prices have been thrown around to justify spending… and of course when you ask for the receipts you are accused of trying to subvert a constitutionally elected government….
      what kind of world?

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      1. Lol, if your want to lose “friends” or a job, start asking for accountability. Very touchy thing.

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  5. Soooooo,
    We have a company here who make prepackaged cupcakes for grocery stores.
    Once a very sarcastic friend made a birthday cake for me, cut out to be the torso of a woman in a bikini.
    She used two of those cupcakes for, umm, the chest area and iced everything as you might expect.
    Then she brought it out to our very large youth group for both celebration and my total embarrassment.
    Many told me it was one of the few times with I did not know what to say.
    I mean – come’on. How does one even cut such a thing without drawing all kinds of smart remarks.
    50 years later and I could take you to the exact place I stood for receiving my cake – which – yes – I did also eat but mostly so I did not have to talk – I still don’t know what I should have said and blush if I have the chance to “enjoy” one of those cupcakes today.
    Sometimes I also wonder what the full answer to the question, “What are friends for?” really should be but whatever it is – it clearly includes deep murky embarrassment. . .
    and cake.
    Everything should include cake.

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    1. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that!!!!!!!! Please I hope you have a picture of the cake hahaha its burned into your head and you can never forget it

      Fun times, embarrassing and partly awkward but still fun

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  6. Our governments need to be transparent! The entire system is cake at this point.
    That bridge does not look like a million dollars.
    There are so many questionable things going on and it can be very worrying. We just need to all become bakers so that we can bake our own cakes lol
    Thanks for the updates as always!

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    1. Life is a cake…. Bake it
      Thank you for the visit^_^
      Transparency goes out the window when a journalist who exposes a scandalous COVID-gate corruption racket involving high profile officials resulting in the minister of health being fired is the one gets arrested….
      Let me learn how to bake and have my own cake and eat it too

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    1. Haha why would you eat cake shaped like bug spray??! I will give points for baking creativity though 😂😂😂
      But I am old fashioned I prefer cake that looks like cake is supposed to look like
      Thanks for visiting

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  7. I enjoyed the cake video! Pretty amazing how cake can be made to look like anything but cake. So, the uncle of bloggers seems quite fitting for you, my long-haired friend. Keep up the good work.

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    1. Thank you for visiting Eugi ^_^
      Welcome to the amazing world of cake, but I think I still prefer my cake looking like good old fashioned cake thank you very much hahahaha
      I grew my hair myself too and will continue fighting the good fight

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  8. You had an eventful week

    Personally am cake since I eat a lot of cake.

    But Zimbabwe is good at the corruption game I can’t believe that bridge project is making Ugandans look like kids at misuse of public funds

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    1. They say you are what you eat… what type of cake is your favourite, I am also curious to know if your picky eating habits also covers cakes or not.
      I guess with lockdown meaning they cannot take all those expense paid foreign trips which gobble up more money than the budget for the ministry of health and education combined they are finding other ways of securing the cake… and when you ask for transparency you become an enemy of the state…

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      1. Been following how a journalist was kidnapped, your current leaders are too intelligent that you may end up with a bankrupt state

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  9. Those were some amazing cakes! I’ve seen some being made as I watch a lot of Food Network baking shows. There’s one called Cake Wars, some huge ass cakes made on that show! Lol 😊 thanks for the coffee! ☕

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      1. I make decent tasting cakes, meaning I know how to bake but to decorate? Not like these cakes… Just simple icing. Someday it would be fun to make artful cakes!! 🤣

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    1. Well if your daughter has not seen it then you can turn out to be one the more up-to-date ones for a tiny bit hahaha but the internet has such a fickle memory something goes viral one week and a week later we have forgotten all about it…

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